Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't degrade the institution of CVC- QUIT

The obdurate conduct of P.J. Thomas from stepping down from the Office of Chief Vigilance Commissioner has lowered the dignity of high Office. CVC is the apex authority to monitor,decide cases of corruption and impose penalties on the erring officials of the Government and semi Government organisations. He is, therefore, expected not only be a person of impeccable integrity but is expected to also appear to be so. In the light of accusations against him he does not fulfill the latter criteria. It may be stated for the information of general public that one cannot be promoted even to the post of Lower Division Clerk in Government Office if he is facing a charge sheet. Mr. Thomas has ignored this fact in his Affidavit before the Supreme Court in odious comparison with M.P.s.Well, it is said that Devil can cite scriptures in his defence.

2. Mr. Thomas has fully completed his term in Government and should have gracefully retired. But it seems that insatiable greed and lust for power has overtaken him. A few years more in his pursuit for power will not matter much but will do more harm to the institution of CVC. This raging controversy has already lowered the image of the prestigious Office as well as Mr. Thomas. It will be shameful precedent if he is not made to relent from his obduracy or alternatively forced to quit.

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