Sunday, July 31, 2011

Select the right persons in political set ups

The sordid drama enacted by disgraced B S Yeddyurappa the out going Chief Minister of Karnatak following his indictment by Lokayukta for corruption and land grabbing is a matter of concern for all political parties in the country. Despite directives from his Party High Command to step away from Office, he has been trying all tricks like astrology, majority support cast considerations and unreasonable conditions to cling to power either in the party or in government. It indicates the levels to which the politicians can stoop low in their greed for power and money. BJP has taken the right decision to reject all his frivolous conditions to save its image in the public eye. It also realises that the allegations against Yeddyurappa will ultimately find place in public prosecution and it will greatly undermine the image of the party.

2. This is not the only case of its kind that has happened in the country where a Chief Minister has defied the orders of its party high command when asked to relinquish office on charges of corruption or misgovernment. Political parties of all hues in the country have faced almost similar situations. One of the reason for this malady is the wrong choice of the leader who secure their nomination on the basis of money power. This all around corruption leads to chain reactions of corrupt practices by those who crown themselves through corruption. All political parties should conduct introspection and make proper selection of candidates to save the democratic norms.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scam a Day

Our country has assumed the reputation of "Scam a Day" country.. Hardly a day passes when we do not learn about one Scam or the other in the print and visual media. The latest revelations about mining scam involving the Chief Minister , his colleagues and a former Chief Minister in the sordid corruption saga should make all the political parties hang their heads in shame as they are sullying the name of the largest democracy in the world by including the known corrupt persons in the States and Centre Governments. This is not the type of democracy people want where a common man rots in jail for years for a minor offence but the Scamsters accused of defrauding the nation for millions/trillions of rupees come out unscathed. The investigating agencies are threatened by the powerful offenders as the Lokayukat of Karnataka is being harassed through phone tapings etc. In the face of all these one wonders what will be achieved by having a Lok Pal who will face the same type of problems.

2. It is time now that the nation should unite to route out this menace by evolving a mechanism through all party meeting and to bring suitable amendments in the electoral laws where the tainted and accused persons holding public Offices are immediately unseated and dealt with sternly and immediately.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Look After yourself- Hillary Clinton

The present visit of Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State to India has been a non-event as it has belied all expectations both political as well as economic. Although the Government of India was under illusions of securing support particularly in taming Pakistan and its terrorism workshops, Hillarly was blunt in conveying that it is your problem and you are supposed to look after it. She also did not mince words saying that Pakistan is a greater victim of terrorism. In other words. India should only expect statements of condemnations whenever any terror activity takes place on its soil. Thi position was clear from day one Barack Obama took over as President of USA. We should not forget the treatment meted out to our investigated team in the case of David Headly, a major player in Mumbai'26/11 carnage.

2. The present visit has solely been motivated by promotion of unilateral trade involving U.S. Interests and not bilateral trade. They have also cheated us in the case of Nuclear Civil Treaty and want to water down the proposed Nuclear Liability Bill to suit the interests of American suppliers of equipments. Should we not take adequate measures to keep a distance from such a unreliable and undependable so called ally?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Let us look after victims of Mumbai attack first

The dastardly serial blasts in Mumbai by terror groups on Wednesday have brought untold misery and tragedy to the families of more than twenty who Lost their lives and about 140 seriously injured besides huge damage to the state and private property.Mumbai is unfortunate to have been a repeated victim of similar disasters in the past. While the investigating agencies are still engaged in their task of piecing the required threads to identify the suspects behind this sinister attack and the victims are fighting for their lives in various hospitals, politicians of various hues are busy in rubbing salt on the wounds of victims by issuing uncalled for and irresponsible statements.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Digvijay Singh the advocate of corrupt and scamsters

The Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh is trying his best to gain his position in the Guiness Book of Records for his foot in the mouth controversial statements on all subjects and against all persons around him. His recent statement declaring Suresh Kalamadi and Ashok Chavan as innocents indicates his proximity to these persons which in the normal course would have invoked investigation proceedings against him. Both the accused persons have been charged of corruption of unprecedented level and Kalamadi is cooling his heels in Prison and even denied bail by the Judicial Court. The statement of Digvijay Singh although claimed to be his personal opinion cannot be accepted as personal so long he holds the office of General Secretary of the ruling Party. That the said Party has been tolerating his foul language against Baba Ram Dev, Anna Hazare and even his co-party member P. Chidambaram indicates some behind the scene moves supporting his uncalled for outbursts. This is neither in the interest of the Party nor the country. The sooner he is tamed better it will be for the both.

Who is ruling this country?

The news about the audacious and irresponsible behaviour of Mukul Roy the Minister of State for Railways in brazen insensitivity towards the victims of two tragic rail accidents in the country is most despicable and inhuman. While the whole country was grieving for the unfortunate victims and residents of the surrounding villages, truck drivers and cyclists came out in drones to render voluntarily to help the victims of accident the dis-honourable Minister(he has forfeited his title for being addressed as Honourable) refused to visit the site of accidents despite Prime Minister's orders. This further strengthens the common man's growing aversion towards politicians. His argument that he is not the Railway Minister and Prime Minister is further indicates the perversity of his mind even in a national disaster.

2. This incident cannot be treated as a casual stubbornness of a disgruntled individual but needs serious review about the existing governance pattern. The opposition charge about dysfunctional and powerless Prime Minister gains strength and credibility. This is not Coalition Dharma but Adharma. What was expected was a strong rebuke to the Minister from her Party Chief but she chose to remain silent and in all probability will seek his elevation in the Cabinet. How proud will be the nation to have such insensitive self seekers to rule over them?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lok Pal Bill and Politicians

The all party meeting convened by the Government to discuss Lok Pal Bill was more as a tea party gathering as neither the Government was transparent about the contents of the proposed Bill nor the political parties were sincere to make their stands clear. If the parties wanted to discuss the Bill while it was introduced in the Parliament one wonders about the objective of convening this meeting. The only ostensible purpose appeared to unite against the emergence of Civil rights movements which is perceived to be a potential threat to the political parties.

It should not be forgotten that it was the Civil Right groups that galvanised the nation against the mounting corruption in the country and the political parties did precious little all these years to combat the menace of cancerous corruption spreading the entire system of governance. In fact most of the culprits belonged to the political class.

The ruse of elected representatives absolute right to decide about social reforms, managing the corrupt and corruption cannot be accepted by the people at large who feel crushed and frustrated by the political parties whom they voted in power in good faith and belief. That majority of these political parties cheated the nation needs no elaboration. There have been unprecedented number of scams and frauds of huge magnitude and the initial reluctance of the Government to shield the guilty has completely shaken the faith of the people. It is in this context that the civil right movements evolve amongst the people and play corrective role. We are witnessing this in the Middle East and it should act as a wake up call for us also. It is the high time now that an effective mechanism be set up to meet the challenge to restore the confidence of the people in the institutions of democracy which includes the fundamental rights of speech and expression of all citizens. If the government is now challenging the Civil Right Group's authority, then why they have been holding official meetings with them.