Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scam a Day

Our country has assumed the reputation of "Scam a Day" country.. Hardly a day passes when we do not learn about one Scam or the other in the print and visual media. The latest revelations about mining scam involving the Chief Minister , his colleagues and a former Chief Minister in the sordid corruption saga should make all the political parties hang their heads in shame as they are sullying the name of the largest democracy in the world by including the known corrupt persons in the States and Centre Governments. This is not the type of democracy people want where a common man rots in jail for years for a minor offence but the Scamsters accused of defrauding the nation for millions/trillions of rupees come out unscathed. The investigating agencies are threatened by the powerful offenders as the Lokayukat of Karnataka is being harassed through phone tapings etc. In the face of all these one wonders what will be achieved by having a Lok Pal who will face the same type of problems.

2. It is time now that the nation should unite to route out this menace by evolving a mechanism through all party meeting and to bring suitable amendments in the electoral laws where the tainted and accused persons holding public Offices are immediately unseated and dealt with sternly and immediately.

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