Saturday, September 14, 2013

L.K.Advani needs Sanyas from Politics

It is unfortunate to see that one of the architect and founder member of the BJP has succumbed to his unreasonable ambition for Prime Ministerial candidature ignoring the public perception. As an elderly statesman he should have have been graceful to accept the role of a mentor and guide like legendary Bhisham Pitamah. But his unrestrained ego and greed seems to have over powered him and he does not see any harm in vilification of the edifice in which he was a co-participant. It goes to the credit of the party workers that despite his obduracy they are still trying to make him see the majority views. 2. We need not perhaps blame him alone for this attitude as in all political parties in India the geriatric leaders assume their positions as life long. They cannot tolerate changes either in ideas or take over by young generation. The age old maxim of Sanyas after the age of 75 years is repugnant to them. Take the case of all major political parties viz. Congress, Samajwadi Party, BSP, RJD of DMK etc. There is a life membership at the top and no room for change. It is to be seen as to how far the next generation is going to accept this position.

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