Monday, December 20, 2010

Onion and Tears

The astronomical rise the prices of Onions in a matter of three days is mysterious coinciding with the three days Plenary Session of the Indian National Congress party. Onions not only bring tears to the eyes but is associated with the jinx to bring down the Governments that fail to control its prices. The ruling price of Onions at Rs.50- Rs.90 per Kg. Could not have reached this level abruptly more particularly that it has many regulatory agencies viz. Nafed , Agricultural Marketing Society etc. Besides the Ministry of Agriculture at the Centre. The untenable explanation of rains at harvest time leading to the present situation does not go down the gullet. This fact should have alerted the concerned authorities immediately and appropriate remedial action taken well in time. Well let us see whether the jinx works this time also to dry the tears of the common man.

2. The various claims being made by the Government in regard to GDP, economy, industrial growth, rate of inflation, record agriculture production etc. Etc. Sound hollow when we find ourselves surrounded by all round increases in prices of food grains, petrol, fuel, consumer durables and all other consumer commodities. One had expected that the recent Session of Congress Party would take stock of national problems and announce policy directions. Unfortunately it was like a public rally where the sole agenda was BJP bashing and Hindu terrorism. It is a new precedent in the history of Congress Plenary Sessions. Let us hope that other political parties do not follow this.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pay Back America in the same coin

The pat-down search incidence of our Ambassador in U.S.A is a most despicable act unknown in the international norms of Behaviour towards diplomats. Even the countries at war do not treat the diplomats of each other country in th manner U.S authorities have treated our Ambassador. To recall, it is not the first incident where our dignitaries have been humiliated in similar circumstances. A few moths back our Civil Aviation was also contemptuously was bodily searched despite disclosing his identity.It appears that American authorities are fond of displaying their super power status and derive vicarious pleasure out of it.

2. They are advancing flimsy arguments to justify the sordid incident and there is no consistency in the statements being made by various wings of their administration. The Secretary of State says, the policy will be reviewed, the Transport Security Authority declares that their action was perfectly justified and the other wing sheepishly expresses regret. Whom should you believe and who represents American policy?

3. The Indian public is wary of current American Governments duplicity towards India whether it was holding back information about pending 26/11 Mumbai attack, refusing to allow Indian Investigating team to interrogate David Headley in the first hand, supplying arms and billions of Dollars to Pakistan knowing fully well that it will be used against India etc. Etc. Thus the general public in India views U.S. With suspicion and an unreliable and unfriendly establishment notwithstanding the passive reaction of our Government. Bilateral relations are build on reciprocity and it will be perfectly right to treat the U>S> diplomats in the same manner for security checks whether they adorn skirts or heavy overcoats.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why deny Visa to Musharraf

The decision to refuse multicity visa to Pervez Musharraf, ex-President of Pakistan who was invited to India in connection with a Seminar is ill advised and not a sensible move. This is likely to erode our reputation as a democratic country where there is freedom of speech, movement and profession. The reasons ascribed to this decision are that Musharraf was the person behind Kargil war, his anti-India statements etc. etc. One may ask the authorities in how many cases Visa has been refused to persons with strong anti-India stance? It is an established fact world over that two hostile neighbours would engage in blame games and hostilities. So the anti- India statements of Musharraf and anti-Pak statements of Indian leaders fall in the same category. Another funny reason being argued is that during his visit he will try to consolidate his opposition against the present rulers of Pakistan. Does it mean that it will affect our friendly relations with our hostile neighbour or Musharraf does not have adequate space in Britain?

2. One is bewildered by the double standards when our own nationals like Arundhati Ghose, Gilani, Mirwaiz and Shabir etc. make seditious speeches openly against the country and we fail to take actions under the law, we are apprehensive about the visit of Musharraf for a few days.Obviously he cannot do more damage than our traitors. Incidentally, he visited India twice after demitting Office. The action of the Government does not go down well with the common masses of India.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Change the Sports Policy

Indian athletes and sports persons performance at the Asiad where they have won the largest ever number of medals is a great moment of pride and pleasure for the country. Although the number of medals pales into insignificance compared to the number scored by smaller nations like South Korea, Iran and Kazakhstan, it has revealed many intersting facts which deserve serious introspection by the authorities and the nation. That our athletes have excelled in traditional sports which were our main source of pride right from the times immemorial but were deliberately neglected by the foreign rulers. Even after independence our rulers continued to follow the colonial legacy in sports and patronised games like Cricket, Golf, Tennis etc. In the world over Cricket is played only in a few countries with colonial hangover. It has now become a great money spinner mired in scams, cheating and corrupt practices.

2. The traditional sports like Kabbadi, Hockey, Football, Races Javelin throw have been relegated by the so called sophisticated class to the non-cognisable category of sports. Although we have a Ministry of sports at the Centre, all the funds are distributed to the non-traditional sports. The recent events in Asiad also indicate that most of the winners are from rural background who have achieved by dint of their own strength and without any largesse of the State. The rural youth have higher level of physical strength and are capable of out shinning in sports given proper guidance and training. One expects that the Government and people at large will give it a serious thought to encourage and promote the traditional sports in the country.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Collapsing Buildings

The gruesome tragedy in the Laxmi Nagar locality of East Delhi has shaken the hearts of even the most insensitive persons. The collapse of unauthorised building has claimed innocent lives of more than 60 persons including women and children and more than 80 are struggling in various hospitals for their lives. All the persons were labourers with low incomes and were staying as tenants in the building.

