Friday, July 27, 2012

Fake Currency in the country

It is disturbing tolearn about the five fold increase in fake currency detected by the Reserve Bank of India. The actual fake currency in circulation in the country is any body's guess. The enemies of the country have waged a relentless war in sabotaging the economy of our country by this nefarious activity which is worse than the drug war. We do not know what action is being taken by the Govt. authorities to combat this undeclared war but the common man is the worst sufferer. Even ATMs are not immune from this and the innocent victims are a harassed lot. Despite best efforts, it is not possible to distinguish between the genuine notes from the fake ones as even Bank authorities fail to identify. That tentacles of this Mafia have spread even to the foreign countries is borne by the fact of two tourists having received the fake currency at Luxumbourg air port. It is a very serious matter calling for swift and effective actions to combat this menace.

Crowd Or Cause- Which is more important?

It is unfortunate to note that Media is highlighting the absence of crowds (and not cause) at the meeting of Anna Hazare at Jantar Mantar where his team members are undertaking fast unto death for the passage of strong Lokpal Bill. People are not that ungrateful as is being sought to project as to forget the lead taken by Anna in shaking the conscience of the nation against the scourge of all pervasive corruption in the country. The decrease in the number of persons attending his rally does not indicate that the level of corruption has also declined. He is fighting for a national cause which affects every citizen of the country except the corrupt. It is not possible for every citizen to be physically present at such gathering as there are number of other modes through which people are lending their support to the movement. The crowd theory is being advocated by vested interests which will not work for long time. The Media and other forums which played a major role in this movement should continue their support for this movement to eradicate corruption from the country before it is too late.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Underachiever Prime Minister

The Article published in the Time Magazine of USA describing our Prime Minister as "Underachiever" seems to have hurt our national pride particularly that of the ruling Congress party members. However, there is nothing new or untrue about these facts which are not known before.
The man in the street has been leading a frustrated life under the unbearable pressure of inflation,unemployment and extremely abysmal living conditions.On national level we are witnessing the lowest level of GDP ever witnessed before,high fiscal deficit and stagnant industrial out put. There is break down of law & order and corruption is ruling the roost. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Where is the governance in the country? The Prime Minister reputed to be an economist has lost his vision about economy and is ruling by proxy. We have no reason to feel offended about the said article of the Time Magazine as it has re-enforced the cry in the wilderness of the common man, media and the intellectuals of the country.