Friday, August 17, 2012

Forget about Votes & Act firmly with miscreants


The unfortunate exodus of people of Northern Eastern States from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and now Maharashtra following threatening SMS messages is a challenge to the democratic and secular fabric of India. One does not need an Astrologer to predict as to who could be behind this sinister move. North Eastern people are known for their peace loving nature and hard work and to link them with the recent violence viz. Bodos vs. Bangladeshi immigrants has no relevance.

2. The non-state agents of foreign powers have long been trying to fan communal divide in this country emboldened by the week kneed policies of the Government and intelligence failures. The process started with the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from their home land of generations and the Govt.s failure to act firmly. The extent of infilteration of these foreign agents and anti national groups can be gauged from the fact that the mob in Mumbai had the courage to destroy the Martyr's Memorial in Mumbai. Since Maharashtra Government has been working at snail speed as expected by the conspirators, they are spreading their wings in other States. This is a moment for the people and the Government to wake up and take courageous stepsin the interest of national integrity unmindful of the so called international reactions. The mere rhetoric statements in Parliament and elsewhere will not solve the problem without firm action.

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