Friday, January 28, 2011

Jasmine Revolution Knocking on your Door

The so called Jasmine revolution in Tunisia which suddenly erupted like a volcano following a despotic rule, extreme corruption, unemployment, rising prices of essential commodities and a huge gap between haves and have nots is spreading like a wild fever in the adjoining African States. In this age of modern technology viz. Visual media and Internet, the world has become a global village and people under similar circumstances derive instant inspiration to follow suit. Such movements unfortunately are mob movements full of violence, plunder and lead to untold misery for the weak and innocents.

2. As the news indicate, Egypt is in the grip of similar move against the ruling family, Jordan, Yemen and Algeria are also indicating symbols of simmering discontent. The factors leading to this are the same everywhere i.e. Unemployment, rising food prices and polarization of wealth in the society. History has been witness that whenever the greed of some and the misery of majority touches extreme limits a hurricane follows. We have the examples of French Revolution and revolution in Russia.

3. It is an Alarm signal for all developing nations who under the garb of growth and industrialisation are ignoring the need for equitable distribution or to ensure narrow gaps of wealth between different sections of the society. China and India both being propounded as the most emerging economies of the world outwardly but at the grass root level people in general are suffering under similar circumstances as in Tunis. In India we have the the case of Billions of Dollars stashed in Swiss Banks by a few and majority have no roof over their heads. Similar situation prevails in China. It is right time for the rulers to take cue from the happenings abroad and take remedial steps rather than remain busy in confrontation politics.

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