2. As per the established pattern, the State Government has announced a compensation of Rs.2 lakhs for every deceased and free treatment for the injured. Also an Inquiry Committee has been set up to find out the reasons for the accident and the persons responsible for it. Also a hunt is on for the owner of the said building.

3. It is a big joke on the people on the part of the people. The Building was not built a day before and its five storey height could not be invisible to the civic officials and police authorities speaks volumes. There are no unknown reasons which the proposed Inquiry Committee will explore. The facts are well known to every one both the authorities and public. The builders, civic officials and the police are main culprits who connive in these activities under the patronage of political leaders like Corporator, M.L.A and M.P. This will not be the last tragedy in the city as we are surrounded by illegal and unsafe constructions at every step. Which Government will take the bold step of demolishing all unauthorised and unsafe structures, immediately punishing the concerned officials and others. Unless some radical measures are take, owners will get bail from the Courts, corrupt officials will escape punishment for want of evidence and no one dare touch the politicians

Let us also attend to other issues

The media and politicians in the Capital have been so obsessed WIth scams and corruption cases in high places that other important issues facing the general public have been sidelined. The capital is in the grip of Dengue and chickengunia which is in an epidemic form There is hardly any household in the city where one or the other member of the family is not afflicted with this dreaded affliction. This starts with high fever followed by other symptoms like dysentery, vomiting and severe joint pains. The joint pains last for many months.

2. Although the scale and magnitude of this disease is so enormous, Delhi Government issues figures of persons suffering from it in 40 to 50 in number which is quite irritating. In fact when patients go to Government and Government aided Hospitals they are turned away on the grounds that no beds are available. Those who can afford it or in acute state are forced to go to private Nursing Homes who fleece them financially. There is no move or campaign from the Civic authorities in the prevention, treatment or guidance to alleviate the sufferings of the common men. This callous attitude of the State Government is deplorable. They are mainly interested in issuing full page advertisements along with their photographs extolling their achievements in public health welfare schemes. Schemes that exist in their files. Will they rise to the occasion or wait till some one in their family gets this sordid disease?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Has Obama any answers

The much awaited visit of President Obama to India is a realty now.He was a tactless President who started with controversial comments even before he started his journey to India. His press statement at Mumbai was equally a disappointment as he condemned the massacre of 26/11 but failed to condemn and name the perpertrators of this massacre.

2. President Obama excelled himself in rhetorics at the time of his election in 2008 but failed to deliver and the American nation have suitably responded in the recent elections. Well, that is their internal matter.

2. His external policies and relations have been equally dismal. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been very costly both in human and material loss. The unprecedented scale of doles given to Pakistan have failed to contain the terrorism and terrorists for which these baits were thrown. When the American economy is under stress and un employment is ruling at 10 percent, his tour in India is stated to cost Rs.900 Crores per day. This may be one of the causes of economic crisis of America.
It is natural and justified for a host country to expect positive reactions and measures in bilateral relations during such visits, as otherwise, what is the purpose of such visits. However, Obama has cold shouldered India right from the day he assumed office. He skipped India from his visits to various countries immediately after his election. His policy about out sourcing is singularly targeted against India although it has contributed substantially to promote their economy and professional experties. The Visa seekers in India are humiliated and subjected to maltreatment by American Embassy.The role of U.S. Administration in with holding the information gathered from David Headley which might have prevented the Mumbai massacre cannot be easily ignored The recent comments of President Obama to a Journalist about two important and sensitive issues viz. Dual civil nuclear treaty and India's bid for permanent seat in U.N. Security Council describing them as difficult and complex issues were tactless and undiplomatic. He could have ignored the question as no visiting dignitary will pre-empt the bilateral issues with negative responses. This amply demonstrates the reasons for frustration in the minds of Indian public about the sincerity of U.S. Administration towards India. Well, what answers we expect, if any.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Unlimited Shamelessness

The photo lie up of Congress Leaders at the podium of AICC Session appeared to be a challenge to the nation and the media against its cries about corruption and corrupt leaders. It was as if they were shamelessly telling the citizens of the country
" Iss Hamam mein sab Nange hain. What can you do". The cult of fearless corruption gained grounds with Bofors deal and has continued to flourish since then. The Oil for food scandal,2 G Spectrum scam, CWG scam and now Adarsh Housing Society scam, the rot seems to be never ending.
These scams have been going on because it is now established that the culprits are assured that they will not be punished under this regime and that the law of land is for common man and not for political leaders.

2. The podium looked like a theatre of absurd with Suresh Kalamadi, Ashok Chavan,Vilas Rao Deshmukh, Sheila Dixit, Kripa Shankar Singh posing with with broad smiles before the cameras. Sonia Gandhi never appeared bothered about these Scams but had the time to launch a tirade agains RSS and BJP.

