Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mean Vendetta

The deposition of a senior IPS Officer Mr. Bhatt against Mr. Narender Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat after 9 years of the riots accusing him of having told the Police Officers in a meeting to allow Hindus to take revenge against Muslims for the train tragedy has come in sequence of similar accusations. That it took 9 years for the Officer to make this revelations and that he did not open his mouth before any of the numerous Inquiry Committees and Commissions that were appointed in this connection apparently casts doubts on his credibility.

2. In a similar fashion Satish Bhushan and his family are now being accused of acquiring properties in Allahabad and Noida in illegal manners years after they were purchased. The timings of these accusations is obviously mired in political rivalries and is motivated by political considerations. Tomorrow some public Officer may depose that Rajiv Gandhi or some other Minister exhorted the Police to allow the murder of Sikhs in 1984 following the assassination of Indira Gandhi. This is promoting dangerous precedents. There must be a law of limitation in the criminal procedure and the person making allegations after the prescribed period should be punished.

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