Friday, December 20, 2013

Review Bilateral relations with U.S.A

The recent developments involving the American handling of senior Indian diplomat Devyani Khabarogode smacks of highly arrogant and intolerable attitude towards rest of the world. American establishment has assumed the role of a Don and is throwing to winds all cannons of propriety, international diplomatic rules and the judicial process of friendly countries. 2. The issue involved does not relate to safety and security of USA nor to any terrorist activity but to an insignificant dispute between the Diplomat and the domestic help which had been pending in the Indian High Court. The US authorities has not only ignored the Indian judiciary, bilateral relations, International obligations under Vienna convention but preferred a maid over the biggest democracy. It needs to be condemned in the strongest possible language and retaliatory measures. 3. It should become clear to the rest of the world that USA has exceeded all limits of decency and needs to be contained and snubbed from its power display. They had displayed the same in Pakistan when two of its Contractors with Diplomatic status killed two innocent civilians, they are playing the same belligerence in Afghanistan and they acted similarly with us when they refused our security agencies access to David Headley accused of 26/11 Bombay blasts. We need to re-assess the whole gamut of bilateral relations with the present U.S. Administration at a realistic level.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Corruption VS. Lokpal

This is with reference to the question being raised whether Lokpal is the final solution to corruption in India". The inevitable answer to the question is obviously in the negative. The corruption in India is in the form of blood cancer which has afflicted all sections of the society and all wings of administration whether executive,legislature and even judiciary. Its unbearable level of pain has aroused the conscience of he nation to seek remedial measures. The setting up of the institution is one step in this direction. 2. It is evident that even the most deterrent punishments provided in legal framework have not been successful in eliminating the crime. If it were so, there won't be murders, robberies or rapes. No doubt these measures do help in reduction of such cases to some extent. What is more effective to curb these anti social depravity is through education at home, educational institutions and of course religious congregations to change the Mindset. Let us hope and pray that there is a wide spread awareness in the country about this institution where people can knock its door without fear or fret about cases of corrupt practices to inculcate the fear of law.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Cost and Consequences of a Hung Assembly

The elections in four states viz. Madhya Prades, Chhatisgarh, Rajasthan and Delhi have given a clear and unambiguous mandate against Congress party notwithstanding the fact that BJP has emerged as the biggest gainer. It will perhaps be premature to conclude that people have been attracted by the programmes and policies of the BJP. One of the factor in this regard is the absence of viable alternative political set up in these states. Delhi offered a choice of debutante AAP which promised clean corruption free establishment and people placed their bets on it. Since no party has been able to seize clear majority and none has the option to seek support of any group, it has created a piquant situation. We are faced with the unpleasant and costly situation Of President Rule and re-elections which is a costly affair. Since the Indian voter has now matured enough as is evident from impressive participations in many elections , it needs to educate and make them aware about the costs and consequences of hung election results. There is a huge drain on the public and people finances which ultimately people pay. The voter should, therefore, weigh the pros and cons of his choice before exercising his right to vote

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Language of Pakistan Prime Minister

The crude jibe of Nawaz sharif comparing our Prime Minister with a village woman, although being denied now, was in bad taste , discourteous and unbecoming of the head of a government. It is in the street urchin language. 2. Apart from this incident, it may be stated in right earnest that the entire nation as well as vast majority of Congress party leaders were against holding talks with Pakistan in the back ground of terror attacks on Indian soil aided and abetted by Pak armed forces. But our P.M. and his team of Advisors thought otherwise and went ahead. The results of these talks are for every one to see. Pak has neither accepted the responsibility for aggression on the line of control nor the infiltration of militants from its borders. There is no mention to close the terror training camps from its soil. So what is the gain from these talks? 3. The symbolic meetings between the ground Commanders of both sides have no meaning unless there is a will and desire to improve relations at the highest level. It need not be repeated that there are many power centers in Pakistan and its Prime Minister has no control over them.So let us speak with them in the language they understand.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is there to discuss with Pak prime Minister?

