Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vanzara deserves sympathy-Not political exploitation

It is really unfortunate to see that the letter written by jailed Gujarat cadre IPS Officer D.C. Vanzara is being given political colour by interested parties. One expected that this should have attracted the attention of social scientists and other advocates of human rights about the pain, apathy,frustration of the highly placed Officers of Law enforcement agencies who have become victims of tardy judicial process of this country. These Officers are in Jail for the past seven years which is practically half the Life imprisonment without trial or bail. 2. Any one in Vazara's position would burst in anger and frustration about the treatment being met to him and his other colleagues. No one is raising the voice about the need to streamline the judicial procedures so that the justice process is expedited. The govt. Is keen to change the process of selection of Judges of Superior Courts but is neglecting the process speedy trials and delivery of justice. 3. Vanzara's blame game for their actions under the orders of superiors is not tenable as he is a senior Police officer who has taken oaths to work under the provisions of the Constitution of India and to work without fear or under pressure of any kind. That the letter has been written after a long period of seven years indicates emotional stress of long incarceration rather than any political motive.

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