3. Further probe into the Adarsh Scam has not been entrusted to the appropriate Investigating agency viz. CBI but to a group of Congress leaders as if it is an internal party matter. It is setting a dangerous precedent in corruption cases. Now, any party in power will institute a ministerial enquiry instead of the CBI acting upon it. This culture of covering corruption is extremely detrimental to the nation.What we need urgently now is another Jaiprakash Narain. God help the nation.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Judgement is prnounced-Let us get back to work

The long awaited judgement of Allahabad High Court in the disputed Ram Janam bhoomi and Babri Masjid has finally been delivered much to the relief of the vast majority of common men in the country who were in a state of fear and apprehensions as a follow on after the verdict was pronounced. The dooms sayers proved wrong and the credentials of the nation as a secular, multi cultural , multi religious and tolerant society has been remarkably demonstrated .This is one of the rare example in the world to emulate.

2. This case is highly sensitive with many complex dimensions of history and religion and it is natural for the people at large to discuss and analyse various components of the judgement.It was also known that an appeal to the Supreme Court was inevitable after the judgement as in a normal case involving two or more parties. No judgement can be perfect or fool proof, so one can pick many holes as many commentators have both in print and visual media have expressed their views. The final decision on all these averments will, of course be taken by Supreme Court when this matter is taken before it.

3. Unfortunately, Media started over playing their role as dispenser of news immediately after the broad out lines of the judgement were made available to it and the full text of which is still awaited. There were suggestions of negotiations between the contesting parties, construction of Masjid along side the proposed Mandir and public utility Centres etc. Etc. These are uncalled for suggestions at this stage and likely to inflame the passions of the aggrieved parties and the public in general. The dust has not settled yet and let the full text be available so that a proper assessment is made. The suggestion for negotiated settlement was rejected earlier and it is futile to move it immediately unless there is a change of heart. The Media should now shelve this news item so that people get back to normal work.

Friday, September 17, 2010

All Party Delegation to Kashmir on a Pleasure Trip

The decision to send an All Party team to Kashmir to discuss the problems with the locals and suggest solutions is a diversionary tactic on the part of the Government. The problems in Kashmir and its solution is well known to the common man in the street as well as the Government. The Government has failed to take the required measures to fight the militancy and the Pak sponsored separatists under the laws of the land. As such the proposed visit of the All Party team will be nothing more than a pleasure trip. The perpetrators and sponsors of the violence in the valley have refused to participate in the dialogue with the team. And the moderates remain under constant threat from the militants. Therefore, the Team has no worthwhile role to play and no representative of the people to talk with.

2. We have only been talking to various political groups in the valley for the past 63 years knowing fully well that it is not the peace loving people of Kashmir who are behind the violence and militancy but the external power fighting a proxy war through its paid agents. After biting dust in its infilteration bids at the hands of Indian Armed Forces, they have now evolved a new tactic of inducing innocent youths in stone throwing by giving them monetary considerations.

3. So the problem is very clear that it is a proxy War waged by Pakistan through its agents. The law of the land is clear about handling the traitors and protecting the sovereignty of the State. We have examples of Isreal , Srilanka, Phillipines etc. to how they deal with traitors of the nation. What is preventing us from firmly acting against such elements and dumping them where they belong. Similarly, it is time to fight to the finish with the external force that poses a threat to our integrity. No nation in the world ever talks or negotiates with foreign spies. So let us not waste time in dialogues and speeches but concentrate on firm actions prescribed under the law of land.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Colour of Terrorism

India has been a victim of terrorism for the past many years mainly Jihadi groups under numerous masks viz. LeT,HUJA etc. proclaiming to to wipe out non-Muslims from this country. But the Muslim majority in the country have disowned them and termed their activities as un-Islamic.

Home Minister's statement at the meeting of the Heads of Security establishments describing the emergence of "Saffron Terrorists"was a most irresponsible use of words deflecting the serious issue of combating the violent activities and decimating the groups involved in the heinous crimes against humanity. Mr. Chidambaram has the reputation of a mature, suave and learned man of letters.How could he give political and communal colour on such a serious matter baffles his admirers. Leaders of all political parties and intellectuals in the country have said time and again that terrorism has no colour or religion. There were terrorists activities in Punjab, Mumbai, North East and other parts of the country but even the worst critics or the affected parties never branded it on religious or communal basis.

Our national flag has three colours and many hues and so has our multi ethnic society with a record of co-existence and harmony. Why call terrorism as red, green or saffron as there is only word to describe it i.e."Terrorism". Let us not divide the nation on communal basis for narrow political gains as such descriptions are prone to with serious consequences. Let Mr.Chidambaram regret the use of inappropriate words, if not apologise to the nation.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Revise the Pensions of Senior Citizens

Now that the Members of Parliament have fixed their own salaries and allowances at more than 300 percent from the existing levels it s time for other law making tribes to follow suit. The MLAs of Delhi have also awarded themselves raise in salaries and allowances.

The reason provided for this unprecedented raise is unprecedented inflation and rising cost of living which is absolutely true. However, the scale of rise is too high and not based on any study by any independent Commission or non-partisan body. This brings to light another neglected section of Society viz. Senior Citizens and Sick persons belonging to weaker section of Society.

