Friday, November 23, 2012

Keep Civil Servants away from Political Games

The ugly spat between the ruling party and the opposition over the spectrum allocation is turning murkier every day with allegations and counter allegations. The Government had denied initially that there was no loss in the allocation and even if it was it was merely notional. When the skeletons tumbled out of its closset it started a vilification game against the C.A.G. Now that P.A.C has finalised its report, it has put on show a former civil servant to claim that there was much less loss than projected by CAG. It is really interesting to note that the Government is now not contesting the loss nor lack of its integrity in the deal but the amount of loss. Does it absolve it from the charges of corruption?

                               2. The other sordid part of this game is involving Civil Servants in the political games. The Bureaucracy in India was build in the frame of a stable steel structure which could withstand the influence of changes in Governments and political masters and function with honesty and integrity. It is tragic that this structure is being dismembered by political forces of the country. The Civil Servants are being politicised and corrupted with greedy offers etc. This will wreck the roots of democracy in our country and follow the Spoils system. The conduct of R.P. Singh who has levelled charges against his own boss and his alleged admission of having succumbed to pressures in signing the Report is condemnable and deserves action under the Civil Services Conduct Rules. The political parties need to keep the civil servants away from their games.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Media should act with moderation

                   The butcher of Mumbai is dead and buried now. But this news has been handled in a most unprofessional manner by the Media particularly the visual media to a frustrating level. All the TV channels started broadcasts of the news, holding group discussions about the merits and demerits of the punishment from morning till late evening. This has provided anti national forces material against our country. Kasab was a terrorists responsible for mass massacre of innocent civilians and was convicted through the due process of law of the land and awarded death penalty. In any other country particularly in the West Asian country he would have been beheaded in public without any trial and any one speaking against the sentence would have faced the same punishment.

     2. No doubt it was a news for the Media to highlight but not in the manner to indirectly lionise him and question the process of law and the punishment awarded by judiciary. It should have been a one line news as similar crimes are reported. We expect Media to act mature to exercise moderation and display maturity in their reporting of sensitive news.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bleeding Gaza

    The entire world is shocked to view the sight of bleeding and dying images of young innocent children, women and men as a result of the senseless conflict in Isreal & Gaza. It is abundantly clear that it was Hamas the terrorist wing of the international radical group which initiated the rocket firing on the Israel territory. Until then there was peace on both sides except the traditional hostility.The Isreal had to act in self defence for the security of its citizens and take retaliatory action.

                  2. The Hamas or any other organisation behind this bloody scuffle could not be unaware about its strength vis-Avis the might of Isreal and the consequences. The Hamas cannot absolve itself from the colossal loss of human lives and property their actions have caused to particularly civilians of Gaza as well as Isreal. There will be cease fire after some time but the families of innocent kins killed will bear the scars life long. The temporary ceasefire will not solve this problem unless the terrorism is routed out from the soil of earth through concerted global efforts.

Well deserved rebuke by Supreme Court

The well deserved rebuke to the Government by Supreme Court in the 2 G spectrum auction should caution it from the way it has been responding to numerous scams that have tarnished its image in the public minds. Instead of taking correctional route it is misguided by its advisers to go in for defensive mode and politicise the issues.

       2. The only purpose of the Government to partially auction the spectrum instead of the entire 122 cancelled licences as ordered by the Supreme Court was to gain browny points and ridicule the findings of the CAG. The unbecoming and satirical statements made by some Ministers against the Comptroller & Auditor General, a constitutional authority over his loss assessment in the spectrum allocation have now fallen flat on its face following the Court's comments. It will now give more fuel to the opposition to fire the Government. It is time for the Government and its Ministers to act with more maturity and use civilised language towards its adversaries and particularly incumbents of constitutional Offices.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Great Sacrilage

The shameless clashes between two groups of Sikh Prabhandak Committees at Gurudwara, Rakab Ganj, New Delhi on 8th November have shocked and shattered the believers of all faiths. The two groups freely used swords and other weapons against each other spilling blood on the holy ground. That it happened just a weak before the birthday of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji, the founder of Sikh religion is highly deplorable and condemnable.
. The clash was the result of greed and lust to seize control of the management of Sikh holy places in Delhi which have assets worth millions. Guru Nanak Dev ji had all along preached peace, harmony, self sacrifice,renunciation and his followers proudly cite the example of "Saccha Sauda". How some vested interests have politicised the religion is for every one to see.

                              3. Unfortunately, this trend of building grand religious properties among all faiths is doing more harm than good to the human society. The believers donations at such places which should appropriately be used for social welfare of the communities become objects of greed and misuse. That is why a majority of youth in every religion are being distracted away by religious faiths and places of worship and logical explain heart as the real place of worship. It is time, therefore, to introspect whether it is necessary create disproportionate assets of wealth at temples of worship to attract evil eyes.