Thursday, August 26, 2010

Revise the Pensions of Senior Citizens

Now that the Members of Parliament have fixed their own salaries and allowances at more than 300 percent from the existing levels it s time for other law making tribes to follow suit. The MLAs of Delhi have also awarded themselves raise in salaries and allowances.

The reason provided for this unprecedented raise is unprecedented inflation and rising cost of living which is absolutely true. However, the scale of rise is too high and not based on any study by any independent Commission or non-partisan body. This brings to light another neglected section of Society viz. Senior Citizens and Sick persons belonging to weaker section of Society.

These persons are also reeling under the pressure of high cost of living and are not even able to enjoy two square meals. A small portion of this unfortunate tribe manage to approach an MLA of their area and on his or her recommendations the State Government gives them a measly pension of Rs.1000/- per month. Now that MLAs have got their salaries, allowances and pensions increased , the morality demands that they should work towards the revising the pensions of senior citizens, widows and economically backward people in their constituencies.


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