Friday, December 20, 2013

Review Bilateral relations with U.S.A

The recent developments involving the American handling of senior Indian diplomat Devyani Khabarogode smacks of highly arrogant and intolerable attitude towards rest of the world. American establishment has assumed the role of a Don and is throwing to winds all cannons of propriety, international diplomatic rules and the judicial process of friendly countries. 2. The issue involved does not relate to safety and security of USA nor to any terrorist activity but to an insignificant dispute between the Diplomat and the domestic help which had been pending in the Indian High Court. The US authorities has not only ignored the Indian judiciary, bilateral relations, International obligations under Vienna convention but preferred a maid over the biggest democracy. It needs to be condemned in the strongest possible language and retaliatory measures. 3. It should become clear to the rest of the world that USA has exceeded all limits of decency and needs to be contained and snubbed from its power display. They had displayed the same in Pakistan when two of its Contractors with Diplomatic status killed two innocent civilians, they are playing the same belligerence in Afghanistan and they acted similarly with us when they refused our security agencies access to David Headley accused of 26/11 Bombay blasts. We need to re-assess the whole gamut of bilateral relations with the present U.S. Administration at a realistic level.

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