Pak terrorists latest attack in Jammu where we lost precious lives of our forces including a senior Officer clearly establishes the fact that there are numerous power structures in Pakistan independent of each other. The civil government has little control over Army,ISI and a group of terror organisations who are inimical to India and particularly against its secular status. Some of our political analysts had pinned hopes on the election of Mr. Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister of Pakistan for his pro-peaceful approach to solve problems with India through negotiations and dialogues. But all these hopes lie shattered due to his inability to control the rogue and fundamentalists agents in Pakistan. 2. The recent cowardly attack is in continuation to the series of similar attacks on our borders both by the Pak army and the ISI sponsored terror attacks immediately after the election of Nawaz Shariff giving a clear message to him that he is not the absolute ruler. It was in this context that a majority of people in India and political parties have been pleading against any talk between the two countries at Prime Minister level. But our Government as always had been day dreaming with disastrous consequences. The public opinion has proved right. A few days before the proposed meeting of the two PMs this incident will not go down well with the Indian masses. Even if some discussions are held and some decisions taken, what is the use if Pak PM is incapable of implementing them.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

L.K.Advani needs Sanyas from Politics

It is unfortunate to see that one of the architect and founder member of the BJP has succumbed to his unreasonable ambition for Prime Ministerial candidature ignoring the public perception. As an elderly statesman he should have have been graceful to accept the role of a mentor and guide like legendary Bhisham Pitamah. But his unrestrained ego and greed seems to have over powered him and he does not see any harm in vilification of the edifice in which he was a co-participant. It goes to the credit of the party workers that despite his obduracy they are still trying to make him see the majority views. 2. We need not perhaps blame him alone for this attitude as in all political parties in India the geriatric leaders assume their positions as life long. They cannot tolerate changes either in ideas or take over by young generation. The age old maxim of Sanyas after the age of 75 years is repugnant to them. Take the case of all major political parties viz. Congress, Samajwadi Party, BSP, RJD of DMK etc. There is a life membership at the top and no room for change. It is to be seen as to how far the next generation is going to accept this position.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vanzara deserves sympathy-Not political exploitation

It is really unfortunate to see that the letter written by jailed Gujarat cadre IPS Officer D.C. Vanzara is being given political colour by interested parties. One expected that this should have attracted the attention of social scientists and other advocates of human rights about the pain, apathy,frustration of the highly placed Officers of Law enforcement agencies who have become victims of tardy judicial process of this country. These Officers are in Jail for the past seven years which is practically half the Life imprisonment without trial or bail. 2. Any one in Vazara's position would burst in anger and frustration about the treatment being met to him and his other colleagues. No one is raising the voice about the need to streamline the judicial procedures so that the justice process is expedited. The govt. Is keen to change the process of selection of Judges of Superior Courts but is neglecting the process speedy trials and delivery of justice. 3. Vanzara's blame game for their actions under the orders of superiors is not tenable as he is a senior Police officer who has taken oaths to work under the provisions of the Constitution of India and to work without fear or under pressure of any kind. That the letter has been written after a long period of seven years indicates emotional stress of long incarceration rather than any political motive.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Pak Army deserves strong retaliation

The news about Pak Army's cowardly attack at night on an Indian Post in Poonch Sector resulting in the martyrdom of five brave Indian soldiers is shocking and deserves retaliation by way of action and not empty words. This could not have come at worst time when the two countries were engaged in confidence building measure following the election of so called India friendly Nawaz Shariff as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. So far we were facing the ISI sponsored terrorists on the LOC but now the PaK army has come out in the open2. It has been established now beyond doubt that there is no unified Government in Pakistan and there are many independent power structures in that country, Army being one of them. This incident can surely be linked to the attack on Indian Mission in Jalalabad in Afghanistan. Pak Army and its off shoots like ISI will never reconcile to friendly relations between the two countries and will sabotage any effort in that direction3. The Indian Government needs to see the light and recall that CBM initiated by various rulers of Pakistan like Musharaff and Zardari boomranged. Nawaz Shariff is no exception as Kargil episode took place behind his back. He cannot do much even now as is obvious to him.So after learning many lessons, let us be practical and teach a lesson to Pak army in the same language they understand. This approach may sound bit hard to our Human Rights activists but the lives of our Jawans are very precious to us

