Monday, May 2, 2011

End of Obama the Master Terrorist

The post Osama Bin Laden scenario of Pak-American - Afghanistan relationships will undergo a spectucular change. It is correct that with his elimination the symbol of terrorism may have disappeared but the substance remains. A few facts about Pakistan's role in running the giant hatchery of terrorism which were viewed with skepticism by some countries are now confirmed and proved beyond doubt. The shelter provided to the terror czar within its highest security zone leaves nothing more to imagine for the hypocritical role Pakistan has been playing so far. Whatever statements President Obama may make about co-operation with Pakistan the loss of confidence and trust is too wide and beyond repair.

The Pakistan's ambition of supremacy in Afhgan affairs is never going to materalise as it should now prepare itself to face internal strife and public wrath for compromising their national sovereignty. India has also to learn a lesson or two from this episode viz. never to trust U.S.A. And not to hesitate for taking firm action against the enemy of State wherever they may be located.

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