These persons are also reeling under the pressure of high cost of living and are not even able to enjoy two square meals. A small portion of this unfortunate tribe manage to approach an MLA of their area and on his or her recommendations the State Government gives them a measly pension of Rs.1000/- per month. Now that MLAs have got their salaries, allowances and pensions increased , the morality demands that they should work towards the revising the pensions of senior citizens, widows and economically backward people in their constituencies.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Deserve then Desire

The unjustified demand for pay rise by MPs and more so fixing it a rupee above that of the salary of a Secretary to the Govt. Of India is a gross misuse and abuse of the parliamentary rights and priveleges.That the Government has succumbed to these unreasonable demand is a matter of regret. The comparison of an M P with that of a Secretary is odious as a Secretary reaches this level after a distinguished service for more than 35 years, enters the service through a rigorous all India competition , achieves experience in diverse fields of administration and his conduct and performance is consistently under the watchful eyes of public, media and vigilance. A Member of Parliament is no doubt an elected representative of people for 5 years but does not have comparable traits. Further, a Secretary does not enjoy the perks like free air/railway journeys, rent free accommodation, free electricity, water and phone etc. Etc.

2. If we go by the criterion of public representatives, the most important units in our democratic set up are Panchs and Sarpanchs in the rural Panchayats. They work at grass root levels and are in direct touch with the electorates unlike our untouchable and inaccessible M Ps. They produce quick results in settling the local issues.Why should not they be paid reasonable and respectable salaries. So is the justification for members of Zila Parishads. Once we succumb to the pressure of MPs, we will be initiating a game of musical chairs. Can we afford it?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beggars are choosers these days

The unprecedented floods in Pakistan have brought death, destruction and misery for 40 million poor people in that country. The Government of that country which had been concentrating on arms built up since its origin was ill prepared to meet the challenge of this magnitude nor had they strengthened their disaster management system after the earthquake in the recent past. They had no choice but to rotate a begging bowl to the world community. The world community's response has been tremendous along with cautionary notes that the money should be spent for the purpose for which it has been donated.

2. India also responded to its appeal and offered $4 Million despite the fact that it faced similar situations in Ladakh and areas of Uttarkhand. Pakistan however, dilly dallied far a number of days till it faced criticism and rebuke from world powers for playing politics even at a time of natural disaster and national calamity. This action demonstrates the mind set of authorities in promoting ill will and poisoning the minds
of common man in both countries. Can there be any progress in pursuing peace talks with the establishment in Pakistan? Normally, it is the Donor who decides the receipients.In this case,beggars have become the choosers

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Stones to Shoes

The incident involving the hurling of a shoe at Chief Minister of Kashmir during independence day celebrations at Srinagar is most deplorable, despicable and deserves condemnation from all civilised persons. That Omar Abdullah remained cool , brave and magnanimous displayed his mature cultural upbringing. He rightly stated that the month of Ramzan is a holy month for followers of Islam who are expected to purify themselves both in words and deeds. That the separatists and their masters across the borders have neither respect for human lives nor the edicts of Islam stands exposed in their actions in the valley where the common man is sandwiched between the terrorists and the State forces.

2. This incident has, however, raised many questions. That these nefarious forces could penetrate the security cordon in the VVIP area is a matter of grave concern. It is a providential escape for Omar as anything could happen if the criminal turned militant were armed. Secondly, no political leader of any consequence has condemned the incident but indirectly justifying the same as a specimen of people anger against the regime. It was only early in the morning that Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh had repeated his offer of dialogue with the Kashmiri people. It should now be clear to the Government that the separatists and agents of terror will not allow the people of Kashmir to rest in peace nor will they heed any offer of sanity Time has come, therefore that Government should act firmly with those having designs to subvert the integrity of the country and send them to a place where they belong. In the meantime,immediate imposition of President Rule in the State is called for.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bug Bites the British Pharma

The announcement by a group of British researchers about the widespread presence of a new gene that makes a number of bacteria resistant to top antibiotics is a mischievous attempt to target the Indian Medical community and to create panic among British and American citizens flocking to India for medical treatment. Their pervension has gone to the extent of naming it “New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase”

2.However, the bug menace is not of that scale and magnitude as has been projected by the British researcher as to cause panic among the prospective expatriates intending to undergo surgeries in India. The bug to the same extent has been found in British Hospitals. The people are attracted to Indian medical facilities not only for economic reasons but because of excellent patient care arrangements and the highest skill level of our Surgeons. It will not be out of place to mention that about 70 percent of British Health Service is manned by Indian Doctors. Despite this, the so called researchers have the cheeks to indirectly malign the Indian Medical services. In America people have to wait for months for surgeries at a ruinous cost. So they prefer India. A large number of African citizens come to India for similar reasons.

2. This is obviously a part of conspiracy on the part of multinational pharma Companies who are losing business to create scare and panic as if the gene emerges only in India. The fact of the matter is that the colonial mindset of British and the superiority complex of Americans cannot digest the facts about the emergence hard working, honest and highly trained Indian professionals in the global scene. Another example is the new Visa policy of U.S.A. to restrict the entry of Indian I.T. professionals.Whereas, on most of the important positions both at the Federal and State levels persons of Indian origin have been deployed because of their merit. So let us ignore these hoax calls and carry on with our business.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Empty words of British Prime Minister-Hunting with Hounds and running with Hares

British Prime Minister David Cameron's maiden visit to India after becoming Prime Minister is laced with hopes of bilateral co-operation in multi level economic and political areas going by the sheer size of his delegation. His statement at Bengaluru that Pakistan could not be allowed to Harbour militants and promote terror against India, Afghanistan and rest of the world is a tactful prologue to the diplomatic parleys that will ensue between the two countries.