Let us give befitting reply to Pak Army

The news about Pak Army's cowardly attack at night on 5th August on an Indian Post in Poonch Sector resulting in the martyrdom of five brave Indian soldiers is shocking and deserves retaliation by way of action and not empty words. This could not have come at worst time when the two countries were engaged in confidence building measure following the election of so called India friendly Nawaz Shariff as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. So far we were facing the ISI sponsored terrorists on the LOC but now the PaK army has come out in the open. 2. It has been established now beyond doubt that there is no unified Government in Pakistan and there are many independent power structures in that country, Army being one of them. This incident can surely be linked to the attack on Indian Mission in Jalalabad in Afghanistan. Pak Army and its off shoots like ISI will never reconcile to friendly relations between the two countries and will sabotage any effort in that direction. 3. The Indian Government needs to see the light and recall that CBM initiated by various rulers of Pakistan like Musharaff and Zardari boomranged. Nawaz Shariff is no exception as Kargil episode took place behind his back. He cannot do much even now as is obvious to him.So after learning many lessons, let us be practical and teach a lesson to Pak army in the same language they understand. This approach may sound bit hard to our Human Rights activists but the lives of our Jawans are very precious to us.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Three Economist Muskeeters

The country is passing through a very grim economic conditions to the extent of economic paralysis for the past two years. This despite the fact that the country boasts of a triumvirate of so called Economists of international repute namely Dr. Manmohan Singh, Montek Sing and P. Chidaram. Through their ill conceived policies and programmes they are leading the country towards virtual bankruptcy.

2. The GDP has slipped to the lowest level of 5 percent, industrial output to abysmal one percent and inflation to record double digits. These are record declines of past many decades. So what is the conclusion people draw from these developments? That these Economists are devoid of the knowledge about ground realities of the nation and putting into practice the bookish knowledge acquired by them. They may be best suited in academic arenas like universities but in ruling the country.

3. After the disgraceful formula for poverty line presented to the nation evolved after spending millions of Rupees, one wonders whether we need a Planning Commission of this sort which churns out irrelevant figures and datas ridiculing the poor people of this country. The flip flop in foreign Direct Investment in the country has become a mocking point for the overseas investors.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Nature is Mightier than Man

I returned from Gangotri after a 10 days ordeal and witnessed the might and fury of natural elements viz. Thunder storms, ferocious rivers, and rolling down huge boulders. We could only shudder in fear and horror and realised the helplessness of humans before the mighty nature.

On return we are disturbed and frustrated to read and hear about the uncharitable commentaries being made about the arrangements made by several establishment agencies and how the tragedy could be controlled or mitigated. Let us realise that Uttarkhand is an expanse of high hill and river with a little space for plain surface. Assuming that there were warnings about heavy rains and cloud burst then what preventive measures are possible to hold back the deluges that followed. There was an unprecedented rush of pilgrims at all the four Dhams this year particularly at Kedar Nath which bore the maximum brunt and loss of human lives. At all other places the entire villages ,animals and properties like Hotels were washed away like pack of paper boats. No power on the earth could save them. Let us also not forget that countries like Japan & U.S.A. Despite most technological advancement and early warnings could not face the fury of nature in Fukushima and Ohaio.

    What we appreciate is the role of Army and local establishment which asked us to move out immediately and helped transport in trucks to nearest Helipad at Harsil. There were 4000 stranded pilgrims and Army provided from bed tea to breakfast, lunch, dinner and milk for babies throughout the stay till transported by Helicopter to a safe place. They helped us carry our luggage and instead of going to the Hospital brought the affable Army Doctor Capt. N.K.Singh to attend us. We will be ungrateful creatures to forget these acts of human benevolence.
   On way to Rishikesh by free Buses run by the State Govt. The people of small towns stopped us and offered meals, biscuits, medicines, bottled water as well as money who needed it. That it was happening in India and in economically backward region made every one's eyes moist in disbelief.
   Let us not be unreasonable to condemn this or that but appreciate the gigantic task faced by the Army, local population and the NGOs who worked tirelessly to help the stranded pilgrims. Now the priority should be to look after the rehabilitation of local population who have lost everything.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Let us go slow with Pakistan

The second democratically elected in Pakistan has been welcomed by all democratic countries of the world particularly India. Since we had been facing extreme hostility from our neighbouring country under various Governments , the election of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister of Pakistan has raised many positive hopes in India. Nawaz Sharif is known to be an ardent supporter of peaceful normalisation of relations with India which he has publicly pronounced many times.

