Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Deserve then Desire

The unjustified demand for pay rise by MPs and more so fixing it a rupee above that of the salary of a Secretary to the Govt. Of India is a gross misuse and abuse of the parliamentary rights and priveleges.That the Government has succumbed to these unreasonable demand is a matter of regret. The comparison of an M P with that of a Secretary is odious as a Secretary reaches this level after a distinguished service for more than 35 years, enters the service through a rigorous all India competition , achieves experience in diverse fields of administration and his conduct and performance is consistently under the watchful eyes of public, media and vigilance. A Member of Parliament is no doubt an elected representative of people for 5 years but does not have comparable traits. Further, a Secretary does not enjoy the perks like free air/railway journeys, rent free accommodation, free electricity, water and phone etc. Etc.

2. If we go by the criterion of public representatives, the most important units in our democratic set up are Panchs and Sarpanchs in the rural Panchayats. They work at grass root levels and are in direct touch with the electorates unlike our untouchable and inaccessible M Ps. They produce quick results in settling the local issues.Why should not they be paid reasonable and respectable salaries. So is the justification for members of Zila Parishads. Once we succumb to the pressure of MPs, we will be initiating a game of musical chairs. Can we afford it?

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