Monday, November 28, 2011

FDI in Multibrand not required

There is great justification in the opposition from all sections of the society and political groups in the country to allow Foreign Direct Investment to the extent of 51 percent in setting up giant multi brands Malls in the country. We should not forget the fact that East India Company which entered India in the garb of a trading company ultimately became our masters and rulers for 200 years. On one hand we proclaim to be the third emerging economy of the word and on the other hand we are permitting foreign companies to enter and control our internal markets in sensitive areas. This is grossly detriment to our economic interests. There is no dearth of big corporate houses with ample financial back up who can strengthen our marketing networks without disturbing the employment of small ,marginal shop keepers and logistic supporters. Already there are big stores like Reliance, Big Bazar and Spencers to name a few who are serving the cause of both the producers and consumers without causing any tremors. The supply and demand will guide the local entrepreneurs for future requirements.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Prime Minister's irresponsible & insensitive Statement

The Prime Minister's statement made in Cannes with reference to recent hike in petrol prices that markets must find their own levels and that rise in inflation levels is a sign of prosperity has hurt the sentiments of common man more than the rise in prices. The Prime Minister who being head of the democratically elected government is expected to look after the interests of people and not justify the anti-people measures. Every one including Prime Minister knows the effects of chain reactions the hike in fuel prices brings about and also that India has the largest component of population living below poverty line who are already crumbling under the weight of high and unaffordable prices of food and other essential commodities. The increase in petrol prices is like putting salt on the wounds. It is high time that a clear vision of poverty and prosperity is carved out lest things may go out of hands. In fact the Prime Minister is so busy in his foreign jaunts that he has lost touch with the ground realities of his own country. He is should refrain from making statements which offend the Aam Aadmi who is on the verge of starvation level due to unemployment, high prices and abject poverty.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Politics of vindictiveness

The UPA Government shocked by the series of Scams in its second term is acting totally confused and directionless. Instead of taking effective steps to route out its short comings, it has embarked upon a programme of retaliatory salvos against its opponents. When Anna Hazare and Baba Ram Dev started a campaign against corruption, it steam rolled the audience of Baba Ram Dev and initiated criminal proceedings against his aide Balkrishen. Congess spokesperson Manish Tewari accused Anna Hazare smeared in corruption from head to heel and apologized later. Digvijay Singh continues with his vicious salvos against Anna.

The BJP MPs who had exposed the cash for votes scam have been put in jail with criminal charges. Now the team members of Anna are being accused of corrupt practices. This politics of vindictiveness will not do any good to the Congress party or the Government as public can see through these machanisations. It will be better for them to devote themselves for eradication of the scourage of corruption.

Afghanistan will defend Pakistan- Biggest Joke of the Year

The statement of Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai that Afghanistan will support Pakistan if attacked by America or India has comic overtones. Afghanistan itself is completely ravaged and devastated by militants which are not only supported but directly sponsored by Pak establishment. President Karzai has accused Pakistan's ISI on numerous occasions. More interestingly, it is American and Nato forces which are defending Afghanistan from the rogue militant groups. Afghanistan should, therefore, defend itself and become stable before helping Pakistan. To club India in his statement will antagonize Indian population which has given billions of Rupees in aid to Afghans to firm up its economy. Neither America nor India is interested in attacking Pakistan as there is nothing to gain from this action. President Karzai should not have made this irresponsible statement making himself a laughing stock.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Anna's crusade against corruption is apolitical

It is unfortunate that some of the Media barons are making imaginary assessments of Anna's Team instead of objective analysis of the Anna's crusade against corruption.Anna's core issue right from the beginning has been introduction of a strong Lokpal Bill for which he and his team had held prolonged meetings with the Government's team of Ministers. You would recall that almost after every meeting the Ministers went back on the decisions arrived at. This forced Anna to call the Ministers and Government unreliable and he was forced to undertake the fast. When the Government realised the sensitivity of the issue and the mass public support against corruption, it agreed to introduce Lokpal Bill which it had avoided for more than 40 years.

2. Civil Society had declared its movement apolitical which they still uphold. The move against Congress in Hissar elections was precipitated by Congress Party's lack of assurance to support Janlokpal Bill whereas all other contesting parties had given the undertaking to support. So the action of Civil Society in campaigning against Congress does not make them political.In fact the UPA Government has lost its credibility by its unusual Behaviour where Prime Minister says something and Digvijay Singh says some thing different. The resignation of two members of Anna team cannot crack his mission. As regards attacks on Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal, these are a part of well designed conspiracy by the corrupt opposing forces to deflate the movement. The Media's efforts to divide the Anna Team and mislead the public is a sort of paid news and will not succees.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Misplaced Confidence

The virus of CWG scam does not appear to heal the Government as it is erupting and affecting its members every day in new forms. The current controversy about P.Chidambaram has put the Government and Congress party on a flat mat and the opposition on offensive. Surprisingly, there is division among the different Ministers on the issue who have come out in the open. Apart from the current issue, the open wars of words between Jairam Ramesh, Manishankar Iyer and Ajay Maken was not a pleasant sight for the people watch. One can understand the grievances of coalition partners like DMK against the majority ruling party, the open fights of the same party's members throwing mud balls at each other cannot be justified.

2. In that context the statement of Prime Minister that "I will continue to defend my Ministers and that I will continue to enjoy the confidence of my Ministers" is far from realty and sounds hollow. He had reposed the same faith in A.Raja and Dayanidhi Maran and continued to defend them till Raja entered Tihar Jail and Maran is now facing CBI investigation. As regards enjoying the confidence of Ministers, it can be said that the Ministers are confident that whatever they do, right or wrong, Prime Minister will do nothing. Only Courts will act, if necessary.

Who is Poor?

Our Government is relentlessly laughing at the cost of Aam Aadmi by taking anti-people decisions and making provocative statements. They have come into power by making dreamlike promises and are now treating them with scorn. The country specially the common man is reeling under extreme pressures of inflation and sky rocketing prices of food and essential commodities and struggling to survive. In this scenario, the Affidavit of the Govt. In Supreme Court that a person who spends Rs.32/- per day is above poverty line is a biggest joke which can hardly be tolerated. In other words, if a man spends Rs.32/- per day on his food, clothing,rental, travel, medical treatment etc. Etc. Is above poverty line. It is an admission of the fact that there are a vast majority who are not able to spend even this much for their survival.

2. It is most disappointing to find this statement has been approved by the so called Economists of international repute who have ruined the economy of this country by their misdirected vision. No one need to work or propogate against this Govt. as they are themselves destroying their credibility by such unpopular actions.

Unfaithful & Scheming

"The intolerant Morarji Desai" by K.Natwar Singh (Mail Today dated 25 th September) is one of the most irreverent piece against a deceased Gandhian Prime Minister who was known for his strict discipline both in personal and public life. No doubt that he was very dogmatic in his beliefs and principles which were not popular amongst the flexible and luxurious bureaucracy but he was the least vindictive as projected by Natwar Singh in his article. Morarji Bhai was an icon of simplicity,devotion to duty and true nationalism who did not tolerate flattery and incompetency. Naturally, he was not popular with flatterers and schemers who wanted to gain favours through these means and not through merit or performance.