We are an emotional nation and are swayed by the words on its face value. Just a day after Nawaz Shrif took the oath of Office as Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Pak army resorted to heavy shelling across the LOC and our one Jawan was martyred in this unprovoked firing. It is perhaps a clear signal to India that Nawaz Shrif cannot act alone and Army still controls the country. We should,therefore, give breathing time to the Pak Prime Minister to evaluate his standing in the country vis-a-vis Army,ISI and the Mullahs. We have always extended hand of friendship to Pakistan which has been responded by firing on the border, infiltrations and terror attacks. So let us follow a go slow policy.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Octogenarians should seek Sanyas from politics

It is an unfortunate fact that politics in India is dominated by octogenarians whose insatiable greed for power knows no end. This category of elders dominate the helms of all political parties with the result the dynamic views of the youth for policy correction does not move further. L.K. Advani is no exception despite his age and despite the fact that he has tastedpower as Deputy Prime Minister of the country. He is still nurturing the ambition for the Office of Prime Minister and is intentionally or un-intentionally making controversial statements about leaders of his own party.

His recent statement in Madhya Pradesh comparing M.P. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan with Gujrat Chief Minister, Narender Modi smacks of malice and frustration for not being projected as PM candidate. Both Shivraj Singh and Narender Modi are outstanding leaders who have achieved the commendable levels of governance, development and public service in their respective states. Every human being has his own style of functioning and no comparison is relevant particularly in the case of these two leaders.

The BJP President, Shri Rajnath Singh has declared more than once that the question of PM candidate will be decided at the appropriate time and that party leaders should refrain from proposing names. L.K. Advani seems to exempt himself from the dictats of the party and is thus creating unnecessary confusion and dissension. He needs rest and sanyas from active politics and act like Bhisham Pitamah.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Let us deal with Maoism with sanity

The barbaric act of Maoists in mercilessly slaying the innocent members of a political party as
well as members of security forces accompanying them is a hot subject matter of discussions in both the print and electronic media. In every democratic establishment there is a room for dissent and opposition but resort to violence is not a acceptable form of protest. The so called Maoists have, however, followed the misplaced ideology of Mao Zedong that power flows from the barrel of Gun. This ideology has been buried even by his compatriots due to its failures. Chinese communists have realised the importance of economic development over violent means for success.

Unfortunately the copy cats of long dead Mao have not aquiesced to the changed political scenario world over. They have been successful to a large extent in mobilising the innocent tribals by exploiting their poverty through fear and false promises of rosy future by revolt against the democratic institutions of the country. The Government on its part has not followed any mature and concrete policy to wean away the tribals from the destructive path. It has been following the use of force against the discontent rather than reconciliation process thus hardening the attitudes. Even now the retaliation and use of force is being advocated by Goverment sources as a remedy.
Reconciliation and discussions are being viewed with suspicion in the heat of moment due to recent carnage mainly because of massacre of VIPs. There were more horrific massacres viz. that of 57 officers of security forces which did not evoke equal heat. Any way, we should realise and learn from similar events in Nepal and elsewhere that force is not the solution. Even the Prime Minister designate of Pakistan, Nawaz Shariff has offered to hold talks with Taliban. We are following the same policy in Kashmir. So it is in the interest of all sides to pursue a policy which brings peace and prosperity to the poor people of the region and they will automatically abandon the war mongers who are playing to the tunes of our enemies.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Democratic Pakistan

It is quite heartening to observe that our neighbour Pakistan's politicians and people have at long last realised the importance and virtues of democracy though belatedly. The Pak Army may have realised that they cannot wield the baton in civilian governance. It is sort of revolution in the pattern of governance in Pak polity.

The Pak citizens were tired of the tyranny of military's interference in their every day life,extreme corruption in administration, loss of safety and security and the growing internal militancy. Their every day frustration emboldened them to challenge these evil forces when they got the opportunity to vote and despite threats they opted for change towards peace. The fundamentalists had threatened the woman against voting and they are the ones who came out in large numbers to the polling booths challenging the radicals to shame. It is a proof that you cannot suppress the people for long and prevent them from moving with the changes of time.

