Sunday, September 29, 2013

Language of Pakistan Prime Minister

The crude jibe of Nawaz sharif comparing our Prime Minister with a village woman, although being denied now, was in bad taste , discourteous and unbecoming of the head of a government. It is in the street urchin language. 2. Apart from this incident, it may be stated in right earnest that the entire nation as well as vast majority of Congress party leaders were against holding talks with Pakistan in the back ground of terror attacks on Indian soil aided and abetted by Pak armed forces. But our P.M. and his team of Advisors thought otherwise and went ahead. The results of these talks are for every one to see. Pak has neither accepted the responsibility for aggression on the line of control nor the infiltration of militants from its borders. There is no mention to close the terror training camps from its soil. So what is the gain from these talks? 3. The symbolic meetings between the ground Commanders of both sides have no meaning unless there is a will and desire to improve relations at the highest level. It need not be repeated that there are many power centers in Pakistan and its Prime Minister has no control over them.So let us speak with them in the language they understand.

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