2. K.Natwar Singh who joined Foreign Service not through any competitive examination or merit but because of his royal connections and tried to improve his carrier through contacts and connections cannot be blamed as he was trained like this.All his articles that appear in your publication are full of self adulation and critical of his superiors in service which is against the ethics of any service discipline. Khushwant Singh and his other colleagues who had the opportunity to work with him can better describe him. In any case, he had no business to denigrate Morarji Desai, a pillar of freedom fight and free India. I would avoid mentioning about the circumstances leading to his ouster from the Union Government and congress party.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Prime Ministerial Candidates

The lok Sabha Elections are due in 2014 more than two years away and it is next to impossible to predict the mood of electorate at that point of time. But the pseudo speculators as well as Media have unilaterally decided to project Narender Modi and Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Ministerial Candidates. It is further more interesting that neither the BJP nor the Congress Party have made any official endorsements to this effect. These are mature reactions of the national political parties. The need of the hour is to tackle the serious problems of inflation, decline in industrial growth besides terrorism. Political parties have every right to project their agendas and expose the shortfalls in governance to keep the system vigilant but at the same time they should not ignore the national priorities. The projection of Prime Ministerial candidates should be shelved for the time being as people want immediate relief from the mounting inflation and prices of essential food items.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Do Not Divide the Nation on Communal basis

It is extremely embarrassing to find the manner in which UPA Government is functioning in a confused manner in all spheres of governance. An addition to their confused state of mind is the proposed Prevention of Communal Violence Bill which has drawn adverse reactions not only from the major Opposition party but more importantly its political allies like Trinamool Congress. It displays the disarray in the ruling party where its different sections are pulling in different directions. This process is in continuation of the proposed Lokpal Bill where the major political parties were ignored while discussing with the Citizen Group. Even now the major political parties and the State Governments who are mainly concerned with the law and order were side stepped. It was therefore natural to rebound. Moreover, this legislation which has been contrived in a shoddy manner with elections in mind is ill timed and unnecessary. As has been objected by many political groups and State Governments, it will create more communal divides than bridge it. By and large there is no communal divide in the country at present as with the passage of time people have learnt to live in peace with each other. The classic examples are the harmony in Gujarat, Muslims building temples and Hindus building Mosques, Muslims participating in Ganesh Pujas and Hindus celebrating Eid and Christmas etc. Do we need a divisive legislation now?

Friday, September 9, 2011

Practical way to tackle the corrupt

Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar has set a practical and effective example to confiscate the property of an alleged corrupt I.A.S. Officer and converting the same to a School for poor children. The enactment of an Act and to implement the same in right earnest are two different things. Nitish Kumar has achieved both the targets for which he deserves gratitude of the nation. He has shown the way which should be followed by all States in the country as well as Centre. If this campaign is continued without interruptions, we will get rid of the scourge by more than 70 percent. With due respect to Civil Society's campaign against corruption, it may be stated that mere enactment of Lokpal Bill will not solve the problem as bureaucratic rules and procedures to dual with corrupt will only delay the process of conviction etc. The pattern of Bihar will be an effective deterrent tool and deserves support of general public and Government.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A single man brought the Govt. on its knees

The debate in the Lok Sabha on Anna Hazare's Lokpal Bill saw many interesting features and and points of view projected by the Members. Hon. Pranab Mukerjee who is a seasoned parliamentarian and trouble shooter gave a poor reflection of himself when he echoed the words of Rahul Gandhi that " A single , however strong and empowered it may be cannot eradicate corruption" On the contrary he had seen the extra-ordinary strength of a powerless single individual who brought the powerful Government to its knees for his honest and just demand. Pranab DA should have quoted him rather than Rahul who is no match to his knowledge, experience and wisdom. The mere fact that a coterie of dynastic supporters are projecting Rahul Gandhi as the future Prime Minister does not in any way mitigates the popular aspirations of the people to see him on the Prime Minister's seat.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Historic Non-violent Movement

It is for the first time in the history of independent India that a mass movement on an unprecedented scale against corruption was conducted by a social worker Anna Hazare throughout the country in a non-violent Gandhian style. Not a single case of violence was reported from any part of the country where large scale demonstrations were held and participated by young and old persons voluntarily. The other remarkable feature of this public crusade was apolitical nature. In fact the politicians who wanted to take advantage of the situation were kept at bay and in some cases shooed away. The result of this agitation is for every body to see that public might is greater than the power of politics. This has set an example to emulate before the world that people can bend the mightiest force without violent means.

2. The Government has agreed in principle to consider the suggestions made for the institution of Lokpal which will undergo procedural scrutiny within the framework of democratic constitution of the country. There are expressions of doubts and apprehensions in some quarters whether such procedural dilatory tactics will allow the Bill to emerge for enactment has happened in previous 9 attempts. It should, however, be clear to the legislatures that times have changed and people are now determined to seek effective measures against the cancer of corruption.


Friday, August 26, 2011

Breach of Trust

The entire nation has been virtually at standstill for the last two weeks following the spat between team Anna Hazare and the Government on the question of Jan Lokkpal Bill to combat the menace of corruption in the country. The entire nation has been backing this movement irrespective of their political affiliation, caste or creed because all are victims of this scourge in their day to day life. Since 16th August when Anna underwent fast there have been series of parleys between the Anna's team and the government emissaries about the fine prints of the proposed Bill as Government publicly accepted all the suggestions made by Anna Hazare about the contents and the structure of Lokpal. Even the Prime Minister conceded in Lok Sabha about the need for a strong and effective institution in this regard and assured about the introduction of Jan Lok pal Bill in the current session of Parliament.

2. Strangely, when the entire nation was anxiously awaiting the introduction of the proposed Bill and breaking the fast by Anna Hazare, Rahul Gandhi made a complete somersault in his speech in Parliament which obviously had the approval of the Government and Congress party. This action has completely shattered the hopes of people and lowered the image and credibility of the Government. Why Rahul Gandhi was in a silent mode when the establishment was daily engaged in discussions on the issue. The suggestion for a statutory body could have been made right in the beginning and ground work started or it could follow after the present problem had been solved. It is a belated and unwise attempt which will not go down well.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let us not play politics with Sports

It is but natural that when a country's sports team is defeated in an international match there is a cause for disappointment and some times anger. The same is true for our team's performance in England. It is,however, unfortunate that we have started taking Cricket game as a business or a battle squad rather than as a sport. In every game one side wins and the other looses. The euphoria generated following the performance in U.K. is unwanted and unfair. It was the same team that had won the World Cup a few months ago creating a history of sorts in Cricket world . The entire nations celebrated the event in an unprecedented scale. One should not expect the same results in the game every time and we should shun jingoism from sports. It is for the sportsmen and concerned authorities to go into the causes for winning and losing. The public should enjoy the games and not demoralise the players.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Corruption & Politics

The civil society's project which began on a limited issue of drafting a Bill for setting an institution to contain all pervasive corruption in the country has assumed diverse dimensions. Neither the Government nor the Civil rights activist had in their wildest dreams imagined that it will assume the form of an unprecedented mass national movement. It is indicative of the extent of public anguish and frustration with the prevailing corruption in the country. People of all walks of life rich, poor,workers,professionals ,politicians of all hues and intellectuals have come out voluntarily to support the cause. Most of the people have little concern or knowledge about the drafts for Lokpal bills proposed by Anna Hazare or Government but they want corruption to be wiped out. That is the crux of the matter for the public at large and they want early solutions.