We in India have genuine reasons to hope that with this change and the emergence of Nawaz Shrief as Prime Minister of Pakistan our bilateral relations will improve and many problems that have been bugging both the countries will be relaxed if not eliminated soon. We should realize that the priority for the new Government in Pakistan is first to attend its bad shape of economy, failing infrastructure, law & order and the militancy. After they have established their confidence among their masses by attending to the essential issues, they can look towards India. Although our optimism is not misplaced, we have to give sufficient time to Pak Government to negotiate with us for amicable solution of issues that have been irritants between the two countries.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nitish Kumar more worried about Modi than Bihar

The proceedings of the Janta Dal(United) national meet have given birth to a strange new trend to the political culture. Normally, such meets are designed to consolidate & strengthen its cadres, discuss about the growth, governance, development activities and economic policies in the States ruled by it and the country as a whole. None of these serious issues received any importance at the said meet.

2. The main focus of the speech of Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar was directed at Narender Modi bashing under the hallucination in his mind about Modi being projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate. This really embarrassed the leaders and cadres of JD(U) because there are many more pressing & urgent problems facing Bihar which require consideration & action. Nitish Kumar forgot in his enthusiasm that he represents a regional party and its national presence is because of its 17 years alliance with BJP. His irresponsible and untimely criticism has almost brought JD(U) on the brink of breakdown with BJP which its mature and sagacious leader Sharad Yadav has solidly cemented over the years. In the light of forthcoming general elections, the top priority of the opposition political parties is to plan strategy to replace the existing party in power and not create internal controversies. There is also no doubt that at present Narendra Modi has established himself undisputed national leader but the elections are far away and one cannot predict the future course of events. Nitish Kumar has downgraded himself by his untimely utterances as well as damaged the interests of his party.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blurred inclusive vision

The 75 minutes marathon speech delivered by Rahul Gandhi in a true Shakespearan theatrical style at the conclave of Conclave of Indian Industry deserved the applause it received as it was full of jokes, anecdotes and useful lessons about governance. Rahul was honest in enumerating the multiple ailments afflicting the nation like lack of economic growth, highest rate of inflation,corruption, dismal poverty and growing unemployment. These horrifying bugs were also also mentioned by our economist Prime Minister a week earlier.
2. Since the country is now readying for the next general elections a few months away, we are being subjected to rhetorics of different political hues. But the litany of issues raised by Rahul Gandhi has a special significance.One wonders whether he is indulging in self condemnation for the ills of governance as a Vice President of the ruling Party? Congress has been ruling this country for more than six decades and now continuously for nine years and is unquestionably responsible for all the mess enumerated by Rahul Gandhi. Neither Rahul Gandhi nor Prime Minister have talked about the solutions to these maladies. The concept of inclusive growth to the general public so far has signified growth of Kalamadis, A. Raja and Robert Vadras. There is no promise of any remedial steps to tide over the critical situation the nation is facing today but an irritating rebuke that no one person can solve these issues. So help us God.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Political ambitions of Justice Katju

We have been listening to the statement-a-day from Justice Katju, Chairman. Press Council of India. He seems to have followed the maxim of make controversial statements to attract public attention. He has made several such controversial statements on various topics political and non political viz. Narender Modi, Mamta Bannerjee, Sanjay Dutt etc. Etc. which do not fall under the domain of his official duties. He has not been able to overcome his ego centric desires and appears to be motivated by political ambitions. As a former Judge, these activities were not expected of him.

2. His latest salvo questioning the democratic set up of the country and equating the people of the country as sheep and cattle is most derogatory and uncalled for. He further threatens that he will not vote and would prefer to be called as a Congress ally to prove his secular credentials. This displays his inherent political inclinations & ambitions. He is at liberty to join any political group but need to be aware that the people of this country whom he equates with sheep and cattle will shun such a herdsman. The Government should also take care about the persons suitability while making statutory appointments.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Militants vs. Surrendered Militants

            The sordid public display of spat between Delhi Police & J&K authorities over the arrest of Syed Liyaqat Ali Shah an acknowledged terrorist is quite disgusting. The J&K authorities claim that he has come as a part of the rehabilitation plan for the terrorists who surrender and Shah is one of those who has come from Pakistan to surrender. The Delhi police on the contrary repudiate this contention on the basis of potential inputs received from the intelligence agencies about his role in the proposed terror strike in the Capital. Their stand that it is on the basis of his interrogation that raids in a Jama Masjid Hotel led to the recovery of huge cache of arms & ammunition as well as information about a terrorist who checked into the hotel.

