Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Drug Dealers of Dawood Ibrahim & U.S.Adminstration

The news about U.S. Department of the Treasury 'Office of Foreign Assets Control designating Chhota Shakeel and Tiger Memon as drug traffickers is more amusing than a serious punitive act. Both these criminals have been engaged in most nefarious criminal acts like murders, extortion, communal riots, terrorism besides drug peddling for the past many decades. India has been voicing its concerns about their activities in the international forums and the need to apprehend and bring them to judicial process. American establishments did precious little to do any thing in the matter although they hold a pressure leverage on Pakistan from where and under whose protection these groups operate. The present action of the U.S. Government is merely a symbolic move to appease India. They have made similar dramatic moves like announcing a bounty on the Head of Hafeez Sayeed, the kingpin of Mumbai carnage who moves about freely in the streets of Pakistan despite the aforesaid American declaration. Dawood Ibrahim, carrying Interpol warrant order roamed about freely in Dubai and celebrated his daughter's wedding in full public view. The public in India is,therefore, least impressed with the sincerity of American establishment role in aiding controlling & curbing anti-India terror groups.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

U.P. Elections reject dynastic charm

Sonia Gandhi's denial mode about the role of her son Rahul Gandhi in U.P. Debacle demonstrates the uncomfortable reluctance on the part of Congress leadership to admit its short falls in poll strategy and campaign style in U.P. Elections. It was misunderstood that personal charisma of Gandhi clan will yield maximum out put among the gullible rural masses. So the entire Gandhi family down to the grand kids were put on the stage but it failed to click into votes. Similarly the Caste & Communal cards failed to enthuse the masses.The theatrics of Rahul Gandhi in tearing into pieces the manifestoes of the opposing parties had negative impact.
                                                  2. These elections have have given many lessons not only to the Congress party but to all the political set ups in the country. It should be recognised that the present day voter is highly enlightened politically and does not succumb to sectarian or religious cards but seeks development, employment and good living conditions.

Air India Pilots hold the Government to ransom

The strike by Air India Pilots is a mess of its own creation by the Government in pampering and sticking to public undertakings like Air India and similar other commercial enterprises which have ceased to be economically viable and manageable. The nationalisation of core economic sectors was warranted during the infancy of independence and is no longer relevant at this stage. Most of these undertakings have become parasites on tax payers and their existence is not justified.

       Air India for example has survived on doles of Government and its dismal performance , productivity and most indiscipline work force needs no evidence. The frequent strikes of Pilots & Engineers has brought shame and disrepute to the nation besides immense mental agony to its passengers. Why should tax payers be forced to invest in this sinking ship? It is high time that Govt. gets itself rid of such white elephants and concentrate on its prime function I.e. Governance.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hillary Clinton's visit to Kolkata-breach of international convention

The news about Hillary Clinton, American Secretary of State's stop over in Kolkatta to discuss with West Bengal Chief Minister about foreign Direct Investment in multi brand and important international issues like Teesta water is alarming. The left is,perhaps, right in asserting that it amounts to interfering in the internal affairs of the country. If viewed from the international protocol, no nation is expected to directly holds discussions with a state Government on national or international issues. The proper course is to raise the issues with the national Government. This incident reflects poorly on our Central Government which is acting like a mute spectator. It will set a very bad precedent for the country where any foreign government will interact directly with the State Government on issues of their interest by passing the national Government at the centre. American Government is known for its arrogant Behaviour and interference in the domestic affairs of the countries. Its attitude towards India is well reflected in the recent statement of President Obama against BPOs in India.We should,therefore, strongly protest such undiplomatic overtures which are against the international code of conduct.