2. When this mass movement is at its zenith and hopefully some concrete measures are likely to emerge, political parties are flexing their muscles to weaken it by adopting divisive strategies. Udit Narayan is bringing in Cast politics on the grounds that Scheduled Caste groups were not associated while drafting the proposed Bill. One may ask the ask the question whether scheduled caste people are not affected by the prevailing corruption. Similarly, Zafar Jilani is giving a divisive communal colour to the agitation by objecting to slogans "Bharat Mata-ki-Jai" and national anthem "Bande Matram". This anti national stance is condemnable in secular India. Tomorrow some unsound fanatic will object to "Allah-h0-Akbar". Let us keep this movement apolitical, secular and meaningful.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A confused Govt. & determined Anna Hazare

The flip flop actions and provocative statements made by the members of UPA Government and spokes persons of the ruling party while dealing with Anna Hazare has not only lowered its image world wide but also lost the confidence of masses in the country. The surge of public sentiment against the Government and in favour of Anna movement has largely been contributed by the Government itself. First the Government gave a VIP treatment to the members of Civil Society and spent a number of days in confabulations for drafting the proposed Lokpal Bill and when there were differences of opinion, they began a tirade of personal invectives and uncivilised mouthfuls against Anna and his team members. At that time they did not consider is necessary to involve the opposition in the drafting of the proposed Bill which is a democratic process.

2. Now they are in a reverse gear mode. Anna was corrupt yesterday and he is Gandhian today. He was arrested in the morning and released in the evening. A number of conditions were imposed upon him for holding his rally which have now been withdrawn. This indicates the indecisiveness and nervousness in the Government which appears to have lost the right to rule. The spontaneous mass upsurge of population in favour of Anna is a reminder of JP movement of 1977 which galvanised the people against misrule of Indira Gandhi. Are we heading in the same directions? It is also pertinent to point out that majority of the people who have joined this agitation do not know about Lokpal Bill. They consider it to be a movement against prevailing corruption at all levels in the country by which every citizen is adversely affected in his day to day life. The claim of Government that Lokpal will not be able to end corruption is an honest statement. How can you route out the wild hedges that you have been irrigating for the past 64 years.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riots in U.K. more an economic issue than a Law & Order situation

There is criticism in U.K. about the soft approach of the authorities in dealing with the rioters in London and else where.No doubt It is the duty of the Government to maintain law and order and to punish the guilty.However,no amount of state force can control the underlying and simmering discontent of a deprived society for long although it may temporarily appear to have curbed it. The main cause of this sudden outburst leading to looting and arson is the huge economic disparities between the haves and have nots. Unfortunately, the gap is growing at enormous pace in all the free economies of the world and India is no exception.

2. We have to view this situation from national perspective and take urgent steps to review the required social and economic steps. In fact we are already facing this situation in the Mao infested States where we have not been able to nip this menace through the use of force. The spate of criminal activities in the form of kidnappings for ransom, extortions and robberies etc. are indicators of economic mis-match between the rich and poor. To add fuel to the fire the ever soaring inflation and high cost of essential food articles is contributing to the social divide.

Afzal Guru deserves quick hanging- Not publicity

The publicity being given to the Ministry of Home's recommendation on Afzal Guru's mercy petition both by print and electronic media is uncalled for and detrimental to the judicial process. It had already assumed political connotations and a shuttle cock match between the Government and Opposition and had been lingering for years. Are we trying to make hero of a criminal who has been sentenced to death by the due process of law of a democratic country? The separatists and terrorist organisations in J&K have openly challenged the judgement and decisions on mercy petition and are threatening to disturb peace and tranquility in the State. These anti national people cannot be allowed to challenge our democratic institutions and procedures. Will they also behave in the same manner in the case of Kasab who has also been sentenced to death for similar offence? They should be made to imagine the type of fate these terrorists would have met in the countries who follow the Sharia laws. In any case the Media should exercise restraint in this case as they do so for many condemned convicts.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Select the right persons in political set ups

The sordid drama enacted by disgraced B S Yeddyurappa the out going Chief Minister of Karnatak following his indictment by Lokayukta for corruption and land grabbing is a matter of concern for all political parties in the country. Despite directives from his Party High Command to step away from Office, he has been trying all tricks like astrology, majority support cast considerations and unreasonable conditions to cling to power either in the party or in government. It indicates the levels to which the politicians can stoop low in their greed for power and money. BJP has taken the right decision to reject all his frivolous conditions to save its image in the public eye. It also realises that the allegations against Yeddyurappa will ultimately find place in public prosecution and it will greatly undermine the image of the party.

2. This is not the only case of its kind that has happened in the country where a Chief Minister has defied the orders of its party high command when asked to relinquish office on charges of corruption or misgovernment. Political parties of all hues in the country have faced almost similar situations. One of the reason for this malady is the wrong choice of the leader who secure their nomination on the basis of money power. This all around corruption leads to chain reactions of corrupt practices by those who crown themselves through corruption. All political parties should conduct introspection and make proper selection of candidates to save the democratic norms.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scam a Day

Our country has assumed the reputation of "Scam a Day" country.. Hardly a day passes when we do not learn about one Scam or the other in the print and visual media. The latest revelations about mining scam involving the Chief Minister , his colleagues and a former Chief Minister in the sordid corruption saga should make all the political parties hang their heads in shame as they are sullying the name of the largest democracy in the world by including the known corrupt persons in the States and Centre Governments. This is not the type of democracy people want where a common man rots in jail for years for a minor offence but the Scamsters accused of defrauding the nation for millions/trillions of rupees come out unscathed. The investigating agencies are threatened by the powerful offenders as the Lokayukat of Karnataka is being harassed through phone tapings etc. In the face of all these one wonders what will be achieved by having a Lok Pal who will face the same type of problems.

2. It is time now that the nation should unite to route out this menace by evolving a mechanism through all party meeting and to bring suitable amendments in the electoral laws where the tainted and accused persons holding public Offices are immediately unseated and dealt with sternly and immediately.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look After yourself- Hillary Clinton

The present visit of Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State to India has been a non-event as it has belied all expectations both political as well as economic. Although the Government of India was under illusions of securing support particularly in taming Pakistan and its terrorism workshops, Hillarly was blunt in conveying that it is your problem and you are supposed to look after it. She also did not mince words saying that Pakistan is a greater victim of terrorism. In other words. India should only expect statements of condemnations whenever any terror activity takes place on its soil. Thi position was clear from day one Barack Obama took over as President of USA. We should not forget the treatment meted out to our investigated team in the case of David Headly, a major player in Mumbai'26/11 carnage.

2. The present visit has solely been motivated by promotion of unilateral trade involving U.S. Interests and not bilateral trade. They have also cheated us in the case of Nuclear Civil Treaty and want to water down the proposed Nuclear Liability Bill to suit the interests of American suppliers of equipments. Should we not take adequate measures to keep a distance from such a unreliable and undependable so called ally?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Let us look after victims of Mumbai attack first

The dastardly serial blasts in Mumbai by terror groups on Wednesday have brought untold misery and tragedy to the families of more than twenty who Lost their lives and about 140 seriously injured besides huge damage to the state and private property.Mumbai is unfortunate to have been a repeated victim of similar disasters in the past. While the investigating agencies are still engaged in their task of piecing the required threads to identify the suspects behind this sinister attack and the victims are fighting for their lives in various hospitals, politicians of various hues are busy in rubbing salt on the wounds of victims by issuing uncalled for and irresponsible statements.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Digvijay Singh the advocate of corrupt and scamsters

The Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh is trying his best to gain his position in the Guiness Book of Records for his foot in the mouth controversial statements on all subjects and against all persons around him. His recent statement declaring Suresh Kalamadi and Ashok Chavan as innocents indicates his proximity to these persons which in the normal course would have invoked investigation proceedings against him. Both the accused persons have been charged of corruption of unprecedented level and Kalamadi is cooling his heels in Prison and even denied bail by the Judicial Court. The statement of Digvijay Singh although claimed to be his personal opinion cannot be accepted as personal so long he holds the office of General Secretary of the ruling Party. That the said Party has been tolerating his foul language against Baba Ram Dev, Anna Hazare and even his co-party member P. Chidambaram indicates some behind the scene moves supporting his uncalled for outbursts. This is neither in the interest of the Party nor the country. The sooner he is tamed better it will be for the both.