In the normal circumstances this statement would have created enormous confidence and appreciation towards the Prime Minister among the Indian population. But unfortunately, going by the past experiences of these rhetorics both by American and British authorities and their actions on the ground, this will not enthuse the people. The ground realties are that while American authorities have been making similar or more strong statements in this respect and at the same time pouring billions of dollars in Pakistan and supplying them huge quantities of deadly arms. This is with the full knowledge and confirmed reports of these being used against India. The disclosures of Wikilleds have neither moved Americans nor British and on the contrary India is being preached to observe silence. Is it not hunting with the hounds and running with the hares? So there is an express need on the part of British PM and his team to display sincerity and honesty in strengthening the bilateral ties both in words as well as actions.Incidentally, his refusal to part with "KOH-E-Noor" Diamond need not bother us as we are already short of security staff and the Diamond is jinxed.PM should know that sun has already set in the British Empire.

Whom to go for Justice?

It is most disturbing and distressing piece of news item to read that 24 Judges including one of the Supreme Court has been found involved in a multi-crore Provident Fund Scam against whom the CBI has decided to proceed. It is for the first time in the history of independent India that such a large number of judicial officers have been found to indulge in petty pecuniary benefits through fraud and conspiracy. Judiciary in India has held the pride of place in public estimation for its impartiality, integrity and highest degree of moral standards. It has been rightly compared with Ceasar's wife who should be beyond an iota of doubt in its conduct and dispensation of justice.

2. There have been isolated cases of a judge charged with corruption or misconduct but it is beyond the imagination of the most pessimist that such a large number of judicial officers whom people have been almost worshiping for dispensing even handed justice, would fall from grace. This reflects the general decadence that has afflicted the modern society and Judges are a product of the same society. This incidence should wake us up and call for enforcing a system of checks and balances in the Judiciary also as in other organs of the administration. Now the Judiciary has forefeited its claim of immunity from the procedure followed for other public servants.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unethical and Biased Press of India

How the Media is prejudiced and acting as the spokespersons for the Govt. can be judged from the following news published in Hindustan Times."VVIP treatment for Shah in VVIP prison"(H.T. Dated 27-7-2010) . It is alleged in this biased piece of news item that Amit Shah the former Minister of Home in Gujarat has been permitted by the Court to eat home cooked food and get clothes from home while in judicial custody. Further, that he ate home cooked Khichri, Dal and rice.

2. Amit Shah has been detained in judicial custody facing trial on various charges which will be proved or rejected by the long drawn judicial process in due course. In other words, he is not a convict and the person is to be assumed innocent till proved guilty. He was given permission by the Court to eat home cooked food and use clothes and bed supplied from home. So what is the big deal? The Paper has given a new imaginative meaning to the word "VVIP treatment" by disclosing that he ate Khichri, rotis, dal and rice cooked at home. I hope that Five Star Hotels will take a cue from it and revise their Menu Cards and Tariffs.

2. On the other hand it did not think it proper to highlight the happenings in Arthur Road Jail of Mumbai where two heinous anti-national terrorists charged and convicted of mass murders, extortions and anti national crimes were enjoying the best things of life viz. Special food, clothings, basket full of fruits and a special bath Room. This is not a imaginative story but the disclosures made by a Minister of the Government. The reporting by the newspapers is expected to be factual and un-biased. That the Press will stoop down so low in its reporting is shameful and regrettable.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Central Bureau of Investigation-. Or Whose Bureau of Investigation

It is unfortunate to observe that an elite Police forces renamed C.B.I. from its earlier Avtar of Special Police Establishment created with a view to independentally probe, investigate and bring to prosecution criminal cases of natlonal significance has become a subject matter of unpleasant controversies. This trend has emerged over the last few years due to the rot that has enveloped over our political system and the affected corrupt politicians devised means to infilterate successfully in the force to avoid public scrutiny of their misdeeds. This force comprised of select Officers of proven integrity and insulation from all influences and outside pressures in the discharge of their duties. That is why when people did not have faith in local authorities or expect a fair lnvestigation in a cases of any kind whether criminal, economic frauds or misuse of authority, there were demands of CBI enquiry. This was the case in all the States whether ruled by majority party or the opposition. Such was the goodwill and standard of confidence and integrity generated by CBI in public minds.

Alas, this is not the case now and the agency is being dubbed as the arm of Government being used mainly against the opponents of the party in power. This development is ,perhaps, a part of the degeneration that has set in our society at large. CBI and the political establishment suffered accusations for misuse of power in some of the most important criminal cases viz. Bofors, Bhopal Gas tragedy, Sikh's massacre of 1984 to name a few. It is now being claimed that C.B.I. Is not an independent statuary authority and even for appointing a lawyer in a prosecution case, they need Government approval who fixes his wages to a ridiculous amount of Rs.150/- per appearance. It is,therefore, right time that CBI should be unshackled from Government control through proper legislation so that it can redeem its face of dignity, impartiality and integrity. Till then, let Central Vigilance Commission oversee its functions.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Indo-Pak Talks in Islamabad- Shameful display of etiquettes

It was no body's expectation that the the Indo-Pak talks in Islamabad initiated in all probability at the instance of U.S.A will produce any worthwhile result going by the past record track of that country. As every one knows in the world that there are two power structures in that country, politicians who ostensibly rule the country and the Army which wields the real power. So the parleys with the political set up for initiating peaceful process with that country cannot and has not produced any results on the ground. It was a well known fact to the people and Governments of both ountries.

