Sunday, September 29, 2013

Language of Pakistan Prime Minister

The crude jibe of Nawaz sharif comparing our Prime Minister with a village woman, although being denied now, was in bad taste , discourteous and unbecoming of the head of a government. It is in the street urchin language. 2. Apart from this incident, it may be stated in right earnest that the entire nation as well as vast majority of Congress party leaders were against holding talks with Pakistan in the back ground of terror attacks on Indian soil aided and abetted by Pak armed forces. But our P.M. and his team of Advisors thought otherwise and went ahead. The results of these talks are for every one to see. Pak has neither accepted the responsibility for aggression on the line of control nor the infiltration of militants from its borders. There is no mention to close the terror training camps from its soil. So what is the gain from these talks? 3. The symbolic meetings between the ground Commanders of both sides have no meaning unless there is a will and desire to improve relations at the highest level. It need not be repeated that there are many power centers in Pakistan and its Prime Minister has no control over them.So let us speak with them in the language they understand.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is there to discuss with Pak prime Minister?

Pak terrorists latest attack in Jammu where we lost precious lives of our forces including a senior Officer clearly establishes the fact that there are numerous power structures in Pakistan independent of each other. The civil government has little control over Army,ISI and a group of terror organisations who are inimical to India and particularly against its secular status. Some of our political analysts had pinned hopes on the election of Mr. Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister of Pakistan for his pro-peaceful approach to solve problems with India through negotiations and dialogues. But all these hopes lie shattered due to his inability to control the rogue and fundamentalists agents in Pakistan. 2. The recent cowardly attack is in continuation to the series of similar attacks on our borders both by the Pak army and the ISI sponsored terror attacks immediately after the election of Nawaz Shariff giving a clear message to him that he is not the absolute ruler. It was in this context that a majority of people in India and political parties have been pleading against any talk between the two countries at Prime Minister level. But our Government as always had been day dreaming with disastrous consequences. The public opinion has proved right. A few days before the proposed meeting of the two PMs this incident will not go down well with the Indian masses. Even if some discussions are held and some decisions taken, what is the use if Pak PM is incapable of implementing them.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

L.K.Advani needs Sanyas from Politics

It is unfortunate to see that one of the architect and founder member of the BJP has succumbed to his unreasonable ambition for Prime Ministerial candidature ignoring the public perception. As an elderly statesman he should have have been graceful to accept the role of a mentor and guide like legendary Bhisham Pitamah. But his unrestrained ego and greed seems to have over powered him and he does not see any harm in vilification of the edifice in which he was a co-participant. It goes to the credit of the party workers that despite his obduracy they are still trying to make him see the majority views. 2. We need not perhaps blame him alone for this attitude as in all political parties in India the geriatric leaders assume their positions as life long. They cannot tolerate changes either in ideas or take over by young generation. The age old maxim of Sanyas after the age of 75 years is repugnant to them. Take the case of all major political parties viz. Congress, Samajwadi Party, BSP, RJD of DMK etc. There is a life membership at the top and no room for change. It is to be seen as to how far the next generation is going to accept this position.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vanzara deserves sympathy-Not political exploitation

It is really unfortunate to see that the letter written by jailed Gujarat cadre IPS Officer D.C. Vanzara is being given political colour by interested parties. One expected that this should have attracted the attention of social scientists and other advocates of human rights about the pain, apathy,frustration of the highly placed Officers of Law enforcement agencies who have become victims of tardy judicial process of this country. These Officers are in Jail for the past seven years which is practically half the Life imprisonment without trial or bail. 2. Any one in Vazara's position would burst in anger and frustration about the treatment being met to him and his other colleagues. No one is raising the voice about the need to streamline the judicial procedures so that the justice process is expedited. The govt. Is keen to change the process of selection of Judges of Superior Courts but is neglecting the process speedy trials and delivery of justice. 3. Vanzara's blame game for their actions under the orders of superiors is not tenable as he is a senior Police officer who has taken oaths to work under the provisions of the Constitution of India and to work without fear or under pressure of any kind. That the letter has been written after a long period of seven years indicates emotional stress of long incarceration rather than any political motive.