Monday, August 13, 2012

Deal firmly with communal forces

The tragic sequence of violence in the rally organised by the so called Raza Academy and two others groups to protest against the alleged killing of Muslims in Assam appears to be an organised conspiracy to create communal tension in the country. The death of two persons and injuries to 56 policemen besides huge loss of private & public property could not be caused by a small group of protesters unless it was pre-planned.

2. It was a senseless act on the part of the organisers to hold the rally projecting the Assam riots as communal and equally irresponsible on the part of Police authorities to give permission for a communal rally. The clashes in Assam were between the native Bodos and Bangladeshi immigrants which included non-Muslims also over land holding issues. It was never a religious issue there. We have therefore, to be alert from communal forces in raising their heads against the secular traditions of the country. Is it an off shoot of the threat given by a Member of Rajya Sabha in his speech in the House? The investigating agencies need to probe this aspect as well as the intelligence failure.

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