Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riots in U.K. more an economic issue than a Law & Order situation

There is criticism in U.K. about the soft approach of the authorities in dealing with the rioters in London and else where.No doubt It is the duty of the Government to maintain law and order and to punish the guilty.However,no amount of state force can control the underlying and simmering discontent of a deprived society for long although it may temporarily appear to have curbed it. The main cause of this sudden outburst leading to looting and arson is the huge economic disparities between the haves and have nots. Unfortunately, the gap is growing at enormous pace in all the free economies of the world and India is no exception.

2. We have to view this situation from national perspective and take urgent steps to review the required social and economic steps. In fact we are already facing this situation in the Mao infested States where we have not been able to nip this menace through the use of force. The spate of criminal activities in the form of kidnappings for ransom, extortions and robberies etc. are indicators of economic mis-match between the rich and poor. To add fuel to the fire the ever soaring inflation and high cost of essential food articles is contributing to the social divide.

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