Who is ruling this country?

The news about the audacious and irresponsible behaviour of Mukul Roy the Minister of State for Railways in brazen insensitivity towards the victims of two tragic rail accidents in the country is most despicable and inhuman. While the whole country was grieving for the unfortunate victims and residents of the surrounding villages, truck drivers and cyclists came out in drones to render voluntarily to help the victims of accident the dis-honourable Minister(he has forfeited his title for being addressed as Honourable) refused to visit the site of accidents despite Prime Minister's orders. This further strengthens the common man's growing aversion towards politicians. His argument that he is not the Railway Minister and Prime Minister is further indicates the perversity of his mind even in a national disaster.

2. This incident cannot be treated as a casual stubbornness of a disgruntled individual but needs serious review about the existing governance pattern. The opposition charge about dysfunctional and powerless Prime Minister gains strength and credibility. This is not Coalition Dharma but Adharma. What was expected was a strong rebuke to the Minister from her Party Chief but she chose to remain silent and in all probability will seek his elevation in the Cabinet. How proud will be the nation to have such insensitive self seekers to rule over them?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lok Pal Bill and Politicians

The all party meeting convened by the Government to discuss Lok Pal Bill was more as a tea party gathering as neither the Government was transparent about the contents of the proposed Bill nor the political parties were sincere to make their stands clear. If the parties wanted to discuss the Bill while it was introduced in the Parliament one wonders about the objective of convening this meeting. The only ostensible purpose appeared to unite against the emergence of Civil rights movements which is perceived to be a potential threat to the political parties.

It should not be forgotten that it was the Civil Right groups that galvanised the nation against the mounting corruption in the country and the political parties did precious little all these years to combat the menace of cancerous corruption spreading the entire system of governance. In fact most of the culprits belonged to the political class.

The ruse of elected representatives absolute right to decide about social reforms, managing the corrupt and corruption cannot be accepted by the people at large who feel crushed and frustrated by the political parties whom they voted in power in good faith and belief. That majority of these political parties cheated the nation needs no elaboration. There have been unprecedented number of scams and frauds of huge magnitude and the initial reluctance of the Government to shield the guilty has completely shaken the faith of the people. It is in this context that the civil right movements evolve amongst the people and play corrective role. We are witnessing this in the Middle East and it should act as a wake up call for us also. It is the high time now that an effective mechanism be set up to meet the challenge to restore the confidence of the people in the institutions of democracy which includes the fundamental rights of speech and expression of all citizens. If the government is now challenging the Civil Right Group's authority, then why they have been holding official meetings with them.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let there be firm action against corruption now

It is a matter of great relief and happiness that Baba Ram Dev has broken his fast. This fast followed the high handed and detestable action of the Police at midnight on peaceful demonstrators gathered at Ramlila Grounds protesting against Corruption in the country and demands to bring back black money stashed abroad. It is expected that the Government has now learnt its lessons for its shoddy action and shall make immediate moves against corruption. Similarly, Baba Ram Dev should help and co-operate with the Government to achieve this goal in a peaceful and orderly manner in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. The frame work for suitable provisions in law should be evolved on the pattern of Joint Committee of Civil Society and Government preferably keeping away the political parties. Further, there should not be acrimonious statements from either side so that this serious matter is handled in a harmonious and effective manner in national interest.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Recall the Governor of Karnataka

The unprecedented and unprincipled action of Shri Hans Raj Bhardwaj, Governor of Karnataka recommending imposition of Presidential rule in the State has raised many questions of misuse of constitutional authority. Ever since his appointment as Governor of the State Mr. Bhardwaj has not been acting as representative of the President which he is supposed to be under the Constitution of India but as a representative of the political party to which he belonged. This is most unfortunate and undignified. He was a former law Minister of the country and is supposed to know the constitutional provisions and the procedure to be adopted while making such a recommendation.

2. Without going into details of the happenings in the State Assembly and the decision of the Supreme Court, the fact remains that the state legislature is in position and there is no law and order situation, the grounds under which such a recommendation is made. The Governor could have directed the Government to prove its majority in the House which he deliberately avoided. The prejudicial acts of Mr. Bhardwaj against the State Government have not only lowered is image in the eyes of public as well as raised questions about his competence to hold this Office.He should, therefore, be recalled by the President
In case we want to preserve our democratic traditions, no political person should be appointed as Governor. Only apolitical persons of eminence from various walks of life who command respect should be considered for appoint.

Monday, May 2, 2011

End of Obama the Master Terrorist

The post Osama Bin Laden scenario of Pak-American - Afghanistan relationships will undergo a spectucular change. It is correct that with his elimination the symbol of terrorism may have disappeared but the substance remains. A few facts about Pakistan's role in running the giant hatchery of terrorism which were viewed with skepticism by some countries are now confirmed and proved beyond doubt. The shelter provided to the terror czar within its highest security zone leaves nothing more to imagine for the hypocritical role Pakistan has been playing so far. Whatever statements President Obama may make about co-operation with Pakistan the loss of confidence and trust is too wide and beyond repair.

The Pakistan's ambition of supremacy in Afhgan affairs is never going to materalise as it should now prepare itself to face internal strife and public wrath for compromising their national sovereignty. India has also to learn a lesson or two from this episode viz. never to trust U.S.A. And not to hesitate for taking firm action against the enemy of State wherever they may be located.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Employing Domestic Helps without verification

The rescue of kidnapped Delhi toddler Ishaan by Delhi Police in record time of two days merits kudos for Delhi police for the great job done. Normally, Delhi Police is the target of public criticism for their various acts of omissions and commissions and insensitive towards people's grievances. We should,therefore, be graceful by expressing appreciation and gratitude which they richly deserve in the present case.

2. The present incident of employing Maids for house hold chores without verifying their antecedents through the Police authorities despite repeated campaigns by the Police is not isolated one. The common argument advanced by the employers is that the verification process takes unduly long time and by that time they lose the prospective employee. This is not a sustainable argument as personal safety and property is more important than than an unverified employee. There have have been numerous cases of murders, burglaries,kidnappings in Delhi committed by the domestic helps who were employed at random. People should realise the amount of public money involved in tracing the culprits through a number of teams formed by the Police who are sent to various parts of the country. It will, perhaps, not be inappropriate if the amount involved is recovered from the concerned family in case they had employed a person without verifying his/her antecedents.

Let us be compassionate toArunima

It is most disgusting to find controversies being created by unscrupulous railway authorities about the cause and circumstances of Arunima's injuries in the rail accident. Here is a young and promising girl who is maimed for life and her dreams of future have crashed and who has lost her leg and is still lying in hospital. The entire nation has expressed sympathy and given liberal financial support for treatment etc. This would have been the response of the people in any other similar case and it should be so. But the insensitive Railway Police at this hour of her personal grief and healing process is rubbing salt on her wounds as well as causing mental trauma by countering her claims of travel and her qualifications. This is inhuman and unethical. At this point of time she needs rest and mental peace which is paramount for her recovery. The crime rate in Railways is so diverse and of such high dimension that no amount of detergent can wash its Police force clean. So some one should restrain it from making untimely and iressponsible public statements in the present case.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mean Vendetta

The deposition of a senior IPS Officer Mr. Bhatt against Mr. Narender Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat after 9 years of the riots accusing him of having told the Police Officers in a meeting to allow Hindus to take revenge against Muslims for the train tragedy has come in sequence of similar accusations. That it took 9 years for the Officer to make this revelations and that he did not open his mouth before any of the numerous Inquiry Committees and Commissions that were appointed in this connection apparently casts doubts on his credibility.

