Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Party Meetings for Kashmir

The latest developments in Kashmir's murky politics particularly PDP's Mehbooba Mufti declining to participate in the All Party Meeting convened by Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to initiate peace process has exposed the role and intentions of political set ups in the valley. It is not only the separatist groups whose interest lies in continued unrest and disruptive activities but almost all political groups as they can ride easily on the hyped mass hysteria and passion than through democratic process. So numerous efforts towards peace process were scuttled in the past as well as now on flimsy grounds. Kashmir got a young and dynamic Chief Minister for the first time with a vision of development and stability which is inconvenient to the separatists and their masters across the border and they are bent upon a self destructive course. The victims are the innocent common men whose means of livelihood are being deprived by every day senseless violence. The youth of the valley are being deprived of their eduction and employment opportunities through misinformation. It was expected that moderate factions like PDP should not have succumbed to the populist ventures and participated and contributed to the peace efforts direly needed in the valley.The Governmeny of India has poured millions of Rupees and meterioc showers by way of subsidies etc.in futile attempts to curb violence. So what are the problem which will get solved in the all party meeting.The problem in the valley is anti national elements, violence and terrorism which can be solved through use of force against such elements and by no other means.

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