Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Employing Domestic Helps without verification

The rescue of kidnapped Delhi toddler Ishaan by Delhi Police in record time of two days merits kudos for Delhi police for the great job done. Normally, Delhi Police is the target of public criticism for their various acts of omissions and commissions and insensitive towards people's grievances. We should,therefore, be graceful by expressing appreciation and gratitude which they richly deserve in the present case.

2. The present incident of employing Maids for house hold chores without verifying their antecedents through the Police authorities despite repeated campaigns by the Police is not isolated one. The common argument advanced by the employers is that the verification process takes unduly long time and by that time they lose the prospective employee. This is not a sustainable argument as personal safety and property is more important than than an unverified employee. There have have been numerous cases of murders, burglaries,kidnappings in Delhi committed by the domestic helps who were employed at random. People should realise the amount of public money involved in tracing the culprits through a number of teams formed by the Police who are sent to various parts of the country. It will, perhaps, not be inappropriate if the amount involved is recovered from the concerned family in case they had employed a person without verifying his/her antecedents.

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