2. In a similar fashion Satish Bhushan and his family are now being accused of acquiring properties in Allahabad and Noida in illegal manners years after they were purchased. The timings of these accusations is obviously mired in political rivalries and is motivated by political considerations. Tomorrow some public Officer may depose that Rajiv Gandhi or some other Minister exhorted the Police to allow the murder of Sikhs in 1984 following the assassination of Indira Gandhi. This is promoting dangerous precedents. There must be a law of limitation in the criminal procedure and the person making allegations after the prescribed period should be punished.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Digging Dirt- Lok Pal Committee

It is disturbing to see that a most popular movement in the history of independent India against the cancer of corruption is being attempted to derail by some vested interests as they have flourished under the present system and do not want proposed measures to nip the evil. The corruption level in the country has reached the unbearable level affecting rich and poor high and low sections of the society. The mass uprising of the people against the scourge was spontaneous and without the flag of any political party. Unfortunately, it is being politicised for ulterior motives. The Committee set up to draft the bill is to concentrate on the mechanism of the Lok Pal and its operating system. It has nothing to do with the profiles of the members of the Committee.

2. Hardly one meeting of the Committee has been held and that two in a most amiable manner that the profits of doom have started firing dirty missiles at the members of Civil Society. Tomorrow, some other sponsored Group will retaliate with smear campaign against the government representatives in the Committee. It is a malicious diversionary tactics and should be condemned. The objective is to plug the cause of corruption and set up suitable enforcement machinery. We should focus on this and not asbotage it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Confessions of a Pak Terrorist for 26/11 carnage

The news about Pak terrorist Rana's confession that Pakistan government and ISI plotted 26/11 attack in Mumbai is not an unknown revelation that is going to help India nailing Pakistan. So let us not treat it as a piece of news or a valuable exposure.Ajmal Kasab, one of the terrorist involved in the said heinous crime has already made similar exposures but with little effect on Pak authorities. So the recent exposure by Rana in USA will hardly change the stand of Pak authorities. The United States has already expressed its anguish about the terror activities being indirectly promoted in Pakistan by the tacit approval of Pakistan authorities.

2. It is well established that there is virtually no independent government in Pakistan and the country is being ruled by the dictates of Army and ISI. The civilian government is only a facade for ceremonial presentation before the world. We know from our several past attempts to broker peace with that country that nothing fructified. The recent peace talks at Mohali and Secretary level talks have not in any way reduced the militant activities against India. But we must continue the talks without high hopes.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Right to Recall

The crusade launched by Gandhian Social activist Anna Hazre against corruption has not only galvanized the entire nation against this scourge but has also proved the might of people's voice. One of the most important outcome of this movement is the awakening generated among the youth of this country for active participation in national issues. So far this vital section of the nation had adopted a passive attitude towards national issues.
2. One of the most effective tool to check corruption and the corrupt politicians is the right to recall from public offices like Panchayats and Legislatures by the electorates. This is practised in a few democratic countries of the world to a great advantage .This keeps the elected representatives on high alert and only the honest and upright persons choose to stand for elections. Anna Hazare had pointed towards the need for this provision but not so effectively. Now that a non-political movement for cleansing the system has been launched and is in full swing, it will be appropriate to include this demand also before the enthusiasm subsides.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lok Pal Bill & Corruption in India

It is gratifying to see that a single social worker, Anna Hazare has galvanizes the entire Indian nation against the cancer of corruption afflicting the country irrespective of cast, creed and political associations. It shows the enormity of the problem as well as the fact that you don't need an army of followers to fight for a just cause and that a single selfless worker can awaken the masses. The extent of corruption in this country stats with procurement of a Birth Certificate till obtaining the Death Certificate. The intervening period of life is smeared in corruption in seeking admissions in Schools/Colleges, procuring a job and other civic facilities etc. Etc. People have become reluctantly become used to it over a period of time.

2. The present agitation is mainly centered around the drat Bill for the appointment of Lok Pal and his powers etc. It is expected that the issues will be resolved in a day or two and the Lok Pal will be in position say after a few months The question arises whether the corruption will disappear after this appointment. The answer is in negative because we have institutions like Chief Vigilance Commissioner and Lok Ayukts for the same purpose but corruption in all walks of life has flourished despite them. The main reason being the complex prosecution and judicial system which favours the accused rather than the victim.

3. What is required simultaneously is to make suitable amendments in the legal frame work. At the same time the public spirited men who have a God sent opportunity of the entire nation supporting the cause should exhort the people to refrain from receiving and offering bribes. This will meet the purpose of this movement.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ignore Wikileaks

The Wilileaks about India are mainly cables sent by American diplomats posted in the country to look after American interests in various fields viz. political, economic,social etc. Etc. This is so in the case of all countries whose diplomats are posted abroad. These representatives exchange information with their countries about the happenings in the country of their posting which is the call of their duties. The views expressed in such exchanges need not be factually correct and may be biased influenced by personal prejudices etc. These are internal communications
Which are often spiced or sensationalised by the reporting officers to score brownie points from their governments. They have no legal relevance but only academic interest for the country reported upon.

2. It is therefore, astonishing as to why our political parties are giving too much attention and importance to the contents of these cables and wasting the nation's time and resources in discussing and debating in Parliament and outside. There are more important issues to debate and decide than the views expressed in these scraps of cables.Are we going to bother about what Russian and Chinese diplomats have written about us to their governments? Let us put an end to this topic and carry on with our core activities with the attitude of "who bothers what they say about us".

Notes for Votes

The Wikileaks revelations regarding cash for votes during vote of confidence in Indian Parliament does not describe anything new about the working of UPA Government that we are not aware of. For the past almost one year we have been learning about the scams, frauds and conspiracies that the Government functionaries have been immensely involved in. It is like Scam of the day headlines that people of the country daily read in the News Papers and watch on the visual media The Government has totally become immune and insensitive to these charges since they control the investigating agencies and also realise the ineffective opposition parties. It is not the first time that money power has been used to stay in power.Starting from the Shibu Soren episode it has been a continuous. Modus operandi to cling to power.

2. What is perturbing the Indian masses is the fact that these unprecedented scale of corruption cases are happening under the steward ship of Dr. Manmohan Singh who carries the tag of impeccable integrity. How long this tag can stick to him is a question of time.What is preventing him to step aside from the coterie of corrupt if he is not able to control them. He has seen enough power and corruption under his feet and has now become ineffective to govern and should abdicate gracefully.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laptops, Grinders and Mixers for Votes

It is distressing to learn that during the election rallies in Tamil Nadu, both major political parties in the State are luring the voters with promises to give Lap Tops. Mixer, grinders etc. If voted to power. It is am unhealthy and unethical trend in a democratic system which can contaminate the entire country's election process in due course if not checked early.

2. One wonders how this form of corrupt practice is being ignored by the Election Commissioner. Offer of cash or in kind to solicit undue favours is normally punishable under the Corruption Act. There may be a legal lacunae in the strategy being followed by these politicos to escape the hand of law but the fact remains that morally it is an act of corrupt practice and merits punishment. There is an urgent need to take suitable measures to curb this practice and amend the law, if necessary. When such parties come to power and wish to meet half of these promises the common man will be grinded to pay double the cost of these freebies by way of taxes.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mayhem in Libya by U.S.A..

