Friday, October 1, 2010

Judgement is prnounced-Let us get back to work

The long awaited judgement of Allahabad High Court in the disputed Ram Janam bhoomi and Babri Masjid has finally been delivered much to the relief of the vast majority of common men in the country who were in a state of fear and apprehensions as a follow on after the verdict was pronounced. The dooms sayers proved wrong and the credentials of the nation as a secular, multi cultural , multi religious and tolerant society has been remarkably demonstrated .This is one of the rare example in the world to emulate.

2. This case is highly sensitive with many complex dimensions of history and religion and it is natural for the people at large to discuss and analyse various components of the judgement.It was also known that an appeal to the Supreme Court was inevitable after the judgement as in a normal case involving two or more parties. No judgement can be perfect or fool proof, so one can pick many holes as many commentators have both in print and visual media have expressed their views. The final decision on all these averments will, of course be taken by Supreme Court when this matter is taken before it.

3. Unfortunately, Media started over playing their role as dispenser of news immediately after the broad out lines of the judgement were made available to it and the full text of which is still awaited. There were suggestions of negotiations between the contesting parties, construction of Masjid along side the proposed Mandir and public utility Centres etc. Etc. These are uncalled for suggestions at this stage and likely to inflame the passions of the aggrieved parties and the public in general. The dust has not settled yet and let the full text be available so that a proper assessment is made. The suggestion for negotiated settlement was rejected earlier and it is futile to move it immediately unless there is a change of heart. The Media should now shelve this news item so that people get back to normal work.