Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Employing Domestic Helps without verification

The rescue of kidnapped Delhi toddler Ishaan by Delhi Police in record time of two days merits kudos for Delhi police for the great job done. Normally, Delhi Police is the target of public criticism for their various acts of omissions and commissions and insensitive towards people's grievances. We should,therefore, be graceful by expressing appreciation and gratitude which they richly deserve in the present case.

2. The present incident of employing Maids for house hold chores without verifying their antecedents through the Police authorities despite repeated campaigns by the Police is not isolated one. The common argument advanced by the employers is that the verification process takes unduly long time and by that time they lose the prospective employee. This is not a sustainable argument as personal safety and property is more important than than an unverified employee. There have have been numerous cases of murders, burglaries,kidnappings in Delhi committed by the domestic helps who were employed at random. People should realise the amount of public money involved in tracing the culprits through a number of teams formed by the Police who are sent to various parts of the country. It will, perhaps, not be inappropriate if the amount involved is recovered from the concerned family in case they had employed a person without verifying his/her antecedents.

Let us be compassionate toArunima

It is most disgusting to find controversies being created by unscrupulous railway authorities about the cause and circumstances of Arunima's injuries in the rail accident. Here is a young and promising girl who is maimed for life and her dreams of future have crashed and who has lost her leg and is still lying in hospital. The entire nation has expressed sympathy and given liberal financial support for treatment etc. This would have been the response of the people in any other similar case and it should be so. But the insensitive Railway Police at this hour of her personal grief and healing process is rubbing salt on her wounds as well as causing mental trauma by countering her claims of travel and her qualifications. This is inhuman and unethical. At this point of time she needs rest and mental peace which is paramount for her recovery. The crime rate in Railways is so diverse and of such high dimension that no amount of detergent can wash its Police force clean. So some one should restrain it from making untimely and iressponsible public statements in the present case.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mean Vendetta

The deposition of a senior IPS Officer Mr. Bhatt against Mr. Narender Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat after 9 years of the riots accusing him of having told the Police Officers in a meeting to allow Hindus to take revenge against Muslims for the train tragedy has come in sequence of similar accusations. That it took 9 years for the Officer to make this revelations and that he did not open his mouth before any of the numerous Inquiry Committees and Commissions that were appointed in this connection apparently casts doubts on his credibility.

2. In a similar fashion Satish Bhushan and his family are now being accused of acquiring properties in Allahabad and Noida in illegal manners years after they were purchased. The timings of these accusations is obviously mired in political rivalries and is motivated by political considerations. Tomorrow some public Officer may depose that Rajiv Gandhi or some other Minister exhorted the Police to allow the murder of Sikhs in 1984 following the assassination of Indira Gandhi. This is promoting dangerous precedents. There must be a law of limitation in the criminal procedure and the person making allegations after the prescribed period should be punished.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Digging Dirt- Lok Pal Committee

It is disturbing to see that a most popular movement in the history of independent India against the cancer of corruption is being attempted to derail by some vested interests as they have flourished under the present system and do not want proposed measures to nip the evil. The corruption level in the country has reached the unbearable level affecting rich and poor high and low sections of the society. The mass uprising of the people against the scourge was spontaneous and without the flag of any political party. Unfortunately, it is being politicised for ulterior motives. The Committee set up to draft the bill is to concentrate on the mechanism of the Lok Pal and its operating system. It has nothing to do with the profiles of the members of the Committee.

2. Hardly one meeting of the Committee has been held and that two in a most amiable manner that the profits of doom have started firing dirty missiles at the members of Civil Society. Tomorrow, some other sponsored Group will retaliate with smear campaign against the government representatives in the Committee. It is a malicious diversionary tactics and should be condemned. The objective is to plug the cause of corruption and set up suitable enforcement machinery. We should focus on this and not asbotage it.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Confessions of a Pak Terrorist for 26/11 carnage

The news about Pak terrorist Rana's confession that Pakistan government and ISI plotted 26/11 attack in Mumbai is not an unknown revelation that is going to help India nailing Pakistan. So let us not treat it as a piece of news or a valuable exposure.Ajmal Kasab, one of the terrorist involved in the said heinous crime has already made similar exposures but with little effect on Pak authorities. So the recent exposure by Rana in USA will hardly change the stand of Pak authorities. The United States has already expressed its anguish about the terror activities being indirectly promoted in Pakistan by the tacit approval of Pakistan authorities.

2. It is well established that there is virtually no independent government in Pakistan and the country is being ruled by the dictates of Army and ISI. The civilian government is only a facade for ceremonial presentation before the world. We know from our several past attempts to broker peace with that country that nothing fructified. The recent peace talks at Mohali and Secretary level talks have not in any way reduced the militant activities against India. But we must continue the talks without high hopes.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Right to Recall

The crusade launched by Gandhian Social activist Anna Hazre against corruption has not only galvanized the entire nation against this scourge but has also proved the might of people's voice. One of the most important outcome of this movement is the awakening generated among the youth of this country for active participation in national issues. So far this vital section of the nation had adopted a passive attitude towards national issues.
2. One of the most effective tool to check corruption and the corrupt politicians is the right to recall from public offices like Panchayats and Legislatures by the electorates. This is practised in a few democratic countries of the world to a great advantage .This keeps the elected representatives on high alert and only the honest and upright persons choose to stand for elections. Anna Hazare had pointed towards the need for this provision but not so effectively. Now that a non-political movement for cleansing the system has been launched and is in full swing, it will be appropriate to include this demand also before the enthusiasm subsides.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lok Pal Bill & Corruption in India

It is gratifying to see that a single social worker, Anna Hazare has galvanizes the entire Indian nation against the cancer of corruption afflicting the country irrespective of cast, creed and political associations. It shows the enormity of the problem as well as the fact that you don't need an army of followers to fight for a just cause and that a single selfless worker can awaken the masses. The extent of corruption in this country stats with procurement of a Birth Certificate till obtaining the Death Certificate. The intervening period of life is smeared in corruption in seeking admissions in Schools/Colleges, procuring a job and other civic facilities etc. Etc. People have become reluctantly become used to it over a period of time.

2. The present agitation is mainly centered around the drat Bill for the appointment of Lok Pal and his powers etc. It is expected that the issues will be resolved in a day or two and the Lok Pal will be in position say after a few months The question arises whether the corruption will disappear after this appointment. The answer is in negative because we have institutions like Chief Vigilance Commissioner and Lok Ayukts for the same purpose but corruption in all walks of life has flourished despite them. The main reason being the complex prosecution and judicial system which favours the accused rather than the victim.

3. What is required simultaneously is to make suitable amendments in the legal frame work. At the same time the public spirited men who have a God sent opportunity of the entire nation supporting the cause should exhort the people to refrain from receiving and offering bribes. This will meet the purpose of this movement.