Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chief Justice not above laws of the land

The untenable stand taken by Shri K.J.Balakrishnan former Chief Justice of India to give his consent to the Income Tax authorities for disclosure of his Income Tax Returns for the period he was in Office to an RTI applicant does not conform to the standards of the highest Office he had held. His arguments of invasion of his privacy and the exposure of Pan Card number are frivolous. Even a teenager can find out his Pan Card Number on line which does not require any special technical knowledge.

2. On the contrary his reluctance to disclose the details will give rise to suspicions about his assets particularly in the context of allegations of corruption against his nearest kins viz. two son-in-laws, brother and nephew who are being investigated. The Chief Justice is expected to be fountain head of justice, integrity and honest with a transparent life. If he has furnished the true information about his income and assets to the Income Tax authorities, what scares him to share it with public? He had held a public Office and public is entitled to have the Information about his assets etc.for the period he held the Office. It will be in public and more so in his own interest that he gives his assent for parting with the information before the controversy blows out of proportion.

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