2. What is however, deplorable is the fact that it is first time in the history of world diplomacy that a Press Conference at the end of bilateral talks was brought to the lowest level of decency and un precedent debate of mudslinging by Pakistan's Foreign Minister and Pak Journalists. It is a universal practice in international diplomacy that difference of opinions are debated in the bilateral official talks and in the Press Conference that follows both sides broadly explain their points of view. But in the case of Press Conference that followed Indo-Pak talks all cannons of decency and accepted conventions were blown to the winds and Pak Foreign Minister reduced it to a debate and Pak Journalists added fuel to the fire by their rude and undignified questions fed to them. Do you think that this type of behaviour will help restore peace and confidence between the two countries. Pak authorities ignored action against terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and Salhauddin and infiltrators and on the other hand had the cheeks to ask for Kasab's repatriation. Let us stop this futile exercise of talks and talks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Party Meetings for Kashmir

The latest developments in Kashmir's murky politics particularly PDP's Mehbooba Mufti declining to participate in the All Party Meeting convened by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to initiate peace process has exposed the role and intentions of political set ups in the valley. It is not only the separatist groups whose interest lies in continued unrest and disruptive activities but almost all political groups as they can ride easily on the hyped mass hysteria and passion than through democratic process. So numerous efforts towards peace process were scuttled in the past as well as now on flimsy grounds. Kashmir got a young and dynamic Chief Minister for the first time with a vision of development and stability which is inconvenient to the separatists and their masters across the border and they are bent upon a self destructive course. The victims are the innocent common men whose means of livelihood are being deprived by every day senseless violence. The youth of the valley are being deprived of their eduction and employment opportunities through misinformation. It was expected that moderate factions like PDP should not have succumbed to the populist ventures and participated and contributed to the peace efforts direly needed in the valley.The Governmeny of India has poured millions of Rupees and meterioc showers by way of subsidies futile attempts to curb violence. So what are the problem which will get solved in the all party meeting.The problem in the valley is anti national elements, violence and terrorism which can be solved through use of force against such elements and by no other means.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


The confession of Congress Party at a time when their skeletons were being taken out by Media, former bureaucrats and Police Officers, that they helped the Chief of Carbide, the person responsible for the macabre deaths of 15000 innocent Civilians in Bhopal is a shameful act on their part. The argument that they did so in the interest of law and order situation is a lame excuse and deserves condemnation. In fact their confession has come after a long time of hibernation and internal scheming to cover up the entire episode when they found the ground slipping under their feet. Now people can easily link up the VIP treatment extended to the Anderson and later on changing the charges against the Carbide under Section 34A fom Section 34.

The roles of Central, State Governments, CBI and Judiciary also stands exposed. The same things happened in the case of Bofor Scam where the principal accused Ottavio Quatrochi was given a safe passage and the enforced agencies were administered with a short of numbness. Are we still being ruled by foreign powers and the local leaders have been hypnotized to ignore national tragedies and dance to the tunes of who pays them the most? When will we rise to the level of our conscience and nationalism.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Restore Army Standards

The details emerging out of the inquiry by Armed Forces Tribunal in the case of Retired Brigadier Devinder Singh for his performance in Kargil War makes a distressing reading. Our Armed forces have been earning most remarkable distinctions of valour, bravery and discipline the world over since times immemorial. That it is now being infected with personal jealousies, corruption, petty mindedness is a matter of grave concern. But for personal prejudices, Brigadier Devinder Singh would have perhaps been the highest decorated officer. But alas the time lost once never comes back. In the face of such incidents the national pride in our Armed Forces gets a severe downslide jolt. There have most despicable cases of espionage for the enemy countries in the force.This calls for an immediate probe into the factors leading to the deterioration of standards. There is also a loss of interest among the country's youth to join the forces which was considered a pride of place once. These factors require complete overhaul of the training and motivational schedule on urgent basis. The Ministry of Defence should not delay the re-orientation programme by setting up time guzzling Committees and Commissions for the purpose but act immediately before it is too late.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Caste Based Census-

The proposal to have caste based census in the country is like an electric shock to the students of ancient Indian history as the caste system was he prime reason for the disintegration of the civil society which led to the fragmentation of the country as well as prime religious groups. Although in the ancient times the society was divided into professional groups with the best of intentions but with the passage of times it degenerated into water tight compartments from professional units to the so called castes and one could not move from one compartment to another. This resulted in extremes of suppressions and conflicts. It was not only confined to Hinduism but all religions like Islam, Christians etc. Were victims of superior/inferior class malady.

