Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super Storm Sandy & Super Management

It is horrifying to watch the terrible devastation caused by super storm Sandy on the eastern coast of America. There have been fires and flooding in the residential areas, destruction of property, uprooting of trees ad power lines. There has been no power supplies for the past two days, no transport, no air and sea traffic.Life has virtually come to a stand still. People claim that this the worst calamity of the century. Nature has proved that it is mightier than the mightiest power on earth.

                 2. In the midst of this tragedy we have to learn a few lessons from the American nation which has braved the situation with utmost resilience and efficient disaster management. There is no panic among the citizens under the most difficult circumstances & no break down of law and order. Public utility agencies efficient response in restoration work, shifting of patients from Hospitals to safer places are commendable examples of display of coordination & discipline. The U.S. President has been himself monitoring the restoration efforts and these measures have greatly helped the morale of the people.
3. Let us learn a few lessons from this as to how to act in similar situations and how the Disaster Management agencies need to function.

Friday, October 26, 2012

British overtures to Narendra Modi

We seem to be giving undue and unnecessary importance to the visit of British High Commissioner to Gujarat and meeting with Narendra Modi. The British had maintained an indiscreet distance from Modi following United States refusal to refuse Visa to Modi on the pretext of human rights violation in Gujarat. It is no secret that Britain has no international standing either on political or economic level but is virtually a valet of America. It is proverbially known as a nation of shop keepers and cares only its trading interests.

2. The action of American Govt. in refusing Visa to Modi was also in bad taste and against international conventions amounting to interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign country as Modi represents as head of a Indian State. A reciprocal action on the part of India would not have been tolerated by America. Is the present move thro' Britain is American strategy to mend fences viewing the political climate in India where Modi is emerging a contender for the top post in the coming elections? Our political system, in any case, gives no room to the foreign interference and it is the opinion of local people which counts and matters.

Cosmetic Changes of Desperate UPA Government

            This is with reference to the proposed reshuffle in Congress led UPA Government. This reshuffle is mainly attributed to bring Rahul Gandhi at the forefront of Governing strategies and is being cited as the second Kamraj Plan. Since this plan is coming in the ninth year of UPA rule (which can aptly be described as misrule) it is doubtful whether it will meet the eyes of people.
2.      The move is coming at the time of impending general elections in the country when the image of the ruling party has been extremely sullied following a series of scams and frauds during its regime. The churning of portfolios and induction of young leaders sponsored by Rahul Gandhi alone cannot build confidence unless the values of honesty,integrity and experience are given weightage in the proposed appointments.
3.     The undue consideration being given to Rahul Gandhi in the exercise will strengthen the charge of dynastic politics. His charm did not work in U.P.and certainly he has no magic wand to win the coming elections.
3.        During Kamraj Plan all those holding positions in the party and government were made to resign but in the current strategy. There is n Elections o move to change the President of the party and other big wigs. It is,therefore, to be seen whether the proposed cosmetic changes will bear any fruit for the Congress.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Unbecoming Behaviour of a Union Minister

The unbecoming out burst of Union Minister Salman Khushid against socialist Arvind Kejriwal challenging him to visit Farrukhabad and return therefrom displays utter frustration an sense of guilt. That Salman Khurshid who has a reputation of sauve manners and cool temperament has damaged his reputation beyond reputation by his intemperate language and aggressive Behaviour. The media probe and public perception about the dealings of his Trust leaves no one in doubt about the large scale bunglings and fraud. It would have been wiser for him to suggest that he will look into specific cases of fraud through an independent agency rather than try to cover up the misuse of funds by his agents etc. The right course for him at this stage is to resign gracefully rather than face the ignominy of a scamster.

Honesty is not the best policy any more

 After exposure of every scam in the country, demands are made for probe and investigation.There is only one question that stuck my mind "who can and will probe these ignomious deals.

  The biggest democracy of the world has been seized of 'scam a day' phenomenon in the background of deteriorating economic crisis and widening gap beteen the haves and have nots. It has reached a dangerous  social and political  levels of propriety.

 Various scams such as CWG, 2G, Adarsh Society, Salman Khurshid's NGO and Robert Vadra DLF deals have been brought to the fore. But what is the outcome except discussions in the Media.

  People have become sick  of these discussions and have acquisced to the fact that honesty is not the best policy any more. Instead of promising a proble thrust is on counter allegations against opposition. The worst sufferers in this game plan are the honest and upright bureaucrats, who find themselves between devils and deep sea and the common man who has no clue or what to do. So let us not expect too much from these sordi revelations.