Monday, July 26, 2010

Central Bureau of Investigation-. Or Whose Bureau of Investigation

It is unfortunate to observe that an elite Police forces renamed C.B.I. from its earlier Avtar of Special Police Establishment created with a view to independentally probe, investigate and bring to prosecution criminal cases of natlonal significance has become a subject matter of unpleasant controversies. This trend has emerged over the last few years due to the rot that has enveloped over our political system and the affected corrupt politicians devised means to infilterate successfully in the force to avoid public scrutiny of their misdeeds. This force comprised of select Officers of proven integrity and insulation from all influences and outside pressures in the discharge of their duties. That is why when people did not have faith in local authorities or expect a fair lnvestigation in a cases of any kind whether criminal, economic frauds or misuse of authority, there were demands of CBI enquiry. This was the case in all the States whether ruled by majority party or the opposition. Such was the goodwill and standard of confidence and integrity generated by CBI in public minds.

Alas, this is not the case now and the agency is being dubbed as the arm of Government being used mainly against the opponents of the party in power. This development is ,perhaps, a part of the degeneration that has set in our society at large. CBI and the political establishment suffered accusations for misuse of power in some of the most important criminal cases viz. Bofors, Bhopal Gas tragedy, Sikh's massacre of 1984 to name a few. It is now being claimed that C.B.I. Is not an independent statuary authority and even for appointing a lawyer in a prosecution case, they need Government approval who fixes his wages to a ridiculous amount of Rs.150/- per appearance. It is,therefore, right time that CBI should be unshackled from Government control through proper legislation so that it can redeem its face of dignity, impartiality and integrity. Till then, let Central Vigilance Commission oversee its functions.

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