Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ghost of Bofor

It is once again that the ghost of Bofors scandal has been resurrected. This time by an unrelated agency viz. Income Tax Administrative Tribunal claiming Income Tax on commissions received by Ottavio Qutrochi and Win Chaddha two brokers in the infamous deal. It is quite interesting in the context of CBI investigations into this case which exonerated both the accused and filed a closure report of the case. So the basis on which the Tribunal has given its decision is mysterious.

2. The entire nation is aware of the development of this case,prime actors involved and the misuse of government machinery to help and protect the corrupt.The Italian accused in the case was not only provided protection,made to flee the country and our Attorney sent to London to de-freeze his two accounts in London Banks. This was the beginning of unhindered corruption at the highest level which set a trend being followed now. It also started the process of degeneration of the image of premier investigation agency viz. CBI as an independent and efficient wing of the State. Today it has become a stooge of the political masters and helps protect the corrupt instead of prosecute and specialises in closure reports.

3. Now the list of Scams and frauds is alarmingly high and multiplying. But the Government is least bothered as nothing substantial has been done or is being done whether it is a CWG probe or 2 G scam or Adarsh Society scam. Raja and Kalamadi are roaming free and can been seen in defiant mood in the visual Media. CBI is awaiting a signal from the Masters to file closure reports in these cases.

4. It is said that if you cannot convince, confuse. This is what the present rulers are doing with the masses. It appears that the Income Tax Tribunal's verdict is a well designed and stage managed strategy to deflect attention from the recent scams by flogging a dead horse of 20 years.How Income Tax Tribunal assumed the role of investigation agency is another mysterious question.

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