Friday, May 20, 2011

Recall the Governor of Karnataka

The unprecedented and unprincipled action of Shri Hans Raj Bhardwaj, Governor of Karnataka recommending imposition of Presidential rule in the State has raised many questions of misuse of constitutional authority. Ever since his appointment as Governor of the State Mr. Bhardwaj has not been acting as representative of the President which he is supposed to be under the Constitution of India but as a representative of the political party to which he belonged. This is most unfortunate and undignified. He was a former law Minister of the country and is supposed to know the constitutional provisions and the procedure to be adopted while making such a recommendation.

2. Without going into details of the happenings in the State Assembly and the decision of the Supreme Court, the fact remains that the state legislature is in position and there is no law and order situation, the grounds under which such a recommendation is made. The Governor could have directed the Government to prove its majority in the House which he deliberately avoided. The prejudicial acts of Mr. Bhardwaj against the State Government have not only lowered is image in the eyes of public as well as raised questions about his competence to hold this Office.He should, therefore, be recalled by the President
In case we want to preserve our democratic traditions, no political person should be appointed as Governor. Only apolitical persons of eminence from various walks of life who command respect should be considered for appoint.

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