2. Now our Home Minister has bucked under the pressure of Chief Minister Omar Abdulla and entrusted NIA to conduct an enquiry into this matter. Whatever may be the case, question arises how such a sensitive matter is being publicised? Does it not come under Official Secrets Act and that we are giving leads to the terror out fits.

3. We have the most recent example of five of our CRPF who sacrificed their lives in a terror attack in Bemina which was facilitated by a surrendered militant. Is J&K Government only interested in rehabilitation of terrorists accused of murders and devastation and not that of peaceful Kashmiri Pandits living in abject poverty because of these terrorists. Omar Abdullah who deserves credit for bringing peace to the State seems to be drifting away from the right course and needs to re-asses the rehabilitation policies. It is also important that intelligent agencies inputs should not be made public which are detriment to safety considerations.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Diplomacy -Italian Style

The confused actions of Italian authorities in regard to the undertaking given in the Supreme Court of India for the return of two of its citizens accused of murder has shocked the entire world and raised questions about diplomatic privilleges and immunities. Whereas we cannot absolve the Indian authorities who fell into the trap of of Italian conspirators, the Italian authorities are guilty of abusing the hospitality and faith of diplomatic privileges extended by India. Contrary of the position taken by them, it is gross misuse of  local hopatlity & violation of Vienna convention.

2. In the first place Italian authorities should not have interfered in the criminal proceedings against two of its citizens charged of serious offence of murder except counsellor access and secondly seeking their visit to Italy to cast votes in an election and assurance of return backed by a sworn Affidavit to the Supreme Court was a ploy. No where in the world a criminal charged with murder is allowed to visit his country or his home within the country to cast his vote. The entire sequence of events smacks of a well planned conspiracy.

3. For the past some sometimes we are witness to the decline in moral, cultural and ethical values in Italy which was a centre of civilisation once. We have examples of Ottavio Quotrocchi, Chopper Deal, Berlusconi's adventures and now this. Do they deserve any civil treatment from us?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Can't Fool all the People all the times

   The news item that Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson UPA accompanied by  Rahu Gandhi Vice President of Indian National Congress visited the family of 16th December, brave heart and promised material support to them has not impressed any one nor added to their stature and credibility. Its political gimmick is too transparent to be covered under any sheet.
2. The youth of India particularly in Delhi can neither forget nor forgive the rain of Police Lathis and jets of showers blown over them in the biting cold of December 2012 when they were protesting peacefully in the lawns of India Gate and Rajpath against the brutal rape of the beloved child of the family visited by the aforesaid duo. The youth of the entire nation were protesting in their respective towns and cities but the designated youth leader was conspicuous not only from his absence from the scene but also did not utter a word of condemnation against the police atrocities against the innocent youths. Surprisingly, he continues to arrogate himself as the leader of the youth. Let him or his honchos  tap their conscience and atone for the lapses.

3.  The incident in question deserves in depth change over of criminal laws and should not be given political shrouds as people are gullible to the extent politicians estimate them to be.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Respect is Commanded, not Demanded

This is with reference to the cribblings of S.Janaki and Sushil Kumar about their claims for Padma Awards.. It is really unfortunate that Sushil Kumar and S. Janki should have raised the issue of self assessment of Padma awards and their eligibility. These awards were instituted to recognize and honour citizens for their excellent performances in various fields viz. Art & science, public service, sports etc. Etc. The four categories established for the purpose indicate the scale or grade of achievements by the selected persons which is determined by a Committee constituted every year before the Republic Day. The Committee comprises human beings who cannot be described infallible in their judgement. But the principles of humility and etiquette refrains any one from disputing the scale of rewards of any nature.The Padma rewards are given on voluntary basis in cases of appreciation and are seperate from rewards given to employees for their work performance.

2. It is pertinent to state that these awards are honorific and confer respect and recognition of achievement but no material advantages . There is a popular saying that respect is commanded and not demanded. So it will be wise for Sushil Kumar and Ms. Janki to restrain their emotions and expectations and leave it to others to judge them. There is no denying the fact that for sometimes past these awards have become subject of undue pressures.