Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Put GPS Anklers on American Officials

The American claims of a democratic country following principles of equality and natural justice are hollow and dubious when seen in the context of its dealings with developing countries citizens. A couple of recent incidents have exposed their racist attitudes and arrogant behaviour towards Indian citizens. Not only ordinary visitors but even the diplomats were subjected to humiliation at Airports. Instead of tendering apologies for their unbecoming Behaviour the U.S. Administration has tried to justify the despicable actions of its Officers.

2. A number of Indian Students lured by a con Tri Valley University had to spend lakhs of Rupees to pursue their higher studies in America. They were granted valid Visas by the American Mission in India which are normally very difficult to obtain even in emergency situations. After they reach American soil they are told that the said University is bogus and they have been duped. Now they apply their strange code of justice by making the victims as accused and putting GPS Collars to their ankles which are to animals in the Wild Park. There could not be more uncivilized practice in the twentieth century than this. To add insult to the injury an American diplomat in India justified it by comparing these with silver anklets worn by Indian women and saying that these are better than red jumpsuits in prison. Two students who refused to wear these anklets have been sent to prison. The actions of U.S. Authorities and their statements are shocking and prejudicial to Indo American relations.

3. The common man is bewildered as to why Indian Government is not acting firmly with anti Indian policies of U.S. Administration which is pouring money and material to the terror infested Pakistan and sparing no opportunity to malign our nationals. They are setting up an ugly precedent of GPS collars as American citizens will face similar situations in Africa, Arab and other countries hostile to American policies.

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