Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bus Gang Rape- Shame of Indian Society

The Bus gang rape in Delhi has lowered the head of Delhi in shame and has figured in international Media news. At home there has been great hoopla in the Parliament, members of all political parties condemning the brutal act and demanding death penalty, ritual candle light processions and public anger in the streets and educational institutions. Social Scientists, Psychologists have demonstrated their academic skills in analysis of the reasons behind this sordid episode.

2. There have been almost similar cases of varying gravity in the Capital during the current year. But after lapse of a few days, the bubble of anger and emotions subsides and the perverse stalkers are back on business on the roads. Will this case also face the same fate?
3. While there is an express need to make the laws more stringent and Police force more effective, this alone will not help. This problem needs to be viewed in social context. The Society is rapidly turning materialistic and greed for money has sacrificed the family and moral values. Parents have no time to attend to the family except provision of comfort goods. There is no time to impart religious or moral education to the wards.

4. Simultaneously, there has been mushroom growth of pseudo religious groups where devotees go for obeisance and wishes for more money and the pseudo Gurus are motivated with the desire to amass wealth and political powers. In our pre-partition days there was a compulsory period of Moral Education in all Schools upto higher Secondary level.We have renowned Scholars & Moralists in all the religions like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Bapu Murari, Jagad Gurus Ram Dev, Swami Agnivesh to name a few who can start a movement of moral education (abandoning the political stream) to reform the rot in society as no enforcement agency like Police force who is a product of same society nor the laws, howsoever stringent can purify the rot.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Abjure Divide & Rule Policy

The Constitutional amendment Bill to provide for reservations in civil services is a dangerous proposition which will not only knock out the secular fabric of our Constitution but also sow the seeds of communal divide in the administrative services of the country. The founders of our Constitution particularly Baba Sahib Ambedkar were visionaries who laboured hard to ensure the stability, integrity and secularity of the nation and provided the framework
 2. In order to keep the interest of weaker sections of the society, provisions were made for reservations in making appointments in civil services for a period of ten years
as per the situation and traditions prevailing at that time. These reservations were linked on caste basis. After the lapse of prescribed period of ten years,however, these provisions have perpetuated and further more complicated with demands for inclusions of more Castes and not on economic considerations.
3. Almost all the political parties are playing Caste based politics and have destroyed the Secular character of the country. In the existing situation in civil services also there is an undercurrent of hostility between the general category employees and those from the reserved category. The reservations in promotions will further aggravate the situation and adversely affect performance.

                     4. When we look back towards our freedom struggle, we always blamed Britishers for the Divide & Rule policy. Are our rulers not following the same cursed policy to disintegrate the country? Why can't we take lessons from the democratic countries like USA ,Britain and other European nations where principal of equality is followed in letters and spirits. The future generations will not forgive us for these Caste based divisions.