Friday, January 28, 2011

Jasmine Revolution Knocking on your Door

The so called Jasmine revolution in Tunisia which suddenly erupted like a volcano following a despotic rule, extreme corruption, unemployment, rising prices of essential commodities and a huge gap between haves and have nots is spreading like a wild fever in the adjoining African States. In this age of modern technology viz. Visual media and Internet, the world has become a global village and people under similar circumstances derive instant inspiration to follow suit. Such movements unfortunately are mob movements full of violence, plunder and lead to untold misery for the weak and innocents.

2. As the news indicate, Egypt is in the grip of similar move against the ruling family, Jordan, Yemen and Algeria are also indicating symbols of simmering discontent. The factors leading to this are the same everywhere i.e. Unemployment, rising food prices and polarization of wealth in the society. History has been witness that whenever the greed of some and the misery of majority touches extreme limits a hurricane follows. We have the examples of French Revolution and revolution in Russia.

3. It is an Alarm signal for all developing nations who under the garb of growth and industrialisation are ignoring the need for equitable distribution or to ensure narrow gaps of wealth between different sections of the society. China and India both being propounded as the most emerging economies of the world outwardly but at the grass root level people in general are suffering under similar circumstances as in Tunis. In India we have the the case of Billions of Dollars stashed in Swiss Banks by a few and majority have no roof over their heads. Similar situation prevails in China. It is right time for the rulers to take cue from the happenings abroad and take remedial steps rather than remain busy in confrontation politics.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Divisive Provocation

The UPA Government has embroiled itself in many avoidable and unpopular controversies many of which are of its own creation. It is not clear whether these are deliberate actions or incidental but the fact remains about there negative impacts. The Government's dilly dallying in proceeding against A. Raja, justifying closure of case against Quatrocchi , mysterious standstill approach in bringing to book Suresh Kalamadi for his plunder during hosting of Common Wealth Games has destroyed the respect, confidence and faith of common man in the Government controlled and run by the Congress leaders.

The recent visit of Sonia Gandhi to see the paintings of infamous M F Hussain during the Art Gallery exhibition held in Delhi has hurt the feelings of the majority community. It is viewed as a challenge to the majority community of the country and its traditions. Hussain had been injuring the sentiments of Hindu community again and again by painting its Gods and Godesses in a most despicable manner till it exceeded the limits of tolerance and he had to move out of the country. He did not paint similar pictures of saints of his own religion which exposed his mischievous intent. Any person howsoever great and famous has no right to make mockery and caricature of any religion.

It is not understood what message Sonia Gandhi wanted to convey to the nation first by allowing these paintings to be displayed and then by personally visiting to see them and giving publicity about her visit. Is it not divisive politics and damaging communal harmony?

Friday, January 21, 2011

March Forward - Not Backwards

The controversy generated by hardliners ulemas of Deoband against the statement of the new Vice Chancellor of the Seminary that Muslims were prospering under Narinder Modis's regime in Gujarat is unnecessary and retrograde.Maulana Ghulam Mohammed Vastanvi is a highly learned man of letters in Islamic studies with a liberal outlook which is the essence of Islam. If we continue to look backwards and ignore the present realities of life we will remain isolated and backwards. There is no denying the fact that Muslims in Gujarat are more prosperous and educated than Muslims in other parts of the country, a fact admitted by Gujarati Muslims openly. Nitish Kumar in Bihar is following the same path and earning goodwill and praise of every one. No doubt the events that followed Godhra carnage have left many deep scars but we have to move on.

Unfortunately, India has a long history of communal carnages at the hands of foreign raiders, Mughal emperors like Aurangzeb, partition in 1947, massacre of Sikhs in 1984 to quote a few facts. But sanity follows after some time and people march forward. We have Aurangzeb Road in Delhi, Refugees of 1947 have become the rulers and a vast majority of Sikhs are members of Congress party. We should not hesitate to praise a man for his good work. The fundamentalist approach will create and widen the walls in a multicultural society of which we are proud and appreciated throught the world for ages. Let us hope and pray that Maulana Vastanvi leads the community towards a liberal, tolerant and progressive society.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review Recruitment Policy for Bureaucrats

The recent disgraceful incidence of Mr. Anil Verma an I.A.S Officer on diplomatic assignment to U.K. accused of assaulting his wife has caused great embarrassment not only to the nation but also disrepute to our administrative services. Media has so far projected the version of Mrs. Verma for her physical abuse but the statement of her husband which provoked his unbecoming conduct is still awaited to fully appraise the situation. Nevertheless. It is a most unbecoming conduct of a person in a very high position particularly representing India in a foreign land. An Officer of I.A.S. Is trained and entrusted to prevent and prosecute persons accused of such incidents in the areas under his charge. If he himself indulges, he is not fit to hold the office.

