Sunday, August 19, 2012

Enough Meetings with Pak- Act now

Now that the Government has been able to establish an irrefutable evidence about the origin of inflammatory SMSes from Pakistan which led to massive exodus of people of North Eastern States from metropolitan cities of India, the stereotyped reaction of Pak authorities is not a matter of surprise. The Pak interior Minister has patented his denial mode whether it was 26/11 Mumbai terrorist conspiracy or communal riots or smuggling fake currency to India. Similar response was given to America in the case of sheltering Osama Bin Laden.

2. In the light of our past experiences on similar situations one wonders as to why our Government does not see the light and is keen to hold fruitless meetings and talks with that country. We have had enough of these and now the country wants real action. Even on an auspicious Muslim holiday i.e. Eid-ul-Fitr that country has chosen to firing on the line of control in Jammu. There is no need to hold any meetings with them and the nation expects our Home Minister to cancel all proposed meetings till we make them see the reason by whatever available method so that there is peace in the region.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Forget about Votes & Act firmly with miscreants


The unfortunate exodus of people of Northern Eastern States from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and now Maharashtra following threatening SMS messages is a challenge to the democratic and secular fabric of India. One does not need an Astrologer to predict as to who could be behind this sinister move. North Eastern people are known for their peace loving nature and hard work and to link them with the recent violence viz. Bodos vs. Bangladeshi immigrants has no relevance.

2. The non-state agents of foreign powers have long been trying to fan communal divide in this country emboldened by the week kneed policies of the Government and intelligence failures. The process started with the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from their home land of generations and the Govt.s failure to act firmly. The extent of infilteration of these foreign agents and anti national groups can be gauged from the fact that the mob in Mumbai had the courage to destroy the Martyr's Memorial in Mumbai. Since Maharashtra Government has been working at snail speed as expected by the conspirators, they are spreading their wings in other States. This is a moment for the people and the Government to wake up and take courageous stepsin the interest of national integrity unmindful of the so called international reactions. The mere rhetoric statements in Parliament and elsewhere will not solve the problem without firm action.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Deal firmly with communal forces

The tragic sequence of violence in the rally organised by the so called Raza Academy and two others groups to protest against the alleged killing of Muslims in Assam appears to be an organised conspiracy to create communal tension in the country. The death of two persons and injuries to 56 policemen besides huge loss of private & public property could not be caused by a small group of protesters unless it was pre-planned.

2. It was a senseless act on the part of the organisers to hold the rally projecting the Assam riots as communal and equally irresponsible on the part of Police authorities to give permission for a communal rally. The clashes in Assam were between the native Bodos and Bangladeshi immigrants which included non-Muslims also over land holding issues. It was never a religious issue there. We have therefore, to be alert from communal forces in raising their heads against the secular traditions of the country. Is it an off shoot of the threat given by a Member of Rajya Sabha in his speech in the House? The investigating agencies need to probe this aspect as well as the intelligence failure.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Communal Terrorism in America

The tragic death of 7 innocents and gun injuries to more than two scores of worshippers at Oak Creek Gurdwara in Wisconsin State of U.S.A. demonstrates the rising wave of communal hatred in U.S.A. It is all the more alarming situation for India as there have been series of murders of Indian students in the recent past without any apparent reason except for the colour of their skin and nationality. That it is happening on the soil of a democratic country which boasts of multi racial society and is fighting terrorism throughout the globe is regrettable. The spread of communal terrorism in America is mainly facilitated by the liberal gun control policies of the authorities where it is possible to buy guns as easily as any item of groceries. Apart from this, the U.S. Authorities have not taken adequate steps to identify and protect the vulnerable categories of people and places which become easy targets of the fanatics. There have been random killings of Sikhs and Indian students and mere statements of regret cannot restore the normal lives of grieved families. It is time that U.S. Authorities should do a quick review of the situation and take steps to fight this menace before it gets out of hands.