Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rape=Pay compensation=Escape=Perverse Judgement

The decision of a Bench of Supreme Court in letting off three accused convicted of rape on a so called compromise formula by paying Rs.50,000/- each to the victim has shaken the conscience of nation and cast doubts about the nature of judgements that are jumping the framework of established laws of the country. It is obviously a perverse judgements that is equating rape with prostitution. How can one tag a monetary price to the most vicious crime of rape which the victim suffers from life long trauma and stigma. Even the life imprisonment in such cases cannot restore the dignity and confidence of the victim in herself and in the society.

2. It is not understood under which provision of the Cr Pc or IPC the learned judges pronounced this judgement. Is it a pre=cursor of similar judgements in offences of murder, robberies and moral turpitudes and depravity. Or an inspiration has been drawn from the practice of Blood Money paid to the kins of murdered person prevalent in some countries like Pakistan? In any case in a civilised society and country like India this is not acceptable and should be challenged.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chief Justice not above laws of the land

The untenable stand taken by Shri K.J.Balakrishnan former Chief Justice of India to give his consent to the Income Tax authorities for disclosure of his Income Tax Returns for the period he was in Office to an RTI applicant does not conform to the standards of the highest Office he had held. His arguments of invasion of his privacy and the exposure of Pan Card number are frivolous. Even a teenager can find out his Pan Card Number on line which does not require any special technical knowledge.

2. On the contrary his reluctance to disclose the details will give rise to suspicions about his assets particularly in the context of allegations of corruption against his nearest kins viz. two son-in-laws, brother and nephew who are being investigated. The Chief Justice is expected to be fountain head of justice, integrity and honest with a transparent life. If he has furnished the true information about his income and assets to the Income Tax authorities, what scares him to share it with public? He had held a public Office and public is entitled to have the Information about his assets etc.for the period he held the Office. It will be in public and more so in his own interest that he gives his assent for parting with the information before the controversy blows out of proportion.

Phone Bugs

It was an incredible and shocking news revealing that Reliance Communications the Network Service Provider tapped phones 1.5 lakh times in just three months on the orders of Government authorities. Besides Reliance Communications there are other Service providers like Airtel,Vodafone,MTNL etc. etc. Who would have also been utilised by the authorities for similar purpose. This is appalling and suggestive of the authorities having gone crazy.

2. The power to bug the phones is intended to track the hard core criminals, anti national activities, smuggliers and drug peddlers etc. Etc. It is not to be used against political adversaries or critics of the Government or its agencies. However, the scale of bugging is suggestive of its gross misuse and possible abuse. Are we living in a democratic set up where every citizen except the criminals are under scanner. Because if the criminals were being scanned, there would not be continuous sharp increase in crime rate.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Governance & Ethical Deficit

The honest admission of Home Miniser P. Chidambaram that there has been an Governance and ethical deficit in the country restraining the growth and development deserves appreciation as well calls for remedial measures. Unfortunately the opposition parties are trying to make it a political issue. It is a national issue which should be viewed in broader prospect and not a stick to flog the ruling party. The deficit has not grown suddenly but has been widening over a period of time whether it was Congress rule or BJP rule. In fact it can be traced to social malice which has afflicted our society from which our politicians emerge.

2. The gradual decline in moral standards and insatiable greed for power and money has been distracting the politicians, bureaucrats and corporate pillars from keeping in mind their social responsibilities. Otherwise, there will not be brazen corruption, soaring crime and neck breaking inflation. What is required is a national effort by all political and non-political organisations to evolve a strategy to combat these maladies to save the country from anarchy rather than indulge in blame games.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

White Rose Revolution in Egypt

The historic public struggle against the despotic and corrupt rule of Egypt President Hosni Mubarak culminating in his surrender to public wishes within 18 days is is a lesson for all dictators of the world. Egyptian people deserve unflinching praise for strengthening the maxim "Voice of the people is the voice of God". Unfortunately, there were 300 casualties in this mass movement but considering the scale of one million people gathered in the Tahrir Square this sacrifice was perhaps minimal under the circumstances.

2. The revolution in Egypt is a follow up of theJasmine revolution in Tunis and can be aptly described as White Rose Revolution. We have to learn many lessons from the way people conducted themselves by generally remaining non-violent and sparing the public property from damage. It was an amazing display of solidarity, maturity, patience, rectitude and determination. The Army also played a people friendly role for which they deserve gratitude. The things would have been different in any other country under similar circumstances. Let us hope and pray that democracy will soon be restored in Egypt.

3. At the end of day it is a wake up call for all despots and Dictators of the world to heed to the aspirations of the people and give up their avarice for money and power as the winds of change will throw them out, if they don't relent.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't degrade the institution of CVC- QUIT

The obdurate conduct of P.J. Thomas from stepping down from the Office of Chief Vigilance Commissioner has lowered the dignity of high Office. CVC is the apex authority to monitor,decide cases of corruption and impose penalties on the erring officials of the Government and semi Government organisations. He is, therefore, expected not only be a person of impeccable integrity but is expected to also appear to be so. In the light of accusations against him he does not fulfill the latter criteria. It may be stated for the information of general public that one cannot be promoted even to the post of Lower Division Clerk in Government Office if he is facing a charge sheet. Mr. Thomas has ignored this fact in his Affidavit before the Supreme Court in odious comparison with M.P.s.Well, it is said that Devil can cite scriptures in his defence.

2. Mr. Thomas has fully completed his term in Government and should have gracefully retired. But it seems that insatiable greed and lust for power has overtaken him. A few years more in his pursuit for power will not matter much but will do more harm to the institution of CVC. This raging controversy has already lowered the image of the prestigious Office as well as Mr. Thomas. It will be shameful precedent if he is not made to relent from his obduracy or alternatively forced to quit.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Put GPS Anklers on American Officials

The American claims of a democratic country following principles of equality and natural justice are hollow and dubious when seen in the context of its dealings with developing countries citizens. A couple of recent incidents have exposed their racist attitudes and arrogant behaviour towards Indian citizens. Not only ordinary visitors but even the diplomats were subjected to humiliation at Airports. Instead of tendering apologies for their unbecoming Behaviour the U.S. Administration has tried to justify the despicable actions of its Officers.

2. A number of Indian Students lured by a con Tri Valley University had to spend lakhs of Rupees to pursue their higher studies in America. They were granted valid Visas by the American Mission in India which are normally very difficult to obtain even in emergency situations. After they reach American soil they are told that the said University is bogus and they have been duped. Now they apply their strange code of justice by making the victims as accused and putting GPS Collars to their ankles which are to animals in the Wild Park. There could not be more uncivilized practice in the twentieth century than this. To add insult to the injury an American diplomat in India justified it by comparing these with silver anklets worn by Indian women and saying that these are better than red jumpsuits in prison. Two students who refused to wear these anklets have been sent to prison. The actions of U.S. Authorities and their statements are shocking and prejudicial to Indo American relations.

3. The common man is bewildered as to why Indian Government is not acting firmly with anti Indian policies of U.S. Administration which is pouring money and material to the terror infested Pakistan and sparing no opportunity to malign our nationals. They are setting up an ugly precedent of GPS collars as American citizens will face similar situations in Africa, Arab and other countries hostile to American policies.