The Administrative Services of India once reputed to be the steel frame and cream of the society are gradually degenerating in their conduct and performance in recent times. It is pertinent to point out that these Officers are selected through a most stringent process of academic and personality tests as well as verification of their character and reputation. After this they are subjected to rigorous training in administrative and field areas. The IFS, I.A.S and IPS Officers thus evolved are expected to be role models of personal character,integrity and justice.

It is therefore, disturbing to see these days, IFS Officers accused to embezzelments,rape,IAS Officers of corruption and misconduct etc. And high ranking IPS Officers jailed for murders, rape and corruption. It is a very dangerous trend facing the the future of the country. It calls for a quick and elaborate review of the recruitment and training policies for Administrative Services so that we are provided clean and efficient rulers.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2G Spectrum Scam & Kapil Sibal

The UPA Government which is riddled with a multitude of scams and misgovernance is fumbling in its efforts to save its face. The latest being the crude attempt of Kapil Sibal, Honourable Minister of Telecommunication trying to prove that there is no fraud and bribery involved in the allocation of 2-G spectrum. He has try to prove that Accountant General has no technical knowledge and his conclusion are wrong. The institution of CAG is a constitutional authority which submits its reports to Parliament and it is not the first time that it has given its findings on a technical matter. Moreover, Mr. Sibal has committed a gross act of misconduct and breach of privilege of Parliament besides contempt of the Office of CAG by his action. It is another matter that he is a reputed Advocate trained to prove a Murder accused innocent and vice versa. The PAC has not yet started proceedings on the report but Mr. Sibal has given his verdict.
If what he is defending is right then one wants to know why CBI is interrogating A.Raja the former Minister of Telecom and other Officers of the Ministry. Is it to defame CBI whose credibility has eroded grossly.Will it file another closure report following the indicators thrown at it by a Minister of the Government.

The UPA Government and its Ministers have lost directions on all national problems and are engaged in defence of their misdeeds only.The reaction of Finance Minister to highest rise of inflation rate to18.32% was that he will wait for month's data instead of immediate remedial action is a classic joke. Are the people to be fed by statistics?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ghost of Bofor

It is once again that the ghost of Bofors scandal has been resurrected. This time by an unrelated agency viz. Income Tax Administrative Tribunal claiming Income Tax on commissions received by Ottavio Qutrochi and Win Chaddha two brokers in the infamous deal. It is quite interesting in the context of CBI investigations into this case which exonerated both the accused and filed a closure report of the case. So the basis on which the Tribunal has given its decision is mysterious.

2. The entire nation is aware of the development of this case,prime actors involved and the misuse of government machinery to help and protect the corrupt.The Italian accused in the case was not only provided protection,made to flee the country and our Attorney sent to London to de-freeze his two accounts in London Banks. This was the beginning of unhindered corruption at the highest level which set a trend being followed now. It also started the process of degeneration of the image of premier investigation agency viz. CBI as an independent and efficient wing of the State. Today it has become a stooge of the political masters and helps protect the corrupt instead of prosecute and specialises in closure reports.

3. Now the list of Scams and frauds is alarmingly high and multiplying. But the Government is least bothered as nothing substantial has been done or is being done whether it is a CWG probe or 2 G scam or Adarsh Society scam. Raja and Kalamadi are roaming free and can been seen in defiant mood in the visual Media. CBI is awaiting a signal from the Masters to file closure reports in these cases.

4. It is said that if you cannot convince, confuse. This is what the present rulers are doing with the masses. It appears that the Income Tax Tribunal's verdict is a well designed and stage managed strategy to deflect attention from the recent scams by flogging a dead horse of 20 years.How Income Tax Tribunal assumed the role of investigation agency is another mysterious question.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Education Reforms- Need of hour

The proposed revised norms of Technical education in the country will bring radical changes in education field.. This is a welcome move which if implemented with sincerity and honesty will revolutionize the Indian economy in the near future. Because of our closed mindset we have a misplaced concept that anything liberal erodes quality

2. So far the domain of higher education particularly the technical and medical education has been mainly been cornered by the elite class. The mainstream is deprived because of financial constraints and lack of proper education standards to compete and qualify for entrance tests. The students who come out successful after completion of their courses immediately try for overseas jobs. The country is, therefore, a loser after having invested so much in their training etc.

3. The revised norms will fulfill the aspirations of millions and add to the national talent treasury. This category of Engineers and Technicians will be more motivated to serve in the country and contribute to the industrial and national growth. Since it is a survival of the fittest in this age, those not coming up to mark will be automatically eliminated in the race. In a democratic and free society the controls of any kind frustrate the achievements. By now we have have learnt this in financial and economic fields after remaining under a Quota/Permit Raj for decades.

4. So let us expand our fields in all directions to meet the aspirations of teeming millions of the country