Friday, July 27, 2012

Fake Currency in the country

It is disturbing tolearn about the five fold increase in fake currency detected by the Reserve Bank of India. The actual fake currency in circulation in the country is any body's guess. The enemies of the country have waged a relentless war in sabotaging the economy of our country by this nefarious activity which is worse than the drug war. We do not know what action is being taken by the Govt. authorities to combat this undeclared war but the common man is the worst sufferer. Even ATMs are not immune from this and the innocent victims are a harassed lot. Despite best efforts, it is not possible to distinguish between the genuine notes from the fake ones as even Bank authorities fail to identify. That tentacles of this Mafia have spread even to the foreign countries is borne by the fact of two tourists having received the fake currency at Luxumbourg air port. It is a very serious matter calling for swift and effective actions to combat this menace.

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