Saturday, January 8, 2011

2G Spectrum Scam & Kapil Sibal

The UPA Government which is riddled with a multitude of scams and misgovernance is fumbling in its efforts to save its face. The latest being the crude attempt of Kapil Sibal, Honourable Minister of Telecommunication trying to prove that there is no fraud and bribery involved in the allocation of 2-G spectrum. He has try to prove that Accountant General has no technical knowledge and his conclusion are wrong. The institution of CAG is a constitutional authority which submits its reports to Parliament and it is not the first time that it has given its findings on a technical matter. Moreover, Mr. Sibal has committed a gross act of misconduct and breach of privilege of Parliament besides contempt of the Office of CAG by his action. It is another matter that he is a reputed Advocate trained to prove a Murder accused innocent and vice versa. The PAC has not yet started proceedings on the report but Mr. Sibal has given his verdict.
If what he is defending is right then one wants to know why CBI is interrogating A.Raja the former Minister of Telecom and other Officers of the Ministry. Is it to defame CBI whose credibility has eroded grossly.Will it file another closure report following the indicators thrown at it by a Minister of the Government.

The UPA Government and its Ministers have lost directions on all national problems and are engaged in defence of their misdeeds only.The reaction of Finance Minister to highest rise of inflation rate to18.32% was that he will wait for month's data instead of immediate remedial action is a classic joke. Are the people to be fed by statistics?

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