Sunday, February 13, 2011

Governance & Ethical Deficit

The honest admission of Home Miniser P. Chidambaram that there has been an Governance and ethical deficit in the country restraining the growth and development deserves appreciation as well calls for remedial measures. Unfortunately the opposition parties are trying to make it a political issue. It is a national issue which should be viewed in broader prospect and not a stick to flog the ruling party. The deficit has not grown suddenly but has been widening over a period of time whether it was Congress rule or BJP rule. In fact it can be traced to social malice which has afflicted our society from which our politicians emerge.

2. The gradual decline in moral standards and insatiable greed for power and money has been distracting the politicians, bureaucrats and corporate pillars from keeping in mind their social responsibilities. Otherwise, there will not be brazen corruption, soaring crime and neck breaking inflation. What is required is a national effort by all political and non-political organisations to evolve a strategy to combat these maladies to save the country from anarchy rather than indulge in blame games.

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