The revolutionary movements starting from Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia that spread in countries ruled by Despotic regimes in Middle East has regrettably taken a heavy toll of human lives. In all these countries there were voluntary uprisings by the masses suppressed by autocratic and brutal rulers for a long time. There was no direct or indirect support from outside forces. The human sacrifices in independence struggles are an integral part of such movements.

2. However, the situation in Libya has taken an ugly and dangerous turn. Col.Gadaffi has been clinging to power for more than forty years and has beaten all records of atrocities and brutalities inflicted on his people. The Libyan people inspired by the freedom movements in their neighbourhood picked up courage to revolt. They very clearly and vehemently declared that it was their struggle and no outside support was required. When the Gadaffi unleashed extreme force to suppress the movement to the point of genocide. United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 1973 authorising limited force to enforce "No fly Zone" to save human lives. The U.S.A. the self styled Policeman of the world declared that it will not participate in military action in the region. However, the facts are now transparent. The loss of human life in Libya in two days as a result of Air attacks by U.S. and allied forces is much more than Gadaffi could have in two months.

3. The question arises as to who has authorised U.S.A. to interfere in the internal affairs of the independent countries in the world. It seems no lessons have been learnt from Iraq and Afghanistan. The people in USA are reeling under worst economic crisis and can ill afford these types of misadventures. It is not impossible that people there will some day start a mass movement against their Government and its policies. Also there will be global condemnation leading to emergence of new blocks.USA and its allies should keep this in mind.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time to Quit Mr. Prime Minister

Weikileaks revelations about purchase of Members of Parliament in 2008 during "No Confidence" motion against the Governmentdoes not describe anything new about the working of UPA Government that we are not aware of. For the past almost one year we have been learning about the scams, frauds and conspiracies that the Government functionaries have been immensely involved in. It is like Scam of the day that people of the country read in the News Papers and watch on the visual media every day The Government has totally become immune and insensitive to these charges since they control the investigating agencies and also realise the ineffective opposition parties. It is not the first time that money power has been used to stay in power.Starting from the Shibu Soren episode it has been a continuous. Modus operandi to cling to power.

2. What is perturbing the Indian masses is the fact that these unprecedented scales of corruption cases are happening under the steward ship of Dr. Manmohan Singh who carries the tag of impeccable integrity. How long this tag can stick to him is a question of time.What is preventing him to step aside from the coterie of corrupt if he is not able to control. He has seen enough power and corruption under his regime and it is in his best interest now to step aside. His proverbial silence and statements that he was not aware do not convince any one.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lack of Governance

The Supreme Court's rebuke to the Government's for in action in proceeding against the notorious Stud Farm owner for stashing black money to the tune of $ 8 Million in a Swiss Bank is a well deserved rap on its knuckles. It is in a series of continuous cases of Scams, Frauds and Corruption where the UPA II Government has been turning a Nelson's eye but the vibrant Media and vigilant judiciary has to intervene. The Government machinery has remained unmoved even after these exposures became public. It is evident that Enforcement Directorate has been put into a state of hibernation and the CBI has been made a robot to go after only the opponents. It is indeed a sad period in the history of the country.

2. There have clinching evidences of corruption against persons like Ottavio Qutrocchi, Lalu Prasad, Maya Watt, Mullayam Singh Yadav,Madhu Koda but the nation is aware about the soft paddling for political reasons. Then we are submerged in series of Scams like CWG, Adarsh Society and 2 Scam. The king pin of CWG Scam is roaming free and raids in his lockers etc. are being conducted year after he was accused, A.Raja who was given a clean chit earlier is getting VIP treatment in Jail and information is still being collected against Mumbai Congress Chief Kripashankar Singh.If the Government and its agencies cannot probe and prosecute these cases, let these functions be out sourced to private agencies. Similarly, Swiss Banks may be permitted to open Branches in the country for Tax Free deposits, at least the money will remain in the country.

3. Lastly, is it a Coalition Dharma or the Corruption Dharma that restrains. Unfortunately, Prime Minister is losing credibility to govern as personal integrity is not a substitute for ineffective governance.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Budget & Aam Aadmi

The Budget proposals announced by Pranab Mukherjee our veteran Finance Minister are disappointing to the common man. Although our Prime Minister has patted the back of Fiance Minister for his proposals he has kicked at the back of the common man. The greatest concern of the common man at present is the dragon of inflation and black money and both these seem to have been ignored deliberately.The reason advanced is that inflation is inevitable for growth and the common man squeezed by surging essential commodity prices, low income and unemployment rightly questions "whose growth"? The rulers have perhaps, revised the definition of common man and have lost contacts with realities of life. It is possible to have growth with low rate of inflation by following appropriate fiscal measures and matching the conceptual and implementation of programmes.

2. It is a pro-corporate Budget with emphasis on industrial growth. Although it is being claimed that rural sector is being given financial assistance by way of low rate of interest on loans to boost agriculture production, it is a shallow claim. It is an established fact that agriculture in India is a gamble in rains and the Government has little role to play. It should have made sufficient allocations for storage of food grains that are lost every year to pests and rodents as well as exposure to natural elements.

3. The Budget has also deliberately ignored the Black money and corruption plaguing the country. The estimated 500 lakh Crores of money stashed in foreign banks, if brought back skillfully can turn our budget from deficit to surplus and escalate our GDP. But considering the impending elections in four states where use of black money is an essential ingredient it was not the appropriate time. A scheme of voluntary disclosure has has also been set aside.

4. The lollypop of raise in Income Tax for salaried employees and senior citizen is illusory as it will be neautralised by inflation and increased expenditure in diagnostic and hospitalisation charges which have been subjected to hike in taxation. The estimates of expenditures proposed are also unreliable as every Government has far exceeded the same. To sum up,the budget does not take care of the majority of citizens who have voted it to power to take care of their essential requirements of food,fuel and consumable items.
The sponsored Analysists appearing in the visual Media and in Print Media paying tributes to the Budget proposals do not impress any one except their sponsors.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rape=Pay compensation=Escape=Perverse Judgement

The decision of a Bench of Supreme Court in letting off three accused convicted of rape on a so called compromise formula by paying Rs.50,000/- each to the victim has shaken the conscience of nation and cast doubts about the nature of judgements that are jumping the framework of established laws of the country. It is obviously a perverse judgements that is equating rape with prostitution. How can one tag a monetary price to the most vicious crime of rape which the victim suffers from life long trauma and stigma. Even the life imprisonment in such cases cannot restore the dignity and confidence of the victim in herself and in the society.

2. It is not understood under which provision of the Cr Pc or IPC the learned judges pronounced this judgement. Is it a pre=cursor of similar judgements in offences of murder, robberies and moral turpitudes and depravity. Or an inspiration has been drawn from the practice of Blood Money paid to the kins of murdered person prevalent in some countries like Pakistan? In any case in a civilised society and country like India this is not acceptable and should be challenged.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chief Justice not above laws of the land

The untenable stand taken by Shri K.J.Balakrishnan former Chief Justice of India to give his consent to the Income Tax authorities for disclosure of his Income Tax Returns for the period he was in Office to an RTI applicant does not conform to the standards of the highest Office he had held. His arguments of invasion of his privacy and the exposure of Pan Card number are frivolous. Even a teenager can find out his Pan Card Number on line which does not require any special technical knowledge.

