Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Super Storm Sandy & Super Management

It is horrifying to watch the terrible devastation caused by super storm Sandy on the eastern coast of America. There have been fires and flooding in the residential areas, destruction of property, uprooting of trees ad power lines. There has been no power supplies for the past two days, no transport, no air and sea traffic.Life has virtually come to a stand still. People claim that this the worst calamity of the century. Nature has proved that it is mightier than the mightiest power on earth.

                 2. In the midst of this tragedy we have to learn a few lessons from the American nation which has braved the situation with utmost resilience and efficient disaster management. There is no panic among the citizens under the most difficult circumstances & no break down of law and order. Public utility agencies efficient response in restoration work, shifting of patients from Hospitals to safer places are commendable examples of display of coordination & discipline. The U.S. President has been himself monitoring the restoration efforts and these measures have greatly helped the morale of the people.
3. Let us learn a few lessons from this as to how to act in similar situations and how the Disaster Management agencies need to function.

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