Friday, November 16, 2012

Great Sacrilage

The shameless clashes between two groups of Sikh Prabhandak Committees at Gurudwara, Rakab Ganj, New Delhi on 8th November have shocked and shattered the believers of all faiths. The two groups freely used swords and other weapons against each other spilling blood on the holy ground. That it happened just a weak before the birthday of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji, the founder of Sikh religion is highly deplorable and condemnable.
. The clash was the result of greed and lust to seize control of the management of Sikh holy places in Delhi which have assets worth millions. Guru Nanak Dev ji had all along preached peace, harmony, self sacrifice,renunciation and his followers proudly cite the example of "Saccha Sauda". How some vested interests have politicised the religion is for every one to see.

                              3. Unfortunately, this trend of building grand religious properties among all faiths is doing more harm than good to the human society. The believers donations at such places which should appropriately be used for social welfare of the communities become objects of greed and misuse. That is why a majority of youth in every religion are being distracted away by religious faiths and places of worship and logical explain heart as the real place of worship. It is time, therefore, to introspect whether it is necessary create disproportionate assets of wealth at temples of worship to attract evil eyes.

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