2. On the contrary his reluctance to disclose the details will give rise to suspicions about his assets particularly in the context of allegations of corruption against his nearest kins viz. two son-in-laws, brother and nephew who are being investigated. The Chief Justice is expected to be fountain head of justice, integrity and honest with a transparent life. If he has furnished the true information about his income and assets to the Income Tax authorities, what scares him to share it with public? He had held a public Office and public is entitled to have the Information about his assets etc.for the period he held the Office. It will be in public and more so in his own interest that he gives his assent for parting with the information before the controversy blows out of proportion.

Phone Bugs

It was an incredible and shocking news revealing that Reliance Communications the Network Service Provider tapped phones 1.5 lakh times in just three months on the orders of Government authorities. Besides Reliance Communications there are other Service providers like Airtel,Vodafone,MTNL etc. etc. Who would have also been utilised by the authorities for similar purpose. This is appalling and suggestive of the authorities having gone crazy.

2. The power to bug the phones is intended to track the hard core criminals, anti national activities, smuggliers and drug peddlers etc. Etc. It is not to be used against political adversaries or critics of the Government or its agencies. However, the scale of bugging is suggestive of its gross misuse and possible abuse. Are we living in a democratic set up where every citizen except the criminals are under scanner. Because if the criminals were being scanned, there would not be continuous sharp increase in crime rate.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Governance & Ethical Deficit

The honest admission of Home Miniser P. Chidambaram that there has been an Governance and ethical deficit in the country restraining the growth and development deserves appreciation as well calls for remedial measures. Unfortunately the opposition parties are trying to make it a political issue. It is a national issue which should be viewed in broader prospect and not a stick to flog the ruling party. The deficit has not grown suddenly but has been widening over a period of time whether it was Congress rule or BJP rule. In fact it can be traced to social malice which has afflicted our society from which our politicians emerge.

2. The gradual decline in moral standards and insatiable greed for power and money has been distracting the politicians, bureaucrats and corporate pillars from keeping in mind their social responsibilities. Otherwise, there will not be brazen corruption, soaring crime and neck breaking inflation. What is required is a national effort by all political and non-political organisations to evolve a strategy to combat these maladies to save the country from anarchy rather than indulge in blame games.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

White Rose Revolution in Egypt

The historic public struggle against the despotic and corrupt rule of Egypt President Hosni Mubarak culminating in his surrender to public wishes within 18 days is is a lesson for all dictators of the world. Egyptian people deserve unflinching praise for strengthening the maxim "Voice of the people is the voice of God". Unfortunately, there were 300 casualties in this mass movement but considering the scale of one million people gathered in the Tahrir Square this sacrifice was perhaps minimal under the circumstances.

2. The revolution in Egypt is a follow up of theJasmine revolution in Tunis and can be aptly described as White Rose Revolution. We have to learn many lessons from the way people conducted themselves by generally remaining non-violent and sparing the public property from damage. It was an amazing display of solidarity, maturity, patience, rectitude and determination. The Army also played a people friendly role for which they deserve gratitude. The things would have been different in any other country under similar circumstances. Let us hope and pray that democracy will soon be restored in Egypt.

3. At the end of day it is a wake up call for all despots and Dictators of the world to heed to the aspirations of the people and give up their avarice for money and power as the winds of change will throw them out, if they don't relent.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't degrade the institution of CVC- QUIT

The obdurate conduct of P.J. Thomas from stepping down from the Office of Chief Vigilance Commissioner has lowered the dignity of high Office. CVC is the apex authority to monitor,decide cases of corruption and impose penalties on the erring officials of the Government and semi Government organisations. He is, therefore, expected not only be a person of impeccable integrity but is expected to also appear to be so. In the light of accusations against him he does not fulfill the latter criteria. It may be stated for the information of general public that one cannot be promoted even to the post of Lower Division Clerk in Government Office if he is facing a charge sheet. Mr. Thomas has ignored this fact in his Affidavit before the Supreme Court in odious comparison with M.P.s.Well, it is said that Devil can cite scriptures in his defence.

2. Mr. Thomas has fully completed his term in Government and should have gracefully retired. But it seems that insatiable greed and lust for power has overtaken him. A few years more in his pursuit for power will not matter much but will do more harm to the institution of CVC. This raging controversy has already lowered the image of the prestigious Office as well as Mr. Thomas. It will be shameful precedent if he is not made to relent from his obduracy or alternatively forced to quit.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Put GPS Anklers on American Officials

The American claims of a democratic country following principles of equality and natural justice are hollow and dubious when seen in the context of its dealings with developing countries citizens. A couple of recent incidents have exposed their racist attitudes and arrogant behaviour towards Indian citizens. Not only ordinary visitors but even the diplomats were subjected to humiliation at Airports. Instead of tendering apologies for their unbecoming Behaviour the U.S. Administration has tried to justify the despicable actions of its Officers.

2. A number of Indian Students lured by a con Tri Valley University had to spend lakhs of Rupees to pursue their higher studies in America. They were granted valid Visas by the American Mission in India which are normally very difficult to obtain even in emergency situations. After they reach American soil they are told that the said University is bogus and they have been duped. Now they apply their strange code of justice by making the victims as accused and putting GPS Collars to their ankles which are to animals in the Wild Park. There could not be more uncivilized practice in the twentieth century than this. To add insult to the injury an American diplomat in India justified it by comparing these with silver anklets worn by Indian women and saying that these are better than red jumpsuits in prison. Two students who refused to wear these anklets have been sent to prison. The actions of U.S. Authorities and their statements are shocking and prejudicial to Indo American relations.

3. The common man is bewildered as to why Indian Government is not acting firmly with anti Indian policies of U.S. Administration which is pouring money and material to the terror infested Pakistan and sparing no opportunity to malign our nationals. They are setting up an ugly precedent of GPS collars as American citizens will face similar situations in Africa, Arab and other countries hostile to American policies.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jasmine Revolution Knocking on your Door

The so called Jasmine revolution in Tunisia which suddenly erupted like a volcano following a despotic rule, extreme corruption, unemployment, rising prices of essential commodities and a huge gap between haves and have nots is spreading like a wild fever in the adjoining African States. In this age of modern technology viz. Visual media and Internet, the world has become a global village and people under similar circumstances derive instant inspiration to follow suit. Such movements unfortunately are mob movements full of violence, plunder and lead to untold misery for the weak and innocents.

2. As the news indicate, Egypt is in the grip of similar move against the ruling family, Jordan, Yemen and Algeria are also indicating symbols of simmering discontent. The factors leading to this are the same everywhere i.e. Unemployment, rising food prices and polarization of wealth in the society. History has been witness that whenever the greed of some and the misery of majority touches extreme limits a hurricane follows. We have the examples of French Revolution and revolution in Russia.

3. It is an Alarm signal for all developing nations who under the garb of growth and industrialisation are ignoring the need for equitable distribution or to ensure narrow gaps of wealth between different sections of the society. China and India both being propounded as the most emerging economies of the world outwardly but at the grass root level people in general are suffering under similar circumstances as in Tunis. In India we have the the case of Billions of Dollars stashed in Swiss Banks by a few and majority have no roof over their heads. Similar situation prevails in China. It is right time for the rulers to take cue from the happenings abroad and take remedial steps rather than remain busy in confrontation politics.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Divisive Provocation

The UPA Government has embroiled itself in many avoidable and unpopular controversies many of which are of its own creation. It is not clear whether these are deliberate actions or incidental but the fact remains about there negative impacts. The Government's dilly dallying in proceeding against A. Raja, justifying closure of case against Quatrocchi , mysterious standstill approach in bringing to book Suresh Kalamadi for his plunder during hosting of Common Wealth Games has destroyed the respect, confidence and faith of common man in the Government controlled and run by the Congress leaders.

