Thursday, April 14, 2011

Confessions of a Pak Terrorist for 26/11 carnage

The news about Pak terrorist Rana's confession that Pakistan government and ISI plotted 26/11 attack in Mumbai is not an unknown revelation that is going to help India nailing Pakistan. So let us not treat it as a piece of news or a valuable exposure.Ajmal Kasab, one of the terrorist involved in the said heinous crime has already made similar exposures but with little effect on Pak authorities. So the recent exposure by Rana in USA will hardly change the stand of Pak authorities. The United States has already expressed its anguish about the terror activities being indirectly promoted in Pakistan by the tacit approval of Pakistan authorities.

2. It is well established that there is virtually no independent government in Pakistan and the country is being ruled by the dictates of Army and ISI. The civilian government is only a facade for ceremonial presentation before the world. We know from our several past attempts to broker peace with that country that nothing fructified. The recent peace talks at Mohali and Secretary level talks have not in any way reduced the militant activities against India. But we must continue the talks without high hopes.

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