Saturday, November 27, 2010

Change the Sports Policy

Indian athletes and sports persons performance at the Asiad where they have won the largest ever number of medals is a great moment of pride and pleasure for the country. Although the number of medals pales into insignificance compared to the number scored by smaller nations like South Korea, Iran and Kazakhstan, it has revealed many intersting facts which deserve serious introspection by the authorities and the nation. That our athletes have excelled in traditional sports which were our main source of pride right from the times immemorial but were deliberately neglected by the foreign rulers. Even after independence our rulers continued to follow the colonial legacy in sports and patronised games like Cricket, Golf, Tennis etc. In the world over Cricket is played only in a few countries with colonial hangover. It has now become a great money spinner mired in scams, cheating and corrupt practices.

2. The traditional sports like Kabbadi, Hockey, Football, Races Javelin throw have been relegated by the so called sophisticated class to the non-cognisable category of sports. Although we have a Ministry of sports at the Centre, all the funds are distributed to the non-traditional sports. The recent events in Asiad also indicate that most of the winners are from rural background who have achieved by dint of their own strength and without any largesse of the State. The rural youth have higher level of physical strength and are capable of out shinning in sports given proper guidance and training. One expects that the Government and people at large will give it a serious thought to encourage and promote the traditional sports in the country.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Collapsing Buildings

The gruesome tragedy in the Laxmi Nagar locality of East Delhi has shaken the hearts of even the most insensitive persons. The collapse of unauthorised building has claimed innocent lives of more than 60 persons including women and children and more than 80 are struggling in various hospitals for their lives. All the persons were labourers with low incomes and were staying as tenants in the building.

2. As per the established pattern, the State Government has announced a compensation of Rs.2 lakhs for every deceased and free treatment for the injured. Also an Inquiry Committee has been set up to find out the reasons for the accident and the persons responsible for it. Also a hunt is on for the owner of the said building.

3. It is a big joke on the people on the part of the people. The Building was not built a day before and its five storey height could not be invisible to the civic officials and police authorities speaks volumes. There are no unknown reasons which the proposed Inquiry Committee will explore. The facts are well known to every one both the authorities and public. The builders, civic officials and the police are main culprits who connive in these activities under the patronage of political leaders like Corporator, M.L.A and M.P. This will not be the last tragedy in the city as we are surrounded by illegal and unsafe constructions at every step. Which Government will take the bold step of demolishing all unauthorised and unsafe structures, immediately punishing the concerned officials and others. Unless some radical measures are take, owners will get bail from the Courts, corrupt officials will escape punishment for want of evidence and no one dare touch the politicians

Let us also attend to other issues

The media and politicians in the Capital have been so obsessed WIth scams and corruption cases in high places that other important issues facing the general public have been sidelined. The capital is in the grip of Dengue and chickengunia which is in an epidemic form There is hardly any household in the city where one or the other member of the family is not afflicted with this dreaded affliction. This starts with high fever followed by other symptoms like dysentery, vomiting and severe joint pains. The joint pains last for many months.

2. Although the scale and magnitude of this disease is so enormous, Delhi Government issues figures of persons suffering from it in 40 to 50 in number which is quite irritating. In fact when patients go to Government and Government aided Hospitals they are turned away on the grounds that no beds are available. Those who can afford it or in acute state are forced to go to private Nursing Homes who fleece them financially. There is no move or campaign from the Civic authorities in the prevention, treatment or guidance to alleviate the sufferings of the common men. This callous attitude of the State Government is deplorable. They are mainly interested in issuing full page advertisements along with their photographs extolling their achievements in public health welfare schemes. Schemes that exist in their files. Will they rise to the occasion or wait till some one in their family gets this sordid disease?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Has Obama any answers

The much awaited visit of President Obama to India is a realty now.He was a tactless President who started with controversial comments even before he started his journey to India. His press statement at Mumbai was equally a disappointment as he condemned the massacre of 26/11 but failed to condemn and name the perpertrators of this massacre.

2. President Obama excelled himself in rhetorics at the time of his election in 2008 but failed to deliver and the American nation have suitably responded in the recent elections. Well, that is their internal matter.

2. His external policies and relations have been equally dismal. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been very costly both in human and material loss. The unprecedented scale of doles given to Pakistan have failed to contain the terrorism and terrorists for which these baits were thrown. When the American economy is under stress and un employment is ruling at 10 percent, his tour in India is stated to cost Rs.900 Crores per day. This may be one of the causes of economic crisis of America.
It is natural and justified for a host country to expect positive reactions and measures in bilateral relations during such visits, as otherwise, what is the purpose of such visits. However, Obama has cold shouldered India right from the day he assumed office. He skipped India from his visits to various countries immediately after his election. His policy about out sourcing is singularly targeted against India although it has contributed substantially to promote their economy and professional experties. The Visa seekers in India are humiliated and subjected to maltreatment by American Embassy.The role of U.S. Administration in with holding the information gathered from David Headley which might have prevented the Mumbai massacre cannot be easily ignored The recent comments of President Obama to a Journalist about two important and sensitive issues viz. Dual civil nuclear treaty and India's bid for permanent seat in U.N. Security Council describing them as difficult and complex issues were tactless and undiplomatic. He could have ignored the question as no visiting dignitary will pre-empt the bilateral issues with negative responses. This amply demonstrates the reasons for frustration in the minds of Indian public about the sincerity of U.S. Administration towards India. Well, what answers we expect, if any.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unlimited Shamelessness

The photo lie up of Congress Leaders at the podium of AICC Session appeared to be a challenge to the nation and the media against its cries about corruption and corrupt leaders. It was as if they were shamelessly telling the citizens of the country
" Iss Hamam mein sab Nange hain. What can you do". The cult of fearless corruption gained grounds with Bofors deal and has continued to flourish since then. The Oil for food scandal,2 G Spectrum scam, CWG scam and now Adarsh Housing Society scam, the rot seems to be never ending.
These scams have been going on because it is now established that the culprits are assured that they will not be punished under this regime and that the law of land is for common man and not for political leaders.

2. The podium looked like a theatre of absurd with Suresh Kalamadi, Ashok Chavan,Vilas Rao Deshmukh, Sheila Dixit, Kripa Shankar Singh posing with with broad smiles before the cameras. Sonia Gandhi never appeared bothered about these Scams but had the time to launch a tirade agains RSS and BJP.

3. Further probe into the Adarsh Scam has not been entrusted to the appropriate Investigating agency viz. CBI but to a group of Congress leaders as if it is an internal party matter. It is setting a dangerous precedent in corruption cases. Now, any party in power will institute a ministerial enquiry instead of the CBI acting upon it. This culture of covering corruption is extremely detrimental to the nation.What we need urgently now is another Jaiprakash Narain. God help the nation.