Sunday, August 29, 2010

Colour of Terrorism

India has been a victim of terrorism for the past many years mainly Jihadi groups under numerous masks viz. LeT,HUJA etc. proclaiming to to wipe out non-Muslims from this country. But the Muslim majority in the country have disowned them and termed their activities as un-Islamic.

Home Minister's statement at the meeting of the Heads of Security establishments describing the emergence of "Saffron Terrorists"was a most irresponsible use of words deflecting the serious issue of combating the violent activities and decimating the groups involved in the heinous crimes against humanity. Mr. Chidambaram has the reputation of a mature, suave and learned man of letters.How could he give political and communal colour on such a serious matter baffles his admirers. Leaders of all political parties and intellectuals in the country have said time and again that terrorism has no colour or religion. There were terrorists activities in Punjab, Mumbai, North East and other parts of the country but even the worst critics or the affected parties never branded it on religious or communal basis.

Our national flag has three colours and many hues and so has our multi ethnic society with a record of co-existence and harmony. Why call terrorism as red, green or saffron as there is only word to describe it i.e."Terrorism". Let us not divide the nation on communal basis for narrow political gains as such descriptions are prone to with serious consequences. Let Mr.Chidambaram regret the use of inappropriate words, if not apologise to the nation.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Revise the Pensions of Senior Citizens

Now that the Members of Parliament have fixed their own salaries and allowances at more than 300 percent from the existing levels it s time for other law making tribes to follow suit. The MLAs of Delhi have also awarded themselves raise in salaries and allowances.

The reason provided for this unprecedented raise is unprecedented inflation and rising cost of living which is absolutely true. However, the scale of rise is too high and not based on any study by any independent Commission or non-partisan body. This brings to light another neglected section of Society viz. Senior Citizens and Sick persons belonging to weaker section of Society.

These persons are also reeling under the pressure of high cost of living and are not even able to enjoy two square meals. A small portion of this unfortunate tribe manage to approach an MLA of their area and on his or her recommendations the State Government gives them a measly pension of Rs.1000/- per month. Now that MLAs have got their salaries, allowances and pensions increased , the morality demands that they should work towards the revising the pensions of senior citizens, widows and economically backward people in their constituencies.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Deserve then Desire

The unjustified demand for pay rise by MPs and more so fixing it a rupee above that of the salary of a Secretary to the Govt. Of India is a gross misuse and abuse of the parliamentary rights and priveleges.That the Government has succumbed to these unreasonable demand is a matter of regret. The comparison of an M P with that of a Secretary is odious as a Secretary reaches this level after a distinguished service for more than 35 years, enters the service through a rigorous all India competition , achieves experience in diverse fields of administration and his conduct and performance is consistently under the watchful eyes of public, media and vigilance. A Member of Parliament is no doubt an elected representative of people for 5 years but does not have comparable traits. Further, a Secretary does not enjoy the perks like free air/railway journeys, rent free accommodation, free electricity, water and phone etc. Etc.

2. If we go by the criterion of public representatives, the most important units in our democratic set up are Panchs and Sarpanchs in the rural Panchayats. They work at grass root levels and are in direct touch with the electorates unlike our untouchable and inaccessible M Ps. They produce quick results in settling the local issues.Why should not they be paid reasonable and respectable salaries. So is the justification for members of Zila Parishads. Once we succumb to the pressure of MPs, we will be initiating a game of musical chairs. Can we afford it?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beggars are choosers these days

The unprecedented floods in Pakistan have brought death, destruction and misery for 40 million poor people in that country. The Government of that country which had been concentrating on arms built up since its origin was ill prepared to meet the challenge of this magnitude nor had they strengthened their disaster management system after the earthquake in the recent past. They had no choice but to rotate a begging bowl to the world community. The world community's response has been tremendous along with cautionary notes that the money should be spent for the purpose for which it has been donated.

2. India also responded to its appeal and offered $4 Million despite the fact that it faced similar situations in Ladakh and areas of Uttarkhand. Pakistan however, dilly dallied far a number of days till it faced criticism and rebuke from world powers for playing politics even at a time of natural disaster and national calamity. This action demonstrates the mind set of authorities in promoting ill will and poisoning the minds
of common man in both countries. Can there be any progress in pursuing peace talks with the establishment in Pakistan? Normally, it is the Donor who decides the receipients.In this case,beggars have become the choosers

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Stones to Shoes

The incident involving the hurling of a shoe at Chief Minister of Kashmir during independence day celebrations at Srinagar is most deplorable, despicable and deserves condemnation from all civilised persons. That Omar Abdullah remained cool , brave and magnanimous displayed his mature cultural upbringing. He rightly stated that the month of Ramzan is a holy month for followers of Islam who are expected to purify themselves both in words and deeds. That the separatists and their masters across the borders have neither respect for human lives nor the edicts of Islam stands exposed in their actions in the valley where the common man is sandwiched between the terrorists and the State forces.

2. This incident has, however, raised many questions. That these nefarious forces could penetrate the security cordon in the VVIP area is a matter of grave concern. It is a providential escape for Omar as anything could happen if the criminal turned militant were armed. Secondly, no political leader of any consequence has condemned the incident but indirectly justifying the same as a specimen of people anger against the regime. It was only early in the morning that Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh had repeated his offer of dialogue with the Kashmiri people. It should now be clear to the Government that the separatists and agents of terror will not allow the people of Kashmir to rest in peace nor will they heed any offer of sanity Time has come, therefore that Government should act firmly with those having designs to subvert the integrity of the country and send them to a place where they belong. In the meantime,immediate imposition of President Rule in the State is called for.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bug Bites the British Pharma

The announcement by a group of British researchers about the widespread presence of a new gene that makes a number of bacteria resistant to top antibiotics is a mischievous attempt to target the Indian Medical community and to create panic among British and American citizens flocking to India for medical treatment. Their pervension has gone to the extent of naming it “New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase”

2.However, the bug menace is not of that scale and magnitude as has been projected by the British researcher as to cause panic among the prospective expatriates intending to undergo surgeries in India. The bug to the same extent has been found in British Hospitals. The people are attracted to Indian medical facilities not only for economic reasons but because of excellent patient care arrangements and the highest skill level of our Surgeons. It will not be out of place to mention that about 70 percent of British Health Service is manned by Indian Doctors. Despite this, the so called researchers have the cheeks to indirectly malign the Indian Medical services. In America people have to wait for months for surgeries at a ruinous cost. So they prefer India. A large number of African citizens come to India for similar reasons.

2. This is obviously a part of conspiracy on the part of multinational pharma Companies who are losing business to create scare and panic as if the gene emerges only in India. The fact of the matter is that the colonial mindset of British and the superiority complex of Americans cannot digest the facts about the emergence hard working, honest and highly trained Indian professionals in the global scene. Another example is the new Visa policy of U.S.A. to restrict the entry of Indian I.T. professionals.Whereas, on most of the important positions both at the Federal and State levels persons of Indian origin have been deployed because of their merit. So let us ignore these hoax calls and carry on with our business.