The recent visit of Sonia Gandhi to see the paintings of infamous M F Hussain during the Art Gallery exhibition held in Delhi has hurt the feelings of the majority community. It is viewed as a challenge to the majority community of the country and its traditions. Hussain had been injuring the sentiments of Hindu community again and again by painting its Gods and Godesses in a most despicable manner till it exceeded the limits of tolerance and he had to move out of the country. He did not paint similar pictures of saints of his own religion which exposed his mischievous intent. Any person howsoever great and famous has no right to make mockery and caricature of any religion.

It is not understood what message Sonia Gandhi wanted to convey to the nation first by allowing these paintings to be displayed and then by personally visiting to see them and giving publicity about her visit. Is it not divisive politics and damaging communal harmony?

Friday, January 21, 2011

March Forward - Not Backwards

The controversy generated by hardliners ulemas of Deoband against the statement of the new Vice Chancellor of the Seminary that Muslims were prospering under Narinder Modis's regime in Gujarat is unnecessary and retrograde.Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi is a highly learned man of letters in Islamic studies with a liberal outlook which is the essence of Islam. If we continue to look backwards and ignore the present realities of life we will remain isolated and backwards. There is no denying the fact that Muslims in Gujarat are more prosperous and educated than Muslims in other parts of the country, a fact admitted by Gujarati Muslims openly. Nitish Kumar in Bihar is following the same path and earning goodwill and praise of every one. No doubt the events that followed Godhra carnage have left many deep scars but we have to move on.

Unfortunately, India has a long history of communal carnages at the hands of foreign raiders, Mughal emperors like Aurangzeb, partition in 1947, massacre of Sikhs in 1984 to quote a few facts. But sanity follows after some time and people march forward. We have Aurangzeb Road in Delhi, Refugees of 1947 have become the rulers and a vast majority of Sikhs are members of Congress party. We should not hesitate to praise a man for his good work. The fundamentalist approach will create and widen the walls in a multicultural society of which we are proud and appreciated throught the world for ages. Let us hope and pray that Maulana Vastanvi leads the community towards a liberal, tolerant and progressive society.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review Recruitment Policy for Bureaucrats

The recent disgraceful incidence of Mr. Anil Verma an I.A.S Officer on diplomatic assignment to U.K. accused of assaulting his wife has caused great embarrassment not only to the nation but also disrepute to our administrative services. Media has so far projected the version of Mrs. Verma for her physical abuse but the statement of her husband which provoked his unbecoming conduct is still awaited to fully appraise the situation. Nevertheless. It is a most unbecoming conduct of a person in a very high position particularly representing India in a foreign land. An Officer of I.A.S. Is trained and entrusted to prevent and prosecute persons accused of such incidents in the areas under his charge. If he himself indulges, he is not fit to hold the office.

The Administrative Services of India once reputed to be the steel frame and cream of the society are gradually degenerating in their conduct and performance in recent times. It is pertinent to point out that these Officers are selected through a most stringent process of academic and personality tests as well as verification of their character and reputation. After this they are subjected to rigorous training in administrative and field areas. The IFS, I.A.S and IPS Officers thus evolved are expected to be role models of personal character,integrity and justice.

It is therefore, disturbing to see these days, IFS Officers accused to embezzelments,rape,IAS Officers of corruption and misconduct etc. And high ranking IPS Officers jailed for murders, rape and corruption. It is a very dangerous trend facing the the future of the country. It calls for a quick and elaborate review of the recruitment and training policies for Administrative Services so that we are provided clean and efficient rulers.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2G Spectrum Scam & Kapil Sibal

The UPA Government which is riddled with a multitude of scams and misgovernance is fumbling in its efforts to save its face. The latest being the crude attempt of Kapil Sibal, Honourable Minister of Telecommunication trying to prove that there is no fraud and bribery involved in the allocation of 2-G spectrum. He has try to prove that Accountant General has no technical knowledge and his conclusion are wrong. The institution of CAG is a constitutional authority which submits its reports to Parliament and it is not the first time that it has given its findings on a technical matter. Moreover, Mr. Sibal has committed a gross act of misconduct and breach of privilege of Parliament besides contempt of the Office of CAG by his action. It is another matter that he is a reputed Advocate trained to prove a Murder accused innocent and vice versa. The PAC has not yet started proceedings on the report but Mr. Sibal has given his verdict.
If what he is defending is right then one wants to know why CBI is interrogating A.Raja the former Minister of Telecom and other Officers of the Ministry. Is it to defame CBI whose credibility has eroded grossly.Will it file another closure report following the indicators thrown at it by a Minister of the Government.

The UPA Government and its Ministers have lost directions on all national problems and are engaged in defence of their misdeeds only.The reaction of Finance Minister to highest rise of inflation rate to18.32% was that he will wait for month's data instead of immediate remedial action is a classic joke. Are the people to be fed by statistics?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ghost of Bofor

It is once again that the ghost of Bofors scandal has been resurrected. This time by an unrelated agency viz. Income Tax Administrative Tribunal claiming Income Tax on commissions received by Ottavio Qutrochi and Win Chaddha two brokers in the infamous deal. It is quite interesting in the context of CBI investigations into this case which exonerated both the accused and filed a closure report of the case. So the basis on which the Tribunal has given its decision is mysterious.

2. The entire nation is aware of the development of this case,prime actors involved and the misuse of government machinery to help and protect the corrupt.The Italian accused in the case was not only provided protection,made to flee the country and our Attorney sent to London to de-freeze his two accounts in London Banks. This was the beginning of unhindered corruption at the highest level which set a trend being followed now. It also started the process of degeneration of the image of premier investigation agency viz. CBI as an independent and efficient wing of the State. Today it has become a stooge of the political masters and helps protect the corrupt instead of prosecute and specialises in closure reports.

3. Now the list of Scams and frauds is alarmingly high and multiplying. But the Government is least bothered as nothing substantial has been done or is being done whether it is a CWG probe or 2 G scam or Adarsh Society scam. Raja and Kalamadi are roaming free and can been seen in defiant mood in the visual Media. CBI is awaiting a signal from the Masters to file closure reports in these cases.

4. It is said that if you cannot convince, confuse. This is what the present rulers are doing with the masses. It appears that the Income Tax Tribunal's verdict is a well designed and stage managed strategy to deflect attention from the recent scams by flogging a dead horse of 20 years.How Income Tax Tribunal assumed the role of investigation agency is another mysterious question.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Education Reforms- Need of hour

The proposed revised norms of Technical education in the country will bring radical changes in education field.. This is a welcome move which if implemented with sincerity and honesty will revolutionize the Indian economy in the near future. Because of our closed mindset we have a misplaced concept that anything liberal erodes quality

2. So far the domain of higher education particularly the technical and medical education has been mainly been cornered by the elite class. The mainstream is deprived because of financial constraints and lack of proper education standards to compete and qualify for entrance tests. The students who come out successful after completion of their courses immediately try for overseas jobs. The country is, therefore, a loser after having invested so much in their training etc.

3. The revised norms will fulfill the aspirations of millions and add to the national talent treasury. This category of Engineers and Technicians will be more motivated to serve in the country and contribute to the industrial and national growth. Since it is a survival of the fittest in this age, those not coming up to mark will be automatically eliminated in the race. In a democratic and free society the controls of any kind frustrate the achievements. By now we have have learnt this in financial and economic fields after remaining under a Quota/Permit Raj for decades.

4. So let us expand our fields in all directions to meet the aspirations of teeming millions of the country