2. Every age produces Saviours and Saints in such situations and we had Guru Nanak, Kabir. Kwhaja, Swami Daya Nand and Mahatma Gandhi and many others who fought against Casteism and preached universality of mankind. It seems that history is now moving full circle with the proposed caste based census and the Group of Ministers is to decide the issue and not the religious saints , sages and peace loving social workers . Where have Shankara achariyas,Maulanas and Bishops and Cardinals gone?Why is there no edictor Fatwa from them against this proposal? The retrograde step to divide the country on caste basis will sow the venomous seeds of hatred and conflicts for which the posterity will not forgive us.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sting Operations

The sting operation by Tehelka for Headlines today alleging Promod Muthalik leader of Ram Sene arranging riot groups for consideration is not only malicious but also an ex- party judgement decaring Rame Sene guilty when the State Government is yet to initiate investigations into the alleged charges. The sting operations by private parties is an assumption of extra territorial powers of investigations which is in gross violation of the State Authorities. The powers to investigate, prosecute and conduct trials are vested in the prescribed authorities as enshrined in the Constitution of India. As such no person or agency has the right or legal authority to conduct such operations. This is not to claim that Media should not expose the misdeeds of an individuals or organisation but the means adopted for the purpose should be legitimate. Recently we have have been condemning the actions of Khap Panchayats in assuming extra territorial judicial functions and on the same analogy we should disapprove the sting operations. Any latitude in these matters will dilute the authority of the Government and lead to confusion and chaos.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Pakistan's sudden love for Ajmal Kasab

Pakistan has suddenly developed love for one of the Pak sponsored butcher in Mumbai carnage as they have formally made a request to Indian Ambassador in Pakistan for his repatriation. It is the same government that had refused to accept that Kasab and his 9 accomplices were Pak nationals. The bodies of the 9 bodies have been buried in an unknown place as Pakistan refused to accept them. The trial of Kasab is at the final stage and based on unassailabe evidence he will in all probability be awarded death penalty. Should we presume that in that eventuality, Pakistan will accept his body for last rites on Pakistan soil. Pakistan government is making a mockery of international diplomacy by their dramatics. If there is some sense of shame left in them, they should hand over the conspirators of 26/11 to India as the crimes were committed by them on Indian soil.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nuclear Security Summit

The much hyped Nuclear Security Summit in Washington,part of a series of dramatics of Barack Obama after he assumed presidency of America proved a damp squib in its objectives. It is ironic that the need for nuclear safeguards have dawned upon the developed nations after the developing nations are nearing the nuclear capabilities. Until then the monopolistic regimes did not feel the need for safeguards but on the contrary posed them as deterrent.

2. One fails to understand as to why India participated in such a meet whose inherent objective was solely American selfish interests and display of hostility towards Iran. Not that Iran 's past record towards India has been favourable and supportive but nevertheless, why should we succumb to the bullying tactics of Obama to act against Iran or for that matter any other country. The real apprehensions of nuclear weapons falling into terrorists hands emerges from Pakistan which is a hatchery of terrorism, a fact known to the entire world. Obama has been playing dubious games by dumping money and weapons in Pakistan ostensibly to eliminate Talibans fully conscious that bulk of it is being used against India. Not only that Obama has been instrumental in diluting our humanitarian and development works in Afghanistan to please Pakistan. It is obvious from the past many actions of Obama regime and Hillary Clinton's stance to equate Pakistan with India in Nuclear Treaty that we should keep a distance from them and follow independent course of actions in our foreign policies. Obama has proved an unreliable ally and we should not be under any illusions.

Haryana's Kangaroo Courts

The news about Caste Courts plan to march to the Capital against the award of death sentence to 5 persons accused of murdering a young couple who married within the same gotra is indeed disturbing. It is not only a demonstration of the open defiance of the established judicial process of the country but also justifying the extra constitutional authority of dispensing kangaroo type justice. This type of behaviour is nowhere prevalent in the globe and can hardly be accepted and tolerated in a civilised society. It is also a fact that every community has its distinct set of codes of conduct for its members and violation of which can at best invoke ex-communication which is the extreme punishment. No community or a social group can award corporal punishement.

The State of Haryana where such incidents have taken place recently is proudly known for its progressive farmers and patriotic youth who have been decorating our Armed Forces with their legendary tales of bravery and supreme sacrifices to uphold the integrity of the nation. It is, therefore, unexpected and unacceptable that they should take the law in their hands for a limited social issue.Even if they need to maintain their social traditions, this should be done through social reforms by persuation and goodwill and not by force. The proposed protest March is ill timed and ill conceived as they will not only lose public support and respect but also come in conflict with the established law of the land.Let Swami Ramdev and Swami Agnivesh spare time from their TV programmes and instill sense of responsibility in the minds of misguided Khap activits.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Naxal Menace

The brutal murder of above 80 of our highly trained patriotic Jawans by the treacherous Maoists in Chhatisgarh has shocked the entire nation. This has also shaken the faith of the people in the competence of the Government to handle the security issues under political framework. Home Minister Chidambaram who has been making tall claims every day to annihilate the Maoists in Chhatisgarh and terrorists in Kashmir stands exposed and has lost the right to the Home Ministry. He is adept in shifting the blame to State Governments for every security lapse as if he is in charge only of his personal security and that of his home.

