Thursday, July 29, 2010

Empty words of British Prime Minister-Hunting with Hounds and running with Hares

British Prime Minister David Cameron's maiden visit to India after becoming Prime Minister is laced with hopes of bilateral co-operation in multi level economic and political areas going by the sheer size of his delegation. His statement at Bengaluru that Pakistan could not be allowed to Harbour militants and promote terror against India, Afghanistan and rest of the world is a tactful prologue to the diplomatic parleys that will ensue between the two countries.

In the normal circumstances this statement would have created enormous confidence and appreciation towards the Prime Minister among the Indian population. But unfortunately, going by the past experiences of these rhetorics both by American and British authorities and their actions on the ground, this will not enthuse the people. The ground realties are that while American authorities have been making similar or more strong statements in this respect and at the same time pouring billions of dollars in Pakistan and supplying them huge quantities of deadly arms. This is with the full knowledge and confirmed reports of these being used against India. The disclosures of Wikilleds have neither moved Americans nor British and on the contrary India is being preached to observe silence. Is it not hunting with the hounds and running with the hares? So there is an express need on the part of British PM and his team to display sincerity and honesty in strengthening the bilateral ties both in words as well as actions.Incidentally, his refusal to part with "KOH-E-Noor" Diamond need not bother us as we are already short of security staff and the Diamond is jinxed.PM should know that sun has already set in the British Empire.

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