Sunday, August 5, 2012

Communal Terrorism in America

The tragic death of 7 innocents and gun injuries to more than two scores of worshippers at Oak Creek Gurdwara in Wisconsin State of U.S.A. demonstrates the rising wave of communal hatred in U.S.A. It is all the more alarming situation for India as there have been series of murders of Indian students in the recent past without any apparent reason except for the colour of their skin and nationality. That it is happening on the soil of a democratic country which boasts of multi racial society and is fighting terrorism throughout the globe is regrettable. The spread of communal terrorism in America is mainly facilitated by the liberal gun control policies of the authorities where it is possible to buy guns as easily as any item of groceries. Apart from this, the U.S. Authorities have not taken adequate steps to identify and protect the vulnerable categories of people and places which become easy targets of the fanatics. There have been random killings of Sikhs and Indian students and mere statements of regret cannot restore the normal lives of grieved families. It is time that U.S. Authorities should do a quick review of the situation and take steps to fight this menace before it gets out of hands.

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