2. The insurgency in parts of India has developed and progressed because the agencies responsible for handling have neither been given free hand nor involved fully in strategic planning to combat. This movement is like a war like situation challenging the integrity and sovereignty of India and it is the Armed Forces and para military organisations which have been raised and trained to handle these types of situations. They require full powers without any interference or restraints from any source whatsoever. It is unfortunate that in a sensitive issue of national integrity, political groups within the country under the garb of human rights have been indirectly and directly thwarting the efforts of our dedicated forces to contain militancy. The Armed Forces given full powers (in fact additional powers) and control will smash these anti-national elements within a week or two.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Congress Allergy towards Amitabh Bachan

One is really bewildered to find the extent of degeneration in our political organisations these days. There is no room for decency or etiquette left and the only yardstick is to condemn and criticise the opponents or those who try even a courtesy handshake with the opposing political leader. The recent reactions of Congress Party leaders towards Amitabh Bachan is a classic example of their childish Behaviour. That the Chief Minister of Maharashtra was snubbed by the Congress leadership for sharing the stage with him has not brought any laurels to the party but has in fact lowered its image and respect in public mind. The real reason for this being cold personal relations between the Gandhi family and Amitabh. All other reasons being advanced in defence are fictitious. Is it a democratic party or dictatorial organisation where all the members are to follow the personal likes and dislikes of the head of the party? Even the most dictatorial regimes in the world do not go that extent.

2. Amitabh Bachan is a living icon of Indian Entertainment industry who has become immortal in his life time by virtue of his achievements like Lata Mangeshkar and few others. He is not only Brand Ambassador of Gujarat but the entire country. In fact he is equally popular and respected in other parts of the Globe where people even do not understand our language. He, therefore, deserves utmost respect and honour even more than the seasonal politicians who have neither the calibre nor the stature to equal him. Amitabh has no political ambitions and poses no political threat to the Congress Party. As such, they should act responsibly and with maturity.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Equality before Law

The conduct of Narendra Modi the first Chief Minister to have appeared before the Special Investigation Team appointed by the Supreme Court to investigate the communal riots in Gujarat in the year 2002, has raised his respect and stature in the minds of people. True to his words, he s proved that no one is above the law. The way he maintained his grace, dignity and poise in answering the long list of questions posed to him is praise worthy.

2. In contrast, those accused of more heinous crimes of 1984 in which more than three thousand innocent Sikhs were butchered in cold blood and burnt alive in Delhi and elsewhere are making mockery of the justice apparently with political support. The people are therefore, right when they view the interrogation of Narendra Modi as a political vendetta directed against the opponents of the ruling regime . If law and justice is equitably applicable to all citizens then the culprits of 1984 riots particularly the then Home Minister and other accused political leaders need to be subjected to detailed investigations and judicial scrutiny. But unfortunately that is not being done and thus losing people's faith in equality before law.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Need for Review of Indo-U.S. Bilateral Relations

That Pakistani-American LeT operative,David Coleman Headley the mastermind of brutal 26/11 Mumbai massacre will plead guilty to the charges framed against him by American authorities in order to get lighter punishment was a forgone conclusion known to every one in this country. This has exposed and confirmed the duplicity and insensitivity of the American authorities towards India. A man accused of massacre of more than two hundred innocent lives has been allowed to barter his nefarious crimes against humanity deserves strongest condemnation against the US regime and a re-assessment of future Indo-US relations.

2. Headley was a CIA agent engaged in drug smuggling activities who double crossed to Pak terror groups sponsored by Pak authorities. His numerous visits to Pakistan, Dubai and India could not have escaped CIA notice.CIA was also aware of the Mumbai attack plans and did not inform the Indian authorities. Even after he was nabbed by CIA authorities, they refused to allow Indian Investigators to interrogate him. Imagine a situation where an accused having committed crimes in America and India is caught and prosecuted in India and American Investigators are refused to interrogate him. The arrogant and unethical attitude of U.S. regime has not only antagonized and angered the common man in India but also generated a strong public demand for a review of bilateral relations. U.S.A should realize that it is facing similar reactions in Afghanistan and Pakistan due to its selfish policies.It seems they have forgotten the lessons learnt in Vietnam War. Barack Hussain Obama seems to be bent upon tarnishing the image of America world wide.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Resumption of talks with Pakistan

The announcement by the Government of India about its intention to resume talks with Pakistan has taken the nation with mixed reactions. In normal circumstances this move would have been appreciated by all peace loving people.But given the past experience and history of that country in regard to relations with India, one wonders whether it is a wise move. So far the stand has been to refuse any talks till the culprits of 26/11 massacre in Mumbai were booked. Pakistan has been dilly dallying the issue on various ridiculous pretexts viz. denying that the militants including Kasab were Pakistanis, proof about the attacks, DNA tests etc. So much so that they rejected the findings of the CIA investigations(who incidentally is ruling Pakistan by proxy).

2. It is,therefore, natural to feel surprised by the Indian offer for talks and the general impression is that it is under American pressure. The futility of the proposed talks is obvious as we do not know as to who is ruling Pakistan. At present it is neither the civil government nor the army. The ink has not dried from the Indian offer of talks that Pakistan is issuing conflicting statements about the contents and conditions. Simultaneously the militant groups have openly held a meeting at Muzaffarabad not without the official patronage and approval and declaring a so called holy war(unholy indeed) against India. So what talks and with whom and with what results?