Friday, May 28, 2010

Restore Army Standards

The details emerging out of the inquiry by Armed Forces Tribunal in the case of Retired Brigadier Devinder Singh for his performance in Kargil War makes a distressing reading. Our Armed forces have been earning most remarkable distinctions of valour, bravery and discipline the world over since times immemorial. That it is now being infected with personal jealousies, corruption, petty mindedness is a matter of grave concern. But for personal prejudices, Brigadier Devinder Singh would have perhaps been the highest decorated officer. But alas the time lost once never comes back. In the face of such incidents the national pride in our Armed Forces gets a severe downslide jolt. There have most despicable cases of espionage for the enemy countries in the force.This calls for an immediate probe into the factors leading to the deterioration of standards. There is also a loss of interest among the country's youth to join the forces which was considered a pride of place once. These factors require complete overhaul of the training and motivational schedule on urgent basis. The Ministry of Defence should not delay the re-orientation programme by setting up time guzzling Committees and Commissions for the purpose but act immediately before it is too late.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Caste Based Census-

The proposal to have caste based census in the country is like an electric shock to the students of ancient Indian history as the caste system was he prime reason for the disintegration of the civil society which led to the fragmentation of the country as well as prime religious groups. Although in the ancient times the society was divided into professional groups with the best of intentions but with the passage of times it degenerated into water tight compartments from professional units to the so called castes and one could not move from one compartment to another. This resulted in extremes of suppressions and conflicts. It was not only confined to Hinduism but all religions like Islam, Christians etc. Were victims of superior/inferior class malady.

2. Every age produces Saviours and Saints in such situations and we had Guru Nanak, Kabir. Kwhaja, Swami Daya Nand and Mahatma Gandhi and many others who fought against Casteism and preached universality of mankind. It seems that history is now moving full circle with the proposed caste based census and the Group of Ministers is to decide the issue and not the religious saints , sages and peace loving social workers . Where have Shankara achariyas,Maulanas and Bishops and Cardinals gone?Why is there no edictor Fatwa from them against this proposal? The retrograde step to divide the country on caste basis will sow the venomous seeds of hatred and conflicts for which the posterity will not forgive us.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sting Operations

The sting operation by Tehelka for Headlines today alleging Promod Muthalik leader of Ram Sene arranging riot groups for consideration is not only malicious but also an ex- party judgement decaring Rame Sene guilty when the State Government is yet to initiate investigations into the alleged charges. The sting operations by private parties is an assumption of extra territorial powers of investigations which is in gross violation of the State Authorities. The powers to investigate, prosecute and conduct trials are vested in the prescribed authorities as enshrined in the Constitution of India. As such no person or agency has the right or legal authority to conduct such operations. This is not to claim that Media should not expose the misdeeds of an individuals or organisation but the means adopted for the purpose should be legitimate. Recently we have have been condemning the actions of Khap Panchayats in assuming extra territorial judicial functions and on the same analogy we should disapprove the sting operations. Any latitude in these matters will dilute the authority of the Government and lead to confusion and chaos.