Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Air India Pilots hold the Government to ransom

The strike by Air India Pilots is a mess of its own creation by the Government in pampering and sticking to public undertakings like Air India and similar other commercial enterprises which have ceased to be economically viable and manageable. The nationalisation of core economic sectors was warranted during the infancy of independence and is no longer relevant at this stage. Most of these undertakings have become parasites on tax payers and their existence is not justified.

       Air India for example has survived on doles of Government and its dismal performance , productivity and most indiscipline work force needs no evidence. The frequent strikes of Pilots & Engineers has brought shame and disrepute to the nation besides immense mental agony to its passengers. Why should tax payers be forced to invest in this sinking ship? It is high time that Govt. gets itself rid of such white elephants and concentrate on its prime function I.e. Governance.

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