Sunday, January 2, 2011

Education Reforms- Need of hour

The proposed revised norms of Technical education in the country will bring radical changes in education field.. This is a welcome move which if implemented with sincerity and honesty will revolutionize the Indian economy in the near future. Because of our closed mindset we have a misplaced concept that anything liberal erodes quality

2. So far the domain of higher education particularly the technical and medical education has been mainly been cornered by the elite class. The mainstream is deprived because of financial constraints and lack of proper education standards to compete and qualify for entrance tests. The students who come out successful after completion of their courses immediately try for overseas jobs. The country is, therefore, a loser after having invested so much in their training etc.

3. The revised norms will fulfill the aspirations of millions and add to the national talent treasury. This category of Engineers and Technicians will be more motivated to serve in the country and contribute to the industrial and national growth. Since it is a survival of the fittest in this age, those not coming up to mark will be automatically eliminated in the race. In a democratic and free society the controls of any kind frustrate the achievements. By now we have have learnt this in financial and economic fields after remaining under a Quota/Permit Raj for decades.

4. So let us expand our fields in all directions to meet the aspirations of teeming millions of the country

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