Monday, December 20, 2010

Onion and Tears

The astronomical rise the prices of Onions in a matter of three days is mysterious coinciding with the three days Plenary Session of the Indian National Congress party. Onions not only bring tears to the eyes but is associated with the jinx to bring down the Governments that fail to control its prices. The ruling price of Onions at Rs.50- Rs.90 per Kg. Could not have reached this level abruptly more particularly that it has many regulatory agencies viz. Nafed , Agricultural Marketing Society etc. Besides the Ministry of Agriculture at the Centre. The untenable explanation of rains at harvest time leading to the present situation does not go down the gullet. This fact should have alerted the concerned authorities immediately and appropriate remedial action taken well in time. Well let us see whether the jinx works this time also to dry the tears of the common man.

2. The various claims being made by the Government in regard to GDP, economy, industrial growth, rate of inflation, record agriculture production etc. Etc. Sound hollow when we find ourselves surrounded by all round increases in prices of food grains, petrol, fuel, consumer durables and all other consumer commodities. One had expected that the recent Session of Congress Party would take stock of national problems and announce policy directions. Unfortunately it was like a public rally where the sole agenda was BJP bashing and Hindu terrorism. It is a new precedent in the history of Congress Plenary Sessions. Let us hope that other political parties do not follow this.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pay Back America in the same coin

The pat-down search incidence of our Ambassador in U.S.A is a most despicable act unknown in the international norms of Behaviour towards diplomats. Even the countries at war do not treat the diplomats of each other country in th manner U.S authorities have treated our Ambassador. To recall, it is not the first incident where our dignitaries have been humiliated in similar circumstances. A few moths back our Civil Aviation was also contemptuously was bodily searched despite disclosing his identity.It appears that American authorities are fond of displaying their super power status and derive vicarious pleasure out of it.

2. They are advancing flimsy arguments to justify the sordid incident and there is no consistency in the statements being made by various wings of their administration. The Secretary of State says, the policy will be reviewed, the Transport Security Authority declares that their action was perfectly justified and the other wing sheepishly expresses regret. Whom should you believe and who represents American policy?

3. The Indian public is wary of current American Governments duplicity towards India whether it was holding back information about pending 26/11 Mumbai attack, refusing to allow Indian Investigating team to interrogate David Headley in the first hand, supplying arms and billions of Dollars to Pakistan knowing fully well that it will be used against India etc. Etc. Thus the general public in India views U.S. With suspicion and an unreliable and unfriendly establishment notwithstanding the passive reaction of our Government. Bilateral relations are build on reciprocity and it will be perfectly right to treat the U>S> diplomats in the same manner for security checks whether they adorn skirts or heavy overcoats.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why deny Visa to Musharraf

The decision to refuse multicity visa to Pervez Musharraf, ex-President of Pakistan who was invited to India in connection with a Seminar is ill advised and not a sensible move. This is likely to erode our reputation as a democratic country where there is freedom of speech, movement and profession. The reasons ascribed to this decision are that Musharraf was the person behind Kargil war, his anti-India statements etc. etc. One may ask the authorities in how many cases Visa has been refused to persons with strong anti-India stance? It is an established fact world over that two hostile neighbours would engage in blame games and hostilities. So the anti- India statements of Musharraf and anti-Pak statements of Indian leaders fall in the same category. Another funny reason being argued is that during his visit he will try to consolidate his opposition against the present rulers of Pakistan. Does it mean that it will affect our friendly relations with our hostile neighbour or Musharraf does not have adequate space in Britain?

2. One is bewildered by the double standards when our own nationals like Arundhati Ghose, Gilani, Mirwaiz and Shabir etc. make seditious speeches openly against the country and we fail to take actions under the law, we are apprehensive about the visit of Musharraf for a few days.Obviously he cannot do more damage than our traitors. Incidentally, he visited India twice after demitting Office. The action of